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  1. This one seems fitting for October. Also, zero slabbed copies in the census!
  2. 4 restored, 1 qualified, and only 4 blue label copies. This one is also the Lost Valley copy.
  3. Today’s mail brought me this Lost Valley book, a recent purchase from a boardie:
  4. GLWS-I have mad respect for the work that you do for these pups.
  5. Congrats! You got the best deal of the day.
  6. Feature Book 17 seems odd, since issue 21 of that run was on the newsstand in January of 1939, months before Tec 27. Issue 22 was October, 1939. Either would be more logical than 17, which was out at the same time as Detective 20.
  7. Finlay did this piece during WWII while fighting in the Pacific Theater. To my knowledge it has never been published.