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  1. Avengers #55, got crazy then back to earth after the movie.
  2. Mercury Man

    The Deadpool NON-APPRECIATION Thread.

    My wife thinks I'm sweet . You make it sound as if I have no knowledge of the character, and have never read anything with him in it. Not true. He has made plenty of appearances in comics I have read, X-Force and Wolverine to name a couple. I also watched him in the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie, as well as caught parts of his 1st solo movie. Character does nothing for me. This is merely a post to bring like minded individuals together, to cast a light on the over- hype, and show that he is not liked by everybody. I....Hope....That....Clears....Up....Your.....Confusion.....
  3. As the title states. I don't like the character. Never did. Never will. I own no solo Deadpool comics. If for some reason he makes an appearance in a title I do read, I usually roll my eyes and hand over my money to the LCS owner. If I fell into a New Mutant 98 at a Garage Sale or in a dollar bin, I would sell it tomorrow. If Spider-Man and Punisher had child, raised by a Weapon X employee, I guess it would be Deadpool. I caught parts of his first movie, found him to be even more obnoxious than I could imagine. So in celebration of his 2nd movie, which I will not see, let's tell all the reasons we dislike the Merc with the Mouth, with extreme prejudice.
  4. Mercury Man

    Avoid AtomicAvenue like the plague

    I used them once and had nothing but a positive experience. Bought 1 CGC book, and 3 unslabbed books. All arrived a-ok, and I was happy with the descriptions. Sounds like it varies by seller, much like ebay.
  5. Mercury Man

    how many graded comics are there?

    Of which at least 1/2 should never have been submitted in the first place.
  6. Mercury Man

    Long running titles that nobody collects

    Just saw 2 thru 5 in decent condition in my LCS dollar box. I know it wasn't a long run, but Champions? Seems to be a title nobody really cares for.
  7. Mercury Man

    What is the worst thing you've ever found in a comic?

    Two pages of a Vampirella stuck together
  8. You think you can pry it away from this Man-Beast?!....good luck
  9. Mercury Man


    There are 3 major cons coming up here in my area. I may not even get to one this year. I find the allure of the price to get in vs. the comic vendor options to be dwindling every year.
  10. Mercury Man


    When does the Revolution begin? Is this it? Will we see less and less Comic Vendors at the larger Comic Cons, only to put together small shows back in the Hotel Conference rooms like the old days? It's obvious the larger cons are more about Movie and TV star appearances, and selling any available tables to cell phone hawkers and mini ninja sword replica makers, than comic vendors. We can only hope this is the start of a new era. Back to basics shows.
  11. Mercury Man

    The Strip

    Everything I learned about Politics, Social Issues or the nuances of the Opposite Sex, I learned as a lad through this:
  12. Mercury Man

    Iron Man Suit stolen.

    Saw this guy at a Starbucks in Pacoima earlier today. I could kick myself for not calling the Cops and letting this thief get away.
  13. Mercury Man

    Saw an Stan signed AF 15 in 9.6 today. it.
  14. Mercury Man

    Saw an Stan signed AF 15 in 9.6 today.

    Too bad Stan is not the artist on the books he signs. Except for Spider Roach.