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  1. Closed and moved to Ebay.
  2. Flash 123 5.0 Cgc, pretty book with nice PQ. Same story as the Batman above. Beautiful 5.0 but there’s a water stain on the back cover. ll add more pics later I forgot to bring it to work to scan today. Ill allow claims pending more pictures. $935 shipped.
  3. Batman 232 8.5 Cgc. Best 8.5 your going to find. Everyone I showed the book to said it looks 9.0+ was on site graded at Baltimore where they were very tough giving out grades. Ill add more pics later I forgot to bring it to work to scan today. Ill allow claims pending more pictures. $735 shipped.
  4. Payment Via paypal, or cash/check/money order. I like Bitcoin too. Nobody on the timeout list/probation's Book will be shipped free fast and secure via USPS Anywhere in the USA. Worldwide Shipping available just PM to Inquire. I have A lot of experience shipping overseas. No returns on slabs First form of wins in the thread or PM. Trumps any ongoing negotiations. But Negotiations are welcome. My ebay - Domuhnatorcomics and I have a kudos thread on here with all positive feedback as well. I can Provide Many many many reputable references if anyone is concerned.
  5. domuhnator

    WTB: Batman 232 CGC 6.5 to 8.0

    I have an 8.5 OW/W for $725 shipped Not sure if thats in your price range.
  6. domuhnator

    Well, that was FAST.....

    More fun 73 is under 50 graded copies. Only 30 blue.
  7. domuhnator

    I Wanna get Married!

    While this thread is active I figured I might as well post what I need! Coverless Tec 71 Coverless Cap 12 Cover/incomplete Tec 49 Cover/incomplete silver streak 6 Cover/incomplete action 22, Cover incomplete more fun 56, Cover incomplete more fun 9. And I think thats about it.
  8. Thanks for the bump! I should probably edit the list. I found everything but the Stt11 Mask 1 and More fun cover.
  9. I have a 6.5 cgc HOS 92 For $1250, Slightly over budget but I figured it Wouldnt hurt.
  10. domuhnator

    GA With Less Than Ten Copies in the CGC Census

    Funny thats my old book. I found it raw in the middle of know where Delaware and subbed it to CGC myself. I sold it exactly one year ago at Baltimore comic con to a friend. Glad it ended up with a boardie eventually.
  11. domuhnator

    WTB FF13 and ASM 6 in 8.0

    Any Need for an 8.5 white page ff48?
  12. domuhnator

    [CLOSED] More Fun Comics 73

    Thanks so much rob!
  13. domuhnator

    [CLOSED] More Fun Comics 73

    All good man, Thanks! Im going to hang onto the 53, the only reason im selling this one is because I have 2. Thanks though.