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  1. The old OPGs used to define a bondage cover as “usually denotes a female in bondage”. This would have been 1981-ish.
  2. Well put, and I would add that the real life horrors of WW2 influenced the advent of horror comics as well, evidenced by the number of PCH stories that used the war as their setting. Farrell had a couple of great ones involving concentration camps, and the classic “Master Race” from EC’s Impact #1.
  3. 1883’s Man in Black is the earliest costumed hero I’ve found who had multiple appearances.
  4. Very cool-I love Palais’ work. I wish they would have given him a cover or two to do.
  5. Thanks! This is one of my favorite Harvey horror covers of all time (definitely top 5).
  6. I didn't find a thread for Harvey cover art, so let’s fill this space with cool precode art! Here’s my contribution to get the ball rolling: the cover to Tomb of Terror 16, both with and without the title header.
  7. Offhand I’d say the cover to Weird Mysteries 4, hammering at $33,460 in 2013.
  8. WTB cool Harvey covers, splashes and interiors. PM my and let’s talk!
  9. Ballpark $50k, maybe $75k with spirited bidding. The cover art to Weird Mysteries 4 only did $33k and is a stronger image. I’m a PCH collector and CoC 19 has never been a “must buy” book for me. It’s not even a top 5 Harvey cover for me, nor even the best cover in the run (23 and 24 both have stronger images, IMHO)
  10. Dollman’s second cover appearance, only 5 copies in the census: