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  1. It strikes me as being a total vanity project and looks ridiculous next to all of the other amazing books in the collection. It diminishes, rather than enhances it. Just my 2 cents, though.
  2. But Ian’s collection doesn’t have a real Double Action #1 either, unless the current owner bought it when it came up for sale a couple of years ago at Metro.
  3. Tom Feelings original art from Mr. Mystery #14:
  4. The fake Double Action 1, anyway. The real one was sold by Metro and looks nothing like this one, lol.
  5. Thanks! That’s from Hello Pal #1 (1943) and is by Charles Sultan. Here’s the whole page:
  6. Does anyone have a copy of the complete list? More specifically, is a copy of Double Action Comics 2 included in the collection?
  7. I have one book from this pedigree, Fightin’ Air Force 3. I was shown the GIC 75 in 1996 or 97 and it remains one of the best-looking washtone covers I’ve even seen.
  8. I highly recommend buying from Jim. Prompt communication, easy to deal with, fast shipping and a securely packaged book-it was great doing business with him!
  9. Smash Comics 1 beats it by almost a year.