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  1. domuhnator

    ComicLink 2018 Show 'em if you got 'em

    My Favorite wins of the auction. Got off pretty light this time.
  2. I only won 1 GA book, I really wanted that nightmare 13 but I fell asleep when bidding was ending. I won some bronze though.
  3. Looking to buy a few 9.8 cgc Bronze age keys before the year is out. Willing to pay full GPA or better for Well centered white page examples. Marvel premiere 15, 28 TOD 10 Conan 1, 23, 24 All Star 58, Mister miracle 1, Green Lantern 87 Strange adventures 205, Strange tales 169, Adventure 431 Tec 400, These are just my most wanted. Willing to look at others as well! First Apps first issues only.
  4. A-mans Sold Via PM. More then willing to work bundle deals if anyone wants anything else!
  5. Flash comics 92. Tough Book! Super low grade but complete. MARRIED Back cover. First Black Canary cover. I wont be overly upset if this one does not sell. $1000 $950
  6. True War romances 14 FN+ and Love Problems 26 GD/VG Bundle deal! Small tear on the FC of the love problems Both for $75 $60
  7. Love experiences 9 Better cover then most in the run. Complete and attached, some water staining $45 $40
  8. Boy meets girl 15, Cool book iv never seen before. Solid complete and attached. Lev Gleason Publication. $75 $65
  9. Margie 49, Low grade, cover still hanging on. Not a book you see every day $145 $125