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  1. My contribution, a few golden age popped wheat promo's and a howdy doody mini comic promo. US only please.
  2. I'm in. I'll take the pics tomorrow at some point.
  3. Items for the gift ordered and it says shipped......then a short stop at my place before being put back on the road to their future home.
  4. We only go there for the BBQ and for a stay-cation at the William Vale once in a while There are 2 3 letter abbreviations that do not go together, NYC and BBQ. I've lived around Kansas City, one of my friends does KCBS BBQ tourneys (I do help out time to time). His cousin flew in from NYC to KC and I drove up and we decided to do a BBQ tour for 2 days. The cousin kept sayin that he already knew about BBQ cause he eats it all the time in NYC........after eating many pounds of slow cooked meat he admitted he was wrong. I guess he called my friend later and said he asked 2 of his NYC BBQ places for burnt ends and they asked him what he meant.
  5. Not a big fan of the namor cover. I've always liked the DD statue of liberty one, although i couldn't tell ya why.
  6. I always have a soft spot for the kitty wolvie mini for some reason.
  7. I bought it for a birthday present for my cousin cause he has a foot fetish. Boy did I feel dumb.
  8. My dad and I made a horseshoe pumpkin when i was in my teens while he was teaching me how to weld. Came out kinda like this.
  9. I'm playing a bit of catch up on the thread. But even with him correcting yell, I am adding "you can't yell fire in a crowded fire if there is not a fire." into my argument arsenal.
  10. Went to an estate sale auction. Alot were masked and I kinda stayed away till they got to the comics. I dropped out of the bidding on an Amazing Spidey 4 and a TOS 57 but at least I came home with something.