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  1. Hey people actually used to sell me cool comics through this page - where did you all go?
  2. Thought I might have paid too much for this, but as it turns out, seems like a steal!
  3. Beautiful! But You mght hit 9.9 with a press. You should always have your labels pressed before slabbing so definitely a good candidate for press and resub!
  4. 3.0 or higher! Slabbed or unslabbed! Hook a brother up!
  5. Bummer I couldn't make it - was down for NAMM show in Anaheim and ended up having to do business on Sunday - see you next year!
  6. Haunted Thrills 11 is sold - HERE IS THE LAST BOOK Yours for $250 shipped - Trades welcome too!
  7. Last discount! Haunted Thrills 11 4.5 SOLD!! Forbidden Worlds 24 4.5 $250
  8. Ha! Thats me with the Fight Against Crime and a fist full of $100s that paid you for it! I'll be there again!
  9. Remaining Books as of Saturday Jan 12 = Haunted Thrills 11 4.5 $400 Forbidden Worlds 24 4.5 $275 Offers Trades for Cool PCH books Welcome!
  10. Is this convention happening again this year? Last year you guys were talking about it a lot - this year Nothing.