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  1. Note the tape pull near the professor. Let me know what you think! Thank you in advance!
  2. @Point Five @James J Johnson I haven't seen it in hand, but I'm guessing it may be moisture. It wouldn't be resto as I bought it from a reputable seller and no resto was disclosed (there's is a return policy on the off chance). I should have waited to get it in hand to really lay out the facts for this post, but I was excited for everyone's opinion of grade. I'll have it in hand tomorrow and will be able to get some good photos up!
  3. Just picked this one up. I haven't received it yet so sorry for the lack of scans. I'll get some high-quality images up tomorrow. In the meantime, what do you think?
  4. There’s some great books left! Check out the quick recap on the first post!
  5. Fighting Yank 24 --- 6.0 --- $800 Very nice copy. Would grade much higher if not for the 1 cm split at the bottom of the spine.
  6. Mystery in Space 94 --- 3.5 --- $5 cover attached.
  7. Low-grade Pep Comics lot --- $40 SOLD! Pep 77 --- 2.0 centerfold detached. Spine split 1" bottom. Pep 79 --- 1.0 Obvious issues along with the spine which is completely split except for one strong 1 cm stretch.