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  1. I don't think this is remotely close. It would make more sense if you said, we are buying a piece of Rally Rd. This is more like we are buying an Iphone, and nobody gets to use it.
  2. IH #180 to be recognized as Wolverine's first appearance
  3. Yes the more you read about them, just seems like they are using 'investors' to subsidize their personal collectibles. This isn't like buying into a stock of a company, that produces and manufactures goods. At least with time share real estate, you get to enjoy the property a few weeks a year. Here your money goes into the ozone, at the mercy of a few short windows of buying in and pulling out. No fun for me.
  4. I'm with you, but follow this logic (probably loosely based) for a second. I too own shares in things like Coca Cola. We can go out and support given companies by buying things associated with that company (in my case a few liters, in your case, maybe you get some merch from the website, if you don't want to splash out for hog). We also get dividends, we can get a check for that or reinvest to buy more shares, and we also get splits. We also get to watch the market daily, and monitor the ups and downs. We can sell our stock Monday-Friday all year, minus holidays. This owning 1/1000 of a comic book is nothing like this.
  5. At least you can physically 'own' this, and pull it out to look at occasionally. Maybe Rally Rd. can put a live camera feed of your book, so you can log in and show your friends you are 1/1000th owner of that comic on display, at Rally Rd. HQ.
  6. Similar to the @01TheDude Slurpees and comics from 7/11 was my Summer jam. With the occasional Sunday stroll to BJ's Country Corner in Villa Park, IL. Bronze age (with some Silver) priced on the back in light pencil, never bagged or boarded. The smell of old paper......the smell!!!!! If Yankee Candle made a scent called 'Old Comic Book Paper', I'd buy,
  7. I feel like in the 1970's to mid-1980's the comic shops that were around, were comic specific. Sports card shops (the few I knew of) were sports specific. Then in the late 80's/1990's both store models started crossing over. Today, it feels like we've gone back to many comic stores focusing solely on comics. I can drive to 5 comic stores in a 1/2 hour and only 1 does sports cards as well.
  8. Not sure walking around telling someone you own 1/1000th of a Gold or Silver Age comic is anything to thump your chest about. Kind of reminds me of Green Bay Packer stock. It's only available to buy at a certain time, pays no dividends, has no securities law protections, and gives someone a sense of ownership, even though it really isn't. If it's a novelty and for fun, then so be it. I'd rather sink that money into an ETF, Dividend Aristocrat, or the very least, stick it in a piggy bank, and continue to save for 100% ownership of my very own book.
  9. Pete Best got screwed. Ringo has been pooping a horseshoe ever since.
  10. Much like John, Paul and George of the Beatles, it took 3 talents like Stan, Jack and Steve to start something big. Unfortunately, with great success comes great ego, and the glory days don't usually last.
  11. Thought it was a bit over-rated myself.