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  1. Actually all of Washington is pretty worthless right now. (and no- I didn't vote for the current dumpster fire in charge), but AOC being 'prominent' is high comedy. She know's as much about gardening as economics. People want to throw money on that book, means more attention taken away from Silver and Bronze stuff for me. Go on people, buy buy buy....
  2. Actual AOC Quote: ‘Like, Honestly, Gardening. Food That Comes Out Of Dirt. Like, It’s Magic!’
  3. Sports talk on a comic book forum?!
  4. Daredevil has had some pretty hard to look at art, but for some reason it fits in with the grittiness of the stories. The Thor stuff just looks like a bad acid trip (or so I assume )
  5. I can not get behind that artwork.
  6. Golden (1) Action #1 (2) Detective #27 (3) Captain America #1 (4) Superman #1 (5) All Flash Quaterly #1 Silver (1) FF #1 (2) AF #1 (3) X-Men #1 (4) Avengers #1 (5) FF #48 Bronze (1) GS X-Men #1 (2) Incredible Hulk #180 (3) Incredible Hulk #181 (4) ASM #129 (5) Hero For Hire #1 in 9.0 or better Copper (meh) Modern (don't care)
  7. I like Daredevil, because it has been consistent with their treatment of Matt Murdock. Captain America is also good, I always like the espionage element the title carries, but they are still harping on that Secret Empire Cap, which I quite frankly, hated that storyline (way too Nick Spencer preachy-political for my liking). Immortal Hulk is interesting/weird. A bit more horror than superhero. I am still not sure where they intend on going with it, and I am slightly miffed at how much issues #1 and #2 are commanding in the secondary market. I can take or leave ASM, and that pains me to say.
  8. I will say this, it's better than it was when Axel Alonso was Editor in Chief, but again...that isn't saying much. I have 4 monthly titles I pull. Captain America, Daredevil, ASM, and Immortal Hulk. I dropped Avengers last month.
  9. No love for the John Byrne '86-'88 Superman stuff? I liked it.
  10. I look at it like a movie. ie: 'Why did I just spend $10 on that ', or 'Why did I waste two hours watching that '. It's entertainment first for me.
  11. I like collecting what makes me happy. I have runs of Silver, Bronze, Copper and Modern. I consider my collection to be a good reference for my young son, who hopefully will love this stuff as much as I do one day. I have a few keys, but nothing crazy. I also like to keep up with the heroes, (but I gotta say, Marvel has been making it harder and harder), I still have 7 comics on a pull list every month, but my real joy is Silver and Bronze.
  12. Oh the chicanery. You're son....riiiiiiiight! So close to showing us that 181 too. Art of the tease. Does your son have $6K in his bank?
  13. I seriously am miffed by the asking price of these books, and don't think they sustain over the long haul. It's comical.
  14. I like my LCS. Easy going, likes to talk all sorts of things, not just comics. No snarky attitude. His stock keeps rotating, old stuff, new stuff, always packs his $1 boxes. It's my Wednesday thing.