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  1. Good lord, how do breathe sitting so high up on that horse of yours?! I have been collecting comics since the 1970's. While my collection pales in comparison to many of the respected vets (of which you are not included), let's not pretend you know me and I know you. Modern comics are a roulette wheel at best, fueled by a lot of pump and dump, brought about by infomercials and manufactured collectibles in the 1990's, which carry over to ebay and message boards on the net today. Congrats to those who make a buck. I'd rather spend $1000 on a decent Silver or Bronze key, that has a track record of value increasing. Thanks you for pointing out my 'lack of knowledge'. You bring so much to the CGC message boards, how shall we ever thank you?!
  2. I am the point in life, where I choose not to spend $1000 on an over priced comic book, due to a hyped possible movie appearance, phantom print runs or variant covers.
  3. Sure they are. But if I am using $1000 and the word 'investment', I'd rather bang it up against a Gold/Silver/Bronze book with some track history. Same thing I would do when putting money into mutual funds.
  4. Meh....I'd take Cap's First Appearance over Jokers any day.
  5. Feel better Dude and heal. The rest of life's hassles become so unimportant.
  6. Most Defenders comic covers show them post clobbered.
  7. Captain America: 1) Skinny, sickly guy who couldn't serve his Country but wanted to. 2) When given the Super Soldier Serum, didn't change his core make up, of being a good person. 3) Has an awesome shield, that acts like a Boomerang. 4) He doesn't like bullies and he "can do this all day".
  8. What does that even mean. How can they even claim that? Seems like a silly way to say- "these are really nice copies", but with an over the top dramatic flair.
  9. You got to put in the work. Get in the weeds. Garage Sales are a start.
  10. I think we have gotten to a point where it's the "immovable force meets an unstoppable object".
  11. Bat Wang was a turn off for me.
  12. On that note, I really enjoyed Captain America Winter Soldier. It had the espionage feel to it, that I always enjoyed in many of the Captain America story arcs. No hoardes, just a lot of corruption, moles and spy guy stuff.