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  1. I consigned some books to Hake's recently that had sat in my store for a while. I was pleased with the entire process to be honest. I felt the prices realized were good and two books got above GPA for the grade. I also got paid inside of a month from the end of the auction. Going forward I will definitely consider using them again if I go down the consignment route.
  2. There is a part of me that believes this is just a step below the micro trimming/pressing fiasco from about 10-12 years ago where Redhook and a couple other astute boardoes caught people monkeying with books. the intent is the same. To defraud
  3. Yeah I am not sure how that happened Matt. The post was in repsonse to 427Impaler.
  4. I assure you im not attacking you. Promise But your points allow me to expand on how I believe this situation to be. His heart is in the right place for him, his wallet. If his heart was in the right place he would not have sold the books in the way he did. All he has shown to me is that he is without ethics and morals. Harsh? Yes. Close to the mark on his behaviour? I believe it to be. There are a handful of people in this hobby I will not do business with. This one just got added to the list.
  5. I believe your point of view on this to be very off track and naive. I say that with no malice. It is quite apparent that Dylan has attempted to, and been successful, exploiting a loophole that has allowed him to sell books that are restored as not restored. With full knowledge. And apparent lack of remorse. And without accepting any responsibility for his actions What in his response to the issue has lent you the idea he has one iota of remorse? There has been scant evidence of that. When someone shows you what they are, believe them. Completely and totally irrele
  6. Paid quick and is a pleasant chap to deal with
  7. Folks invoices have been sent and all paid for purchases have been paid for and packed. Im shutting this thing down and I appreciate all who participated. Feel free to PM me
  8. I do have some raws ive not gotten around to scanning or listing...shoot me a PM
  9. Folks Im going to go ahead and send out invoices. Feel free to keep shopping and looking around