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  1. If they were posted with a price on Instagram the thread here will be pulled without warning. Speaking from personal experience. Multiple times.
  2. I don't even remember owning this anymore to be honest.
  3. This is one of my favorite for sure. I have a 4.0
  4. Might as well add this one to the pile. Diary secrets 20. Low grade but complete. Two extra staples. Multiple tears and pieces of tape on the inside of the pack cover. $225
  5. Eerie 4, A favorite of mine. Complete and attached. Has planed to keep it but something came up. $300
  6. Lower Grade Americas Best Comics 5. Cover detached at the top staple and centerfold is detached. $220
  7. Wonder Woman 105 and 106. Very tough in grade! They don't appear to ever have been pressed or cleaned. $1200 for the 105 $350 for 106 Take both for $1500 Shipped. Edit: Im a fool and forgot Back scans. Ill add those shortly.
  8. Payment Via paypal, or cash/check/money order. I like Bitcoin too. Nobody on the timeout list/probation's Book will be shipped free fast and secure via USPS Anywhere in the USA. Worldwide Shipping available just PM to Inquire. I have A lot of experience shipping overseas. No returns on slabs First form of wins in the thread or PM. Trumps any ongoing negotiations. But Negotiations are welcome. My ebay - Domuhnatorcomics with 100% feedback and I have a kudos thread on here with all positive feedback as well. I can Provide Many many many reputable references if anyone is concerned.
  9. Really for GA? What sort of books. Most shops I go to never have GA.
  10. Personally I would have taken the one in this auction all day every day. It looked beautiful in hand and light tan pages are not that much different then cream honestly. Not to mention its a full 1.5 better of a grade.
  11. Thanks Mike! I feel like I overpaid but I really wanted it. I called it a 2.5 when I was figuring out what kind of bids I wanted to throw. It had a big spine split and was detached at the top staple. It presented nice but I really don't think it would have hit 3.0. But I tend to under grade so its hard to say. I also think its slightly brittle. All the GA in this auction came from the same collection and a lot of the books had poor PQ.
  12. I actually attended the auction. If you bid live the BP is 20% But you pay 6% PA sales tax unless you have a resellers state sales tax ID number on file. So He got it at just under or just over 40K since The winner of the tec 1 was live. I had the misfourtune of bidding against him on a few books I wanted. He cost me $600 extra on the adventure 42 . The most surprising book to me was the tec 24, It sold for around $4800 with BP. I think it went to the same guy as who bought the tec 1.
  13. Has anyone ever heard of the auction house before? Seems like an odd choice for books of this caliber.
  14. I literally just sold a 1-41 set with a 9.6 CGC #2 for $150 on ebay.
  15. Perfect Transaction! Paid off a hefty time payment sum sooner then agreed upon and with excellent communication. 10/10 great buyer.
  16. I just want to say I have been a loyal follower of Gabes journals for some time now and have been rooting for him. But what the **** Dude.