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  1. Personally I understand Capt. America's reserved nature more as having both my grandfathers in WWII. They were both reserved individuals and I think having seen so much carnage at a young age impacted their personalities. My grandfather who was in the Pacific theater told me once of an island he was on that he couldn't take a step anywhere on the island without stepping on a dead person. Capt. Marvel may have had a similar experiences to Capt. America but as an audience member it is easier for me to wrap my mind around Steve Rogers.
  2. Went to see this tonight. It was ok but the cinematography wasn't very good. It was so dark I could hardly make much out. Maybe it will be better when its on my TV when it drops on Netflix.
  3. This is the first year they have gotten my badge to me on time.
  4. I hate them and so usually buy elsewhere. When I do buy from them I use olive oil to remove them.
  5. If the First appearance of MK is a key BA or otherwise That is just sad. I read MK when it was out but I never considered it more than a poor man's Batman.
  6. I hope SW 9 is good. I don't think 7 or 8 were very good at all. I liked rouge one much better. I won't be going to Captain Marvel simply because I never liked the character, when it was a man or later a woman.
  7. 9.0 as is. With no color breaking creases or spine ticks I think it would press to 9.4.
  8. A bad press can also revert to pre-pressed condition. So while being graded the pressable defects are not as evident. I am not saying that is the case here but it certainly happens.
  9. Cerebus isn't as important as say wolverine but the comic is way more important to the industry than IH 181. Dave Sim's ability to launch and CONTINUE this series at a time when true independent books had a difficult time to find an audience and get into comic book stores. I have always been impressed with the Cerebus run.
  10. The back cover has some issues. It looks like a stain at the bottom middle. The coupon area seems to have a couple of non-color breaking creases. If the stain is a shadow I would say 8.5 (9.0 with a press). If the stain is a stain then I would say 7.0. I love this book. Underappreciated IMO.
  11. There are plenty out there for when it fits into your budget.