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  1. There is no such thing as a 9.9/10. Yes, CGC has put some on labels but those same books removed an resubbed to CGC they would not get that grade IMO.
  2. So if someone resubmits a 9.6 until it does finally receive a 9.8 grade then is it a 9.6 or a 9.8?
  3. When I know what it is selling for and so does the dealer yet it is priced > 30% above I may ask "what can you do on this." I think this is a fair question and most times I get an answer that gets it into the ballpark and I buy it. Sometimes I will just make an offer and every offer I made at Chicago this year was excepted. I think because they were fair. Looking at ebay prices is exhausting to me. When one buys a book say on CL and then immediately lists it on ebay for twice as much and sits forever just boggles my mind. It seems there better places to park your money in my opinion. I do understand asking more to cover ebay fees but some folks with extreme BIN and no offer just seems silly.
  4. Comics are a niche product/hobby. SS comics are a niche of a niche. If you like them over non signed then by all means have at it but as an investment no thank you.
  5. I would just keep them as is, there is always time to get them slabbed in the future. Currently if they don't hold much value unless they are 9.8 copies. There are plenty of HG copies out there both slabbed and raw.
  6. I assume every graded book I buy has been pressed.
  7. I have seen Detached covers get a 9.6. I am going to say a CGC 9.2.
  8. Just based on Overstreet I would say it isn't NM. Its a nice looking book but with Off-white pages.
  9. I Don't like having sigs on coves. Having stated that, I would want both creators if it were possible. Rob is much maligned but he did co-create the toon and it still maintains the signature look it had from day 1.