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  1. I can't believe thats a 5.0 it looks so great!
  2. Non- Photographic blue line pencils have been in use for as long as I remember in the mid 1980's. I have an artist in Indonesia who uploads the pencils to a shared folder and the Inker in Michigan prints the pencils on 130gsm artboard as non photographic blue and inks over that. By the time the penciler sends the original pencils the inker is already done. It makes the whole process go quicker. I still prefer traditional artboard over all digital for various reasons.
  3. there has been a run up in price the last couple of years. I think there is a lot of downside risk on 9.8 and 9.6. I think a 9.4 is the safe play here. It will still look nice and a newsie in 9.4 don’t bring the usual premium and it will probably sell at a later date around the same price. In my opinion anyway.