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    Superman 75 - 25 Years Ago Today...

    Didn't own one then, and I don't own one now. Life is good.
  2. Mercury Man

    Fantastic four 49 1st series

    I think we all have had books that we wished we held onto. Such is life in the 'hobby'.
  3. Mercury Man

    Acceptable defects in 9.8 comics?

    This hobby ain't for the OCD crowd that is for sure.
  4. Mercury Man

    depression and comics

    Cooler than Deadpool!
  5. Mercury Man

    depression and comics

    Certain books just immediately transport me back to my 1970's childhood. It's amazing how that happens.
  6. Mercury Man

    Do you find some fantasy too fantastic?

    For all of the alternate realities, alternate universes these heroes go through, their should definitely be more nervous breakdowns and long lines in a shrinks chair. I mean seriously, imagine seeing yourself, but from another time or reality not your own? COO COO!
  7. I don't see the benefit of keeping titles (November Sales Numbers) like Weapon H #126, Ms. Marvel #142 & Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #189. Obviously the print buying public does't care about them. Cut the fat.
  8. Mercury Man

    Comic artists dying early

    Don't forget Allen Bellman and Joe Sinnott are still kicking.
  9. I keep going back to this, but I think Marvel and DC should scale back to about 10 total titles. Marvel for example should have the following 9 flagship titles monthly: Amazing Spiderman Avengers Black Panther Captain America & The Falcon Daredevil Fantastic Four Hulk Iron Man X-Men Then the other 1 title should be 6 issue mini-series (this would allow them to showcase 2 more heroes or teams per year). Here they can rotate in and out whoever they want- Thor, Deadpool, Punisher, Defenders, Silver Surfer, Ms. Marvel, Inhumans etc. etc. When I look at the weekly release schedule right now, it's really hard to get excited about 75% of what they are offering. Lean and mean would help their readership and bottom line.
  10. Mercury Man

    What dId I stumble upon?

    If those are the two best examples, you may not even have enough for a key chain.
  11. I think Modern (print) comics are a lot like Major League Baseball. Major League Baseball’s television audience is among the oldest in professional sports, according to data recently released by Street & Smith’s Sports Business Journal and Magna Global. The average age of a baseball viewer is 57, up from 52 in 2006. There won’t be a youth movement, either, as just 7% of baseball’s audience is below age 18. This age increase applies to all sports really, but Baseball, once America's most beloved sport, is seeing one of the largest downward trends. It seems the consumer continues to age, with no downward trend or level off on the horizon for (print) comics as well. I can't speak for digital comics, because that is not my niche.
  12. Good read, but none of what he says will probably ever happen. The old days were magic. 1 Spiderman title, 1 X-Men title etc. As far as new #1's etc, Marvel bastardized this after Heroe's Reborn/Heroes Return. DC seems to be following suit since the New 52. Variants are a joke, and he hit the nail on the head. My LCS has short boxes full of variants. He is asking 1/2 price, and will soon be moving them to the $1 bins.
  13. Mercury Man

    Goofiest SA DC stories?

    HOW DARE YOU TALK ABOUT THE CONTENTS INSIDE A COMIC BOOK ON THESE FORUMS!!!!! Yeah, that ain't 'Red' chief. He wore different costumes to take attention away from Robin, who had a broken arm. He didn't want people to link Grayson's broken arm with Robin's broken arm. GENIUS I SAY!
  14. Mercury Man

    Stan Lee forgeries, a general thread

    I can tell you from standing in line on 3 separate occasions, I have seen far worse transgressions and drek pushed in front of him.
  15. Mercury Man

    Stan Lee forgeries, a general thread

    I think it's legit. Definitely one from his last days.
  16. Mercury Man

    Best modern covers ever

    Alex Ross please.......
  17. Out of my couple thousand comics, both old-new and inbetween, I don't think one copy has a Deadpool appearance, and I am ok with that. Character does ZERO for me.
  18. Mercury Man

    Will Detective Comics 1000......

    402K were probably variants . As soon as Detective hits 1000, I am dropping the title.
  19. Human Trafficking is illegal. (In all seriousness, sorry for your loss. Cherish those memories).
  20. Mercury Man

    Some help for figure collectors, please.

    I find toy collectors to be more anal than comic collectors, if that is possible. Figures are mint, but the trimmed card will affect the value. I agree with srezvan....even though he is an Arsenal supporter.
  21. Mercury Man

    Storage in NY garage without Heat or AC

    I don't think the drastic temperature change is a good thing, but it sounds like 6-12 months is not a very long time, so I will leave that to the experts. However. humidity can be your real enemy, and would be more of my concern.
  22. I think over saturation is an issue. I look at Spiderman. I miss when there was just 1 Spiderman title, (and 1 X-Men title). Too much now. We don't need AMS, PPSM, SpiderGwen, Miles Spiderman, Spiderverse this, Spider that. The Spiderman character has become so diluted. Marvel and DC could really cut their Monthly offerings in half. Quality over Quantity.
  23. It would be an interesting case study to see how many people actually READ Modern comics. I have 10 a month on my pull list, that I read each and every one. I like to keep up with the characters. I would venture to say that a good percentage (30%-50%) is not reading. Simply buying variants or buying and filing away as runs. I have no data to back this up. Merely gauging responses to people on the Modern boards who ask about current titles with only a handful of responses. You start a thread about a variant, and you get 20, 30, 40 responses. You ask about a story line and you get crickets.