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  1. That’s interesting that a book with no back cover can get a 1.0.
  2. It’s an absolute shame. The only prehero DC that really have any bite are Detective and late NA/Adventure (26-39). My faves are early New Comics, especially the ones with paper covers. Impossible to find, but no one cares when they turn up. 🙁
  3. GCD shows him on the inside too, in a story with Henery Hawk and Foghorn Leghorn. VERY odd that they used him....maybe it was to renew a copyright in the character?
  4. GCD says it’s “Ollie Owl”. He appeared in 8 shorts.
  5. When and where? I’m very interested in grabbing a copy.
  6. Here are the two final pages for comparison. The book and record ending was a pretty good fix.
  7. It was originally. They retooled it for the book and record so that it ends with the ghost’s appearance at the end of Man-Thing 5.
  8. Awesome-thanks for the info! I just checked that sale-it went for a pretty penny.
  9. I’ve tried finding out the first story and first cover for the Tasmanian Devil and the net has been no help. Anyone know offhand which issues he first showed up in?
  10. Congrats to buyer and seller. That’s a cool book-any more ECs on the way?
  11. Exactly my situation. If I wasn’t focusing on New Comics this would already have been bought by me.