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  1. Ok thanks for that info. So to further my question. I sell a book. Send a request for payment to buyer They send payment. This is considered personal PP and not allowed in here? Sorry for the questions. I generally sell stuff on ebay and haven't sold person to person without it being face to face. Ok I did my own research and found that a buyer needs to choose the goods and services option when sending money. So I guess that answers the question. I can sell here, recieve payment on PP as long as buyer chooses g&s option.
  2. Payment question. I read the posting for sale rules. One is no personal PayPal allowed. Not sure what that means. Is that just a normal pp account? If I can't use that to accept payment what does that leave for those who Only have a regular/personal pp account? Post office Money order seems to be the only other good option. Am I understanding the pp thing correctly?
  3. I have an 8.0 white pages coming back any day now. Is Comic Connect the place to sell? I'm very leery of using ebay for something like that.
  4. Just saw the notes and grade online 8.0 crease left bottom of front cover light creasing to cover light soiling back cover
  5. BTW I did look up Joe Press of CFP and I live very close to his location. I sent an email to him with a few questions but never got a reply so that doens't help me or him. Also it would take months according to his site to get it back. I wanted to get it to CGC as sson as possible.
  6. Well I took it in. See what CGC has to say and take it from there. I can still resubmit it later if I have it cleaned and pressed I suppose.
  7. I took the pics with a macro lense so everything is seen essentially with a microscope. No crease on top or tears. Yikes a dry clean and press? How much would that run me?
  8. Huge pics but better to see it. Taking it in and need opinion on what grading level to choose. Was thinking either standard($60) or express($95) Thanks