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  1. Marvel comics worth reading

    Daredevil was one of the few titles that Marvel didn't screw with, when they were doing their Social Justice Warrior experiment. The stories have remained self contained, with almost no interference from other titles. I have been a loyal DD reader for years. Other than that, it's hard to like Marvel right now. I get ASM, Peter Parker Spiderman and Captain America. The Spidey titles are getting better, because they are going back to basics. Poor Steve Rogers was run through the ringer with that Secret Empire garbage that Nick Spencer had to get off his chest. Right now Steve is restored, but I am waiting for this title to show me something. The current storyline ain't no Winter Soldier (which was the last time his title was any good) and this is coming from a huge Cap fan.
  2. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    Nah. Your digital comics have nothing on the real thing. The look, feel, smell of an old comic can't be replicated through your blue light emitting landfill device. The colors, the history of that well traveled book, are all lost on your e-reading. (I also still prefer owning vinyl/cd's over memory sticks of music). Just one man's opinion.
  3. Buying guidance NEEDED / 6K to invest...

    ASM 129 will always be a better book than IM 55.
  4. Counterfeits, no hobby safe?

    If money is involved, you can bet scammers will be around.
  5. Sounds cliche' but better safe than sorry.
  6. Is this place deader than ever?

    I am not sure if this is a 'If you build it, they will come', type scenario. I have tried to talk Secret Empire, or the new art team in Cap, and it lasted a few posts only to get buried. Maybe the subject matter is just not there for folks on this board. Again, I am a reader, not a dollar chaser. I can look at 3-4 New Topics on the first page of the Modern forum, and you can follow them until the dreaded variant de-rail takes over.
  7. Is this place deader than ever?

    So true. The percentage of people who actually read the stuff in between the covers is pretty low here. The reason I am in this hobby, is I like reading the stories, and looking at the various art styles. Most of the people on the Modern boards are more about getting that lemming-hyped variant, putting it in a sealed case, and oogling over the latest sales price on ebay. Well LA-DEE-FRIGGIN-DAA!
  8. Probably something from one of the first comics I owned as a kid. The Great 7-11 Purchases as I like to call them:
  9. Am I the first to have a Complete Aquaman collection?

    You go with your bad self!
  10. 1950s Superman Comics (100-110)

    Without looking, maybe 100 would actually be the easiest to find. It is a landmark '100' issue, maybe even casual readers back in the day, picked one up and put it away. Just a thought, and just guessing at this point. But issues like that seem to sell a few more units due to the accomplishment.
  11. Who is your Favorite Golden Age Character- and Why?

    Avoiding the mainstays (Supers, Bats, Captain America), how about the Black Terror or the Green Hornet.
  12. An American goes hunting in Germany

    So is there any particular reason why Donald Duck/Scrooge McDuck etc. are big in Germany? Explanation? Donald was quite the Nazi fighter in the 1940's from some of the cartoons etc. Or is it one of those mysteries like Jerry Lewis in France, or Michael Jackson still popular in the Far East?
  13. Happy To Be A Comic Collector

    In spite of how snarky it seems that this board can get, there are genuinely good people here, who love the hobby. I personally find that old comics transport me back to being a kid. There are 5 comics that immediately take me back to the 1970's. I own them all again, but I think someday I will try to get them all in a CGC 9.8. Nothing Earth shattering, will not cost much, but all Marvels, and the sentimental value is the real value. This is one of them, and started my love for Kirby:
  14. I always thought the 15 cent cover price was the slide over to Bronze.