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  1. For whatever reason, negativity 'moves the needle' in media terms. Don't know why. Maybe it is just human nature that people want to see how bad things are, instead of how good things are. I was never a fan of the American version of 'The Office' (I find the Ricky Gervais British version much better), but I always liked John Krasniski. Now I have a new found respect for him:
  2. My LCS had a calm, cool, collected response. He felt like he will be open again, and Diamond can go screw themselves if it boils down to it. He would rather buy collections and continue to move back issues. His feeling was most of his customers like older stuff anyway.
  3. FINALLY!!!! I've been sitting on this corner piece of a Hulk #181 back cover, and had no idea what to do with it.
  4. That is a nice problem to have. Congrats (and I am not being snarky). I picked up my first ever copy in January, probably a 4.5, which I think will press up to a 5.0
  5. Saw him in the mid 1970's when the Globetrotters came through town. Great performance all around. Meadowlark Lemon was also on the team.
  6. I think even people who rely on 'safe spaces' or are called 'snowflakes', would hate these characters.
  7. I blame the Millenials/GenZ , and from first hand, the 'Spring Breakers'. As a Florida resident, they need to go the &#%! home. They obviously don't think about spreading it, they just think of themselves.
  8. The seller of the auction counting his take, after expenses
  9. I just don't care for the 'Spiderman 2.0' aspect. Peter Parker is not irrelevant, never has been. The fact that they felt a need to freshen up the man behind the mask, is more pandering to a new audience imho. Miles should have been created as something, just no need for his Spidey Jr. backstory. But I guess if Safespace and Snowflake are the best Marvel can do, then I guess Spidey Jr. it is.
  10. People sitting on piles of cash, and who are secure financially, will always continue to try and buy low-sell high. That is their right. I have no issue with a business trying to run, mentioning social distancing, and cleaning up around the operation. But I do find it a bit slimy, at the part where they say 'Need Cash'? Most of us will be walking a tightrope for a few weeks, and in a wait and see mode. No need to stoke any anxiety or trepidation.
  11. Also, take the news in small doses, social media like Facebook, small doses. You sit around all day and watch/read that stuff, you will get fatigue.
  12. Sooooo, you are telling me, I need to hole up in my home, sit around and read comics all day. Remind me again what the problem is?