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  1. Like them both. But if I had to pick one, I would choose Perez.
  2. I would reiterate that on principal alone. "How did I lowball you, when I am not making am offer??"
  3. The internet (and ebay), have been game changers for brick and mortar shops no longer stealing. I wonder how many millions they have gone off with, while offering such lowball deals like this? I know they have to make their money, storage, time to move it etc., so no need to lecture on that, but $500 in 'store credit'?! Not even talk of a cash offering? Brutal.
  4. I haven't bought a new Image comic in decades. Is McFarlane involved that much anymore with this title? Does he still write or draw any issues? Or is he too busy with action figures, bidding on baseballs, and doing private signings?
  5. This is a great model. “I have never known anyone who could consistently time the market. And in fact I’ve never known anyone who knows anyone, who was able to consistently time the market.” --Warren Buffet
  6. A good ETF has better upside right now, than any comic book.
  7. The first being 1992. While I really like McFarlane's art, what are your thoughts on the substance of this monumental #1, first appearance story. I read it and was kind of *meh*.
  8. Superman should win. As for the Batman beating Superman, being human and all, Batman cheats.
  9. 9.9 is a scam Reading the Overstreet Comic Book Grading Guide the following categories read the same, as to what is allowable for both grades: BINDERY DEFECTS COVER/EXTERIOR SPINE STAPLES PAPER/INTERIOR The above covers 'corners' in the COVER/EXTERIOR, and they read the same. The only thing that differs is in the GRADE DESCRIPTION. "Near perfect in every way" vs. "Nearly perfect in every way". If you want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars in a premium based on NEAR OR NEARLY, then have at it. I am perfectly happy with a 9.8
  10. Yeah I never understood that. It's like they crashed landed from another planet, and just tried to pick up English as a second language. WTF?!
  11. Unfortunately, this was 1990, so I don't really remember much about the inventory in the store, although 'dusty', and 'sticky' come to mind,
  12. I've been there. When I was in college I lived about 2 miles from Wrigley. As well as comics, I was into sportscards, and autographs. I remember I got a Mitch Williams autograph (the eccentric Cubs reliever, who later as a Phillie infamously gave up a homer to Joe Carter and a Blue Jays walk off World Series win). He too had a Mitch Williams autograph in a case (looked absolutely nothing like mine, that I just got from the real person). The one in the case looked like a 5 year old wrote the name on it, and he had some jacked up price on it. So I assumed he knew nothing of autographed sports cards, and never bought any thing from this store.
  13. I consider myself a Zombie 'fan'. I remember watching 'Night of the Living Dead' in the 1970's as a kid and being mesmerized. I don't do horror comics though not my thing. As for The Walking Dead- I was really hyped up for the show. Never missed an episode for the first 5 seasons. Then the treadmill started. It just seems like the narrative kept repeating. Wander- evil Governor Camp, battle. Wander- evil Cannibal Camp battle. Wander evil Negan Camp, battle. Rinse and repeat. I finally jumped after after Sasha's coffin ride. Haven't thought about it or missed it one bit. As for the comics- meh.
  14. Even a surgeon has been known to leave a sponge inside, and sew you back up. Oversights happen.
  15. Those 3 Star Wars books don't interest me at all. I would ditch those and keep: Superman 199 (best reader story ever) and we need more Superman in our lives Wolverine 2 (1988) due to your comment about Silver Samurai Looney Tunes 122 (I have OA from this book) awesome that you have the OA for this as well.
  16. GSX-Men #1 Too many X-men first appearances to ignore.
  17. I always liked the Black Terror. Not his backstory so much, just found the simple uniform, pretty cool. Black Terror: "Like my uniform?" Frank Castle: "Why yes....yes I do".
  18. Shortest description ever, for a key comic like this.
  19. IH is definitely more horror than superhero at this point. I am starting to wane off it though. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere in particular.
  20. Yeah, you're good. CGC changes cases more than my wife changes shampoo.