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  1. Yeah I thought of that. But that didn't fit with my amusing observation
  2. "All new stories!" ? Considering it's the first issue, I would hope so.
  3. Agree. I never looked down on Rom. I've had the full Rom run tucked away for about 6 years now. I don't plan on ever selling it but I will feel a sense of satisfaction if Rom is ever in the MCU and blows up.
  4. These must be worth millions. They spawned the Saw movie franchise right???
  5. Never thought I'd see a dolphin crammed into a suit leading a charge into battle
  6. I dare anyone to rival my crappy collection of first issues that most humans have never seen all together in one place. Collectors items? Maybe if you're drunk. I got these all in a large lot last year that was more than worth it, but that doesn't change the fact that I now have these in my house. They demand to be viewed and will no longer hide in the shadows.
  7. Well said. I need to go through my basement drek. Idk if these days Dark Horse Star Wars are considered drek (I THINK those are early 2000s) but I have about a small box of those. Unfortunately none of the recent mandalorian "keys" though. I did a basement search for those after coming across some Instagram posts and came up empty handed. Waugh Waugh. I've also got a bunch of drekkie #1 issues like Thundercats, Married with Children, Barbie, Beauty and the Beast, M.A.S.K, etc
  8. Haha there's also a newer show that is pretty off the wall. Kind of reminds me of Ren and Stimpy. It's just called Mickey Mouse. Man, this thread has really gone off the rails. I hope floppybubbles is reading all this.
  9. Haven't you seen Mickey Mouse Clubhouse?? Mickey and the Roadster Racers? Hot dog hot dog hot diggity dog. Mickey is alive and well as I and my two young children can very much attest to
  10. I would slab all my 90s Superman in a heartbeat if I could just find someone to synchronize turning the keys to unlock the special vault I made in my basement to protect them.
  11. *drops match * You were right. They're all suddenly hot now.
  12. I've got multiple long boxes of 90s superman garbage in my basement that I won't even waste time taking pics of to sell. I picked them up as part of a $200 lot that included the full 70's marvel Star Wars run, the Marvel Transformers run, Marvel GI Joe run and others. So the purchase was worth it but I need to unload those 90s rags. I do have a fire pit out back....