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  1. I still collect ASM Volume 1 and Iron Man Volume one. Spectacular Spider-man Volume 1 and Web of Spider-man
  2. I know. I understood what you meant just as I knew what the OP meant. That's my point why get bogged down in semantics when you knew what he meant. Why call it out?
  3. You are correct. A book can be a key AND be financially expensive.
  4. I had two copies. But s $10 book then was a big purchase. MTU #1 cost me $10 too and I remember leaving the "convention" without it sat in my moms car then decided to go back in and buy it lol.
  5. Are you saying there are not degrees in importance?
  6. I don't think it was a random adjective. There are keys and they are KEYS. I get the intent of what the OP was saying without getting wrapped up in semantics.
  7. The punisher was always popular. Then when the Steve grant/ Mike Zeck Limited series came out he blew up in popularity. His own series started along with some hard cover graphic novels then some bad movies and a really good Netflix series. I can understand if the character is not your bag but a lot of people like the character. ASM 119-129 run has lots of key things going on.
  8. Maybe if Morbius fails spectacularly I can finally get ASM 101 at an affordable price.
  9. Well, when your primary attack is your toe it doesn't surprise me. I always would get these two confused at firs glance. The Tarantuala was a dumb character. No wonder he turned into a giant spider lol.
  10. This is the toughest range for me. 3.0-4.0 I would be surprised if it gets into the VG tier. I love this issue btw.
  11. They are not obligated to take cash. weird huh?
  12. Nice. 9.4/9.6 based on what I can see.