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  1. Mercury Man

    Megacon Orlando 2019

    In all seriousness it's probably a little early in the game. They will probably make the announcement in 2019.
  2. Mercury Man

    DCBS vs LCS

    I am actually very fortunate. My LCS looks out for his subscribers and regulars, limits the flippers, and doesn't react to market prices until the dust settles after a few days.
  3. Mercury Man

    DCBS vs LCS

    Buy local. I know dollars. But what else do you get to go into a shop, talk to like minded individuals in person (not electronically like here), see new acquisitions that the LCS may have purchased for their long boxes, see up close statues, supplies etc. I like pulling my own copies off the shelf, so I can make sure they are in NM condition. I love Wednesday lunch time! If the LCS goes out of business, we lose that.
  4. Mercury Man

    New to collecting.

    Ahhh the dreaded tape pull. I always opt for something not so sticky, but still holds its place. Post It Flags are a good option.
  5. Mercury Man

    Bagged comics...the funniest of ironies.

    If you purchased a McDonalds Hamburger in 1996 and left it in the wrapper, and opened it up would look virtually the same. This has been done. Scientific fact: (a Nutritionist famously purchased a McDonald’s hamburger in 1996 that she still carries around as a prop to discourage consumption of fast food in favor of unprocessed food). Why couldn't this technology have been used for X-Force #1. Huh....huh....?
  6. Mercury Man

    Is It Worth CGCing the Byrne FF Run?

    Probably not, but they are a fine read.
  7. Mercury Man


    You purchased it, knowing what it looked like, and are now complaining about what it looks like? Gotcha.....
  8. Mercury Man

    Anyone seen a creator be a jerk?

    I had been going to shows for years, but I remember one of the very first times I went to actually get an autograph, it was George Perez. I handed him a print of an Avengers #19 volume 3 (it is a black cover). I asked if he could sign it and just draw a little Ultron head. He said 'I am going to have to charge you for it', to which I said, that is fine. As I opened up my wallet, to hand him the yet determined price (nothing was posted as to what he would charge), he handed it back to me a few seconds later, signed in silver sharpie on the black, with an awesome Ultron head sketch, and said 'Don't worry about it'. I said 'Are you sure?!?' and he kind of smiled and waved me on. Nice guy.
  9. Mercury Man

    Oddly Similar Comic Covers

  10. I don't own any high value comics, so problem solved.
  11. Mercury Man

    Is anyone else concerned about...

  12. Amen brother, strange times indeed. My LCS owner is really cool. If he starts to see some 'odd' buying activity, he pulls some off the shelf to make sure his regulars don't get shut out, and limits what others can buy. It happened with the Batman #24 'engagement' issue. Looks like people on ebay are still trying to ride that dead horse .
  13. Mercury Man

    Megacon Orlando 2019

    Stan Lee is retired and no longer doing public signings, so he will be there.....