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  1. The rich tended to get richer. After the March dip, the smart investor was able to buy more in the stock market, not panic and things went back up.
  2. Silver shows up good on black areas. Maybe it's the color wheel in his brain guiding him there.
  3. Expensive, but I like them. Comics seem happy, nicely fit, dividers they supply are helpful.
  4. So much drek, even the thieves didn't want it for free.
  5. More 'light' reading, as the eye candy outweighs the text. Both near and dear to my heart.
  6. Desk in our media room. The older I get, the better lighting I need, especially with the older stuff. Words.....
  7. I still feel like this run is very undervalued, especially the Cap/Iron Man stuff.
  8. Not sure how we can determine if it is the most collected item . The SDCC is a huge metric, as to the popularity of the medium. We don't see turnouts like that at train, stamp, antiquarian book or any other type of collectible event. But let's face it, the current comic con landscape is more about pop culture and movie starts now, than it is about comic books and the artists. The MCU has given a HUGE boost to the comic world. I have a Captain America wallet, and at least once a week, a cashier at a store will say 'cool wallet'. I don't think that reaction would have happened 25 years ago.
  9. That's a good question, but I can attest my wife collects as much as I do. I am into Comics, Vintage Tiki Mugs, and Old Toy soldiers. She on the other hand collects vintage Globes, Franciscan Starburst China, as well as Jadite China. We got issues.
  10. Nope just a cameo. If Hulk 180 don't count then Fred's don't either.