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  1. Vincent Price - Dr. Strange......kinda surprised nobody has brought it up.
  2. Really like the buck rogers and shield pins, and for some unknown reason the longshot button. That one I cant explain.
  3. Decided I'm gonna skip it and try to get my dad an xmas gift. If anyone was interested heres a link to the auctions pics https://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=3371287&category=0&zip=64738&kwd=comic books
  4. It's a pretty weird story here's a link with the pages. https://flashbak.com/mickey-mouse-and-the-medicine-man-when-disneys-mouse-sold-speed-to-africans-11531/
  5. I think the back ground burned my retina. I also had a flashback of old angelfire websites........
  6. Was looking at an auction in my area that had comics in the sale bill. Called the auction company and asked about them and he told me he'd post pics for me when he got the chance. Lets just say they are not in my wheel house. I know about Crumb and some of the titles but that's when i hit the knowledge wall. And at this point I'm not sure i'll make the drive to go.
  7. I'm in the same boat, I dont disagree but at the same time I dont wholeheartedly agree. I Just see where he's coming from.
  8. I wonder what the original was like.
  9. Im sure it happens in every entertainment medium. I wonder how many screenwriters write a -script and love it, they think the ending closes the circle and puts the story to rest on a final note. The movie makes money............and BOOM heres a sequel with a different writer that in their opinion destroys the original material. It just happens not many people pay attention to screenwriters. Even as comic fans how many times have we seen a new story arc and ask why are they making another run at this arc, its over and the ending was perfect?
  10. In all actuality I can understand where he's coming from, after reading and loving comics and superheroes for so long and seeing jack kirby getting the shaft and then creating all these stories for the big companies to see what he perceives the same thing happining to him. It leaves a bad taste in his mouth and makes it feel like he misplaced his passion. Whether you put fault on Moore or on Dc/Marve,l I can understand from his point he feels resentment/heartbreak.
  11. This thread fell to far back on the boards. A few pick ups from today.
  12. It's even worse when you live bid against an auctioneer, I've dealt with that twice. Once when it was the guy calling the auction the second was the one holding the item, both times I thought it was pre-bid..............