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  1. Greg is amazing, he bought my bb28 5.0 and sent his trade right await and paid on time as promised. Thanks so much
  2. oh okay thanks for the heads up. How much are you asking for it and what conditions is it in Thanks
  3. Hello everyone, Im looking for the following low grade restored books Amazing Fantasy 15 Hulk 1 Journey Unto mystery 83
  4. One of the best buyers out there, payed me in a flash
  5. GLWTS Ankur, very nice looking book
  6. Thanks everyone for the replys. I'll keep an eye out on the eBay listing. As far as romita man he was cool pages but nothing crazy. I'm long for cat woman or batgirl poison ivy etc in the pages
  7. Hello, I'm looking to buy batman adventures interior pages by MIKE PAROBECK. Please pm me with whats available. Would prefer if the pages include any of the female characters Thanks
  8. Hello everyone, Im looking for an action comics 23 coverless. Hopefully a complete coverless but if not parts and pages would be fine. PM me Thanks
  9. Ive been asked a few similar questions through pm so yes, I can do time payments that are reasonable or I can do part cash and trade. Mostly looking for silver age marvel keys Thanks
  10. Hello everyone, today we have a brave and the bold cgc 5.0 $5000 shipped. Last gpa on a 5.0 was $5500 Shipping in usa only 1st gets it Please add $10 for shipping and handling Payment due by check or money order only, if check please no later than 3-5 business days for checks to arrive No probation or Hos members No Returns
  11. Hello, looking for tmnt vol 1 mirage original art pages. I know there are some on the kevin eastman website but Im looking for some a little more affordable. Thanks
  12. Yaniv is a great guy and a great asset to the boards. He bought from me a journey into mystery 83 and paid right away. Amazing to work with
  13. thanks for the kind words. Im glad everyone is happy, Merry Christmas to all
  14. Guys big price drops on the remaining books. Lets get these sold for Christmas. Batman 121 $299 shipped Daring Comics 7 $499 shipped Mystic Comics 5 $259 Shipped Ms Marvel 1 $29 Shipped Superman 123 $80 Shipped