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  1. If your father bought land 50 years ago for 1 million and when he passes it is worth 11 million. For estate taxes purposes it is valued at 1 million but when it passes to you you would get the step up value of 11 million owing no capital gain taxes on it. If your father sold it for 11 million before his death the step up is gone and he would owe the cap gains of 10 million. I do not consider it a loophole but working as intended. When Ryan O’Neil passes if he leaves the Farrah Facett Andy Warhol painting to one of their sons they will pay nothing in taxes. Otherwise they would have to pay taxe
  2. It is not a loop hole but rather a way for family owned business (farmers) too pass them on without having to carve it up. The current admin is talking doing away with it.
  3. Hard to say. Set up a viewing. There are not that many out there. Someone may be able to identify it if it is already a known copy. If it is then it is a scam based on the guy stating he has had it for "many years".
  4. Gratz. I had been wanting to get that set but gonna wait for some time before I do. I do have 8 in 9.8 direct and newsie so that’s good i guess.
  5. I would be selling right now but I would get murdered on taxes. I have to wait until the beginning of 22 before I can sell. If the market tanks that's good on the buying front and if not then I will sell. I can't buy under the current conditions.
  6. I jammed the corner of my desk in between my little toe and 4th toe really hard while registering an account. Avatar is from my comic book British Steel.
  7. I have been thinking about submitting elsewhere. I have some collecting goals that are close to being complete so I will finish with CGC for those. Going forward I am going to start submitting elsewhere I think. I am finding the influx of of new collectors not really caring so much about where it is graded PGX withstanding.
  8. I did originally but changed gears after vol 3 or 4 variants on issue 1 reboot. I sold all my variants which I had probably 95% of to a collector who has the #1 or #2 ASM set. The variants just broke me from buying new issues. I am very happy now to just collect volume 1 and no variants unless you consider newsstand copies a variant.
  9. I stop when Volume 1 ends. That is when Marvel died in my eyes. I Don't recognize any ASM after 441.
  10. I regret selling a couple of books that if they ever come back up for sell I will buy them back. When I was 12 I could have bought AF 15 for $50 but chose to buy ASM run books instead. I don’t regret it really as I only had $63 from paper route and my mom drove me 60 miles to the little con. I didn’t know ho ;one it would be before I got to another con.