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  1. I picked this up awhile ago for a few bucks and this seems the place to post it. Sorry about the glare.
  2. Alas, the post was taken down in the last few months, and with it the chance to own the most holy of holy grail's an action #1 untouched by human hands. If only hindsight was 20/20. What were we thinking?
  3. My uncle gave me the first 2 of these in the pic when I was little, I think they were my cousins first. They had all the stickers on them and the missiles. They were the envoy of the neighborhood kids. My parents then sold them in a garage sale when I was in college..........If only I could turn back time. I remember the yellow belt thing but not sure on the writing.
  4. I'm a sucker for the question "Anyone else want anything on this table for 2 dollars?"
  5. I picked up 4 issues of the orig. secret wars (not 8) a few more 70's horror comics, the 1st ap of cap universe micronauts, and a few 170-200 xmen issues along with the pics I posted. Most I spent on any single comic was $10 total damage was $150. Alot of em were in the 1-3 dollar range. I think the dr. strange issues were 5 each.
  6. My parents got me one at a garage sale. just the mountain and cannons, no soldiers or mat. Still had a blast playing with it with other toys. It's lost to ether with alot of my other toys now.
  7. Thanks, I like those too, don't see many of em. Was really happy with the DD, dr strange's and the dark mansions, Love that cover.
  8. it was on reruns the same time period night court was on in my area. It ruined night court for me lol.
  9. I loved Columbo, my parents watched it any time they saw it. I've had the theme song for black sheep squadron stuck in my head for about 3-5 days now. Watched reruns of it when I was a kid, as it was before my time.