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  1. I love these oversized books, along with New Fun and early Jumbos
  2. I have seen a handful of PCH books with an evidence stamp on the inside front cover from the Senate hearings. All of the ones that I saw were from Standard.
  3. Thanks for the tip...that’s a HORRIBLE change, especially since you can’t individually mark the sales sub categories
  4. Biggest annoyance for me with the new change is that the “mark all as read” tab is gone. That makes it a lot tougher to keep track of what threads I want to read.
  5. Last purchase of the year will be my two pickups from the ComicConnect auction tonight, but they likely won’t arrive until 2021. This was the most recent purchase in hand that I can recall (and a very underrated key!)
  6. Ernie Schroeder. I’m a fan of his work for Harvey and Hillman, but haven’t seen that much written about him.