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  1. Humorous Craigslist Offering

    Buyer: "Can I look at them?" Seller: "Oooohhhh! That is gonna cost ya!" Said in no successful sales transaction EVER!
  2. Collecting Goals for 2018

    X-Men #1 or Daredevil #1 (both Silver Age) would be welcome additions. Just need the discipline to save the cabbage $
  3. Marvel is at it again...

    Reason #9 why I don't give a rats arse about variants, their rarity, or their most recent sales price on ebay (or any random untrackable sale). Marvel has no shame.
  4. I remember being a wee lad and reading it when it came out. Did not like it, and didn't 'get' it. Now...excellent!
  5. Mistake

  6. Numbering of Marvel titles

    Can't wait till they relaunch new #1's in a few years, after the Legacy numbering. Then you will have Pre-Legacy Numbering #1's and Post-Legacy Numbering #1's.........
  7. I can't compete with the above post, found this today, $1 each.
  8. What's the cover look like? Is it 'square'?
  9. I never used it, but I think it's popular to put a sheet in between the cover front and back page. They say replace every 7 years, so there is that as well. As for boards- YES! 4 mil are pretty thick, but boards boards boards.
  10. Stan has signed so much stuff during his lifetime, that soon there will be a premium for unsigned Stan Lee comics
  11. Should I buy spectacular spiderman comics

    About $3 per book, sure why not.
  12. What comic to you is worth your entire collection?

    Action Comics #1. Then I would sell it and start all over again.
  13. Hero for Hire #1 Over valued?

    I remember when high grade copies of this were at about $35-$50. A few years later the insanity kicked in. It's a great comic, a great character, and the black frame is hard to find in nicer grade. But $1300 for one?....pass.
  14. Hulk 181 Counterfeit Copy

    Why do humans continue to ruin everything. From the oceans to endangered species to comic books. It's a shame.