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  1. Over saturation of titles has been happening for the last 15 years. IMHO, this was inevitable, COVID or not. Go to the Modern Section of this very board. Nobody talks about content, because 90% of the usual posters in Modern don't read the insides. It's variant this, Del Otto cover that. I tried to start a conversation about Immortal Hulk storyline, and got about 5 responses in 10 weeks. Go start a conversation about 1:100 print run, and you get days of responses and expertise. Rather pathetic.
  2. At least there is transparency and tracking with the lottery system. You can check winning numbers, see how many people won the given lotter that day on the web site, even photos of people claiming their winnings when they agree to (scratch offs too). These mystery box things can be complete B.S. with no oversight. Buyer beware as the saying goes.
  3. If the cost of the book + cost of signatures + cost of CGC service = less than resale value: You would lose money anyway, unsellable or not. Keep it, enjoy it.
  4. The rich tended to get richer. After the March dip, the smart investor was able to buy more in the stock market, not panic and things went back up.
  5. Silver shows up good on black areas. Maybe it's the color wheel in his brain guiding him there.
  6. Expensive, but I like them. Comics seem happy, nicely fit, dividers they supply are helpful.
  7. So much drek, even the thieves didn't want it for free.
  8. More 'light' reading, as the eye candy outweighs the text. Both near and dear to my heart.
  9. Desk in our media room. The older I get, the better lighting I need, especially with the older stuff. Words.....
  10. I still feel like this run is very undervalued, especially the Cap/Iron Man stuff.
  11. Not sure how we can determine if it is the most collected item . The SDCC is a huge metric, as to the popularity of the medium. We don't see turnouts like that at train, stamp, antiquarian book or any other type of collectible event. But let's face it, the current comic con landscape is more about pop culture and movie starts now, than it is about comic books and the artists. The MCU has given a HUGE boost to the comic world. I have a Captain America wallet, and at least once a week, a cashier at a store will say 'cool wallet'. I don't think that reaction would have happened 25 years ago.
  12. That's a good question, but I can attest my wife collects as much as I do. I am into Comics, Vintage Tiki Mugs, and Old Toy soldiers. She on the other hand collects vintage Globes, Franciscan Starburst China, as well as Jadite China. We got issues.
  13. Nope just a cameo. If Hulk 180 don't count then Fred's don't either.
  14. Oh boy. I think this is a huge subject. Specifically on how 'collecting' as a definition, should be separated from 'hoarding', or just owning 'junk'. I think a collection, first and foremost has to have a focus and be organized so things can be found relatively easily (something some of the boardies may struggle with).
  15. Seriously....just look at him. He oozes 'up to no good'. At least try to hide it dude.
  16. I had gotten Stan Lee's Autograph 3 x 2014- Upbeat, full of smiles, great with the people in line 2016- Upbeat, full of smiles, even exchanged a few Spanish words with the guy in front of me 2017- Miserable, looked awful, shouldn't have been there It's amazing seeing the difference. After 2017 I was done, he even had a show closer to me a few months later, and I refused to go stand in line, based on what I experienced earlier that year. Great guy, his later in life 'guardians' should be ashamed of themselves.
  17. Sad. His daughter seems like a real piece of work, but one can argue that falls to parenting.