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  1. Always love seeing that Hulk bank. I had one up until 1983 before we moved. I gave it to my next door neighbors boy, he was about 1/2 my age at the time, so I like to think I paid it forward.
  2. I am all up for people being happy. The USA is built on Freedoms. I love all peoples. However, the fact that there are individuals sitting around picking apart Muppet Episodes, or the gender of a plastic toy potato has gotten to the point of sheer ridiculousness. And while these edits are smaller measures, and have no bearing on any of our day to day lives, there will come a point that if this keeps up, something you may own/hold dear, as innocuous as it is to you, will be ripped apart as insensitive, and you will be labeled whatever the Cancel Culture wants to call you. htt
  3. I got George Perez to sing my Ultron Print, and as he was about to sign, I asked if he could "do a small head sketch"?. He said he'd have to charge me for it. I said "that's fine, whatever you charge for it, is ok by me". He took a few seconds and handed it back to me and said, "I lied, no charge". Super nice guy, class act. As someone who can't draw a stick figure. I am always amazed at what some of these artists can do.
  4. I think it is a viable way for people to own part of something they couldn't buy outright (isn't this true with all shares when you buy into a company?). I just don't like the model. I like being able to plunk my money into say- Apple at 9:30 a.m. Then if I want to sell it at 9:31 a.m. I can do that. I also like companies that pay dividends, have a prospectus, and have a product I can support as a consumer. This is somebody owning a collectible, and charging you the honor of a fractional share, and at the end of the day, we get to see where the ticker is for AF15....oh wai
  5. Some guy in the 1970's made a lot of money stocking up on rocks, putting eyes on it ,and selling it as a pet. Made a few $million from what I understand. But at least you got to touch, hold and keep the pet rock.
  7. 5000 positives then he goes rogue? Could of happened. Maybe he got sick. Maybe he got hit buy a bus. Maybe he is buried under a mound of comics, and his life alert batteries are dead. Call the credit card company asap to at least contest.
  8. Florida real estate is starting to become eye opening. Our neighborhood went from $250K a few years ago for a 3/2/2 to over $400K now. If people keep moving down (as all demographic reports say they are) and we start to see California prices here, I will sell, move up a few states in the SE, buy a house for cash, get a job at Barnes & Noble, and live happily ever after.