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  1. Those the ones. My wife was talking one time about a house she was looking at buying when she was younger and she mentioned seeing this stickers all over the kids room up in the renovated attic. I laughed and started to describe my old room. Hilarious coincidence and that those stickers were there 20 years later. This happened in a town of about 100k people.
  2. My mom bought this for me while we were at Krogers. Prior to this I had the spidey colorforms and the Marvel sticker set. The ones with a giant colored circle behind the character.
  3. I just didn't pick up on it. I would have made the connection had I seen it whether it is correct or not. 8k is a lot where the only difference is a UPC and a price change out. I love this book though and have a 9.8 Newsie and a Direct and my only SS book is a 9.6. The hobgoblin storyline came about at the height of my ASM reading. I enjoyed it but I always imagine Lance Bannon was the HG.
  4. I was unaware. California overhead probably isn't much better.
  5. I started stacking them Flat so I pulled them out of bags and mylites. I now have hundreds of mylites that I don’t want to toss because they are expensive.
  6. They should cease comic books and simply license the characters out. A smaller more nimble publisher could make it profitable. The last time I was at the DC offices was in 96. The chairs in the reception room were actually art pieces by Shiro Kuramata (How High the Moon chair). Manhattan real estate Is ridiculous expensive. I can get Batman made from my shed and the end user would not see a difference in quality. Their overhead is stupid high for them.
  7. I forgive Chris Braly for his transcription error.
  8. Was this the Canada Price version?
  9. When buying cheap raw books it's always a crapshoot. The sellers attitude not withstanding I would have never even have bothered with trying to contact him.
  10. I do this all the time. At home when receiving and at PO when sending. I am paranoid and wear my tinfoil hat when doing it just to be safe.
  11. I would just like to point out to always include a packing slip inside the box of senders and buyers address on it. If a label gets destroyed and they do not know where it goes they may open it to see if there is some identification inside. If not they will send it to the lost mail dept. in Atlanta where you will never find it. Think the lost Ark is there.
  12. I don't recall it selling out but I do remember a guy who frequented my friends store who was talking about buying every copy he could find. This, when it came out just made me laugh. I hope he made out ok. He had a long box full of them.
  13. I was an ASM completist but Marvel just broke me. I think with Volume 3 #1 with 40 variant covers I came to my senses and realized I was being taken advantage of. I sold all of my variants which was about 90% complete to a top 3 registry collector of ASM.