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  1. Awesome! Thanks a whole bunch. I appreciate it.
  2. That’s awesome. Thanks! If you have the time, could you scan the crime and horror lists too? Also, any historical data (I’m on the road and don’t have access to my old guides).
  3. Is there an online resource for the current (and historical would be great too) Overstreet Top 10 lists?
  4. Super happy to have picked up a decent copy of this key:
  5. No break, but I’ve shifted now that I have completed most of my PCH goals. I’m currently gunning for undervalued DC GA keys.
  6. The annual release of “The Overstreet” as I used to call it back when I started collecting was a big event for me. My first was in 1981. I read that thing until it fell apart, poring over the LB Cole covers (including some of his paperback work), discovering new worlds of collecting that blew my “I just finished completing a run of new X-Men so what else is left” mind. My favorite part, in those pre-Gerber book times, were the color sections with so many beautiful comics! After a few years I had an index of what golden age books were in each guide, to reference when I received typed lists from dealers. Now, it’s a great piece of nostalgia and I still enjoy it every year.
  7. That’s a beauty, and being signed by Al ups the coolness factor even more!