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  1. I'm playing a bit of catch up on the thread. But even with him correcting yell, I am adding "you can't yell fire in a crowded fire if there is not a fire." into my argument arsenal.
  2. Went to an estate sale auction. Alot were masked and I kinda stayed away till they got to the comics. I dropped out of the bidding on an Amazing Spidey 4 and a TOS 57 but at least I came home with something.
  3. Is that the guy Randy Quaid was ranting about?
  4. I would like to sell the Mona Lisa. I don't own or intend to own a grading company, but it says Mona Lisa.
  5. Who else would have the balls to do it?..........
  6. This comic is in unread condition!!!!!!!
  7. I went for a comic spinner rack, no luck. Guy from out of state got it so I walked away soaked to the bone and nothing to show for it hehe.
  8. At an auction near my town where its pouring.... glad it doesn't look like they have any comics im interested in. Although they had a box of spiderman hulk toilet paper which is probably mush by now.
  9. Thanks, This one looks like its 4 sided with 7 pockets per side, condition looks pretty solid some wear on the white background of the tops but nothing bad. This is the 4th estate auction from a flea market close to my town that went out of business 5-10 years ago. I went to the 1st one and walked away with a Schomburg thrilling comics for $10 so I'm thinking/hoping I can get a good deal on this as well.
  10. Any idea what is the going rate for a Hey!!! kids Comics spinner? Might go to look at one at a sale in the next few weeks.
  11. Whoever decided to put nipples on the movies batsuit.