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  1. Bought a small lot of books from a recent sales thread. Everything was very well packaged and I received them quickly. Thanks!
  2. In case it's helpful for others, there's a new set of DC editions at Walmart. This round only has 8 different editions (the previous waves each had 10). There is also a "DC SHOWCASE EDITION" that collects a few of the Rebirth comics. There are five covers. I'm not sure if that book or any/all of the covers are exclusive to Walmart. As of now, Walmart is the only place I've seen that compilation...
  3. 707comics, I believe the easiest way to tell them apart is from the back cover. If it has a UPC, it's the standard edition. If it has a solid box with no barcode, it's the "gold" version. It looks like there are four versions: * The "common" chromium cover that has a barcode ending in 111 on the back * The "gold" cover that has a solid silver box on the back with no barcode * A 2nd printing that has a "regular" (as in non-chromium) cover ending in 112 on the back * A True Believers reprint from a few months ago I hope that helps...
  4. The one-shot (and all variants) are listed as a "4" (which means "cancelled by publisher") in the June Previews...
  5. I went to a different Walmart and found a Star Wars Rogue One pack, too. This also appears to be a new cover not seen elsewhere. So that's eight so far from this round of Marvel packs (see my above post for the other seven)... Curious if anyone has found any more? Unlike with the DC packs (which clearly showed all of them from that set), these Marvel packs don't indicate which ones were produced.
  6. Yes. I believe that this round of Marvel books contain a new or modified cover to other Marvel books. My Walmart had 7 Marvel packs. They include an exclusive cover apparently only available at Walmart and then two other "common" books. In many cases, one of the common books was one of the recent True Believers $1 reprint. Four of those seven are just a slightly modified cover to the original: Inhumans Prime #1 Secret Empire #0 X-Men Prime (2nd Series) #1 X-Men: Blue #1 By slightly modified, I mostly mean an updated UPC, a slightly changed color scheme and the inclusion of "variant edition." Compare Inhumans (the original is on the right and the Walmart edition is on the left). But, three seem to have new covers not found elsewhere: All New Wolverine #19 The Amazing Spider-Man (current series) #26 Guardians of the Galaxy: Dream On #1 The Spider-Man is pictured in another post above. Here are the Guardians and Wolverine covers: And for what it's worth, I often find them in the trading card section near the cash registers at the front of the store. As I've travelled, I have occasionally found them in the magazine section and sometimes even the toy section. But more often then not, I find them by the trading cards.
  7. I agree that this is in interesting question. I think that at least the big publishers went to great lengths a few years back to rate their comics ("M" for "Mature Readers", "T" for "Teens", "E" for "Everyone", etc.). Specifically, according to their website, Image's "E" means "all ages, may contain minimal violence" and their "T" means "12 and up, may contain mild violence or mild profanity". But I'm not aware of a searchable database with those ratings (in other words, a place to find all comics published by Image and rated "E"). I would think that online stores in particular might sell more comics (especially all ages comics) if those were easier to find. And as an added challenge, Image seems to like to have the UPC and rating on the back -- and a lot of online stores (including a whole lot of eBay sellers) never scan the backside of their books. So unless you're at a comic shop with book in hand, it seems unnecessarily hard to find an individual book's rating. Regardless, in addition to Super Dinosaur as mentioned above, I thought of Howtoons (RE)Ignition.
  8. So, I know this was started in reference to the DC packs, but the Walmarts near me also have Marvel 3-packs and some of the comics in those packs are not identical to the regular editions. For example, one Marvel pack contains a "The Clone Conspiracy" #1 that looks just like the main cover but the UPC ends in 00116 (the UPC on the main cover ends in 00111). The main cover: And the Walmart 3-pack edition: Again, note the different UPC. The interior (down to the ads) are all the same. But other Marvel 3-packs appear to contain all "regular" covers. So far, I've also seen a pack with "Great Lakes Avengers" #1 and a pack with "The Unbelievable Gwenpool" #7 that have different UPCs than their regular edition counterparts. And like with the DC packs, those Marvel packs contained the "different" cover edition and then two other seemingly random but "regular" comics. Those three packs are the only ones I've come across where the UPC is different.
  9. I stumbled across one that isn't in the above post. First, it looks like the picture links got broken in the transition to the new boards. So I'm going to repost Cpt Kirk's image that I pulled from the old boards... And the "The Parks at Arlington" edition not pictured there... So that's at least eight mall variants.
  10. So, I was the "unknown lurker" who shared with Revat the at-that-time-unlisted Power of Shazam #17 DCU edition back in October 2016 (of course, I've been called a lot of things in lifetime, but "lurker" might be a new favorite!). I stumbled across this site a few months back but didn't have time to look at it closely, and so I just bookmarked it. I've since then had a little more time to delve into it. I'm really active on the ComicBase/AtomicAvenue site. There is a growing list of DCU editions tracked on Atomic Avenue's site. {You may need to uncheck the "Show only in-stock items" box in the upper right corner.} Right now, there are about 350 of the DCU's listed on the link above (though only around 20 of them are for sale). As Revat shared earlier, ComicBase (CB) is working to track all of them. So, if any of you use that program, have any of the missing DCUs and have access to a scanner, you can add them yourself. If you don't use that program, you can post the scans here (or send them to me) and I'd be happy to add any of the missing DCU editions. We tend to look for high res. scans (the images I submit tend to be around 700-800 pixels wide). As a side note on CB, the DCUs are all being indexed as reprints, though not all of them technically are. The editors there tend to call any comic that was printed after the initial print run a "reprint." Some DCUs clearly indicate that they are a reprint (like Superman: The Man of Steel Annual #3). Some likely came out after the "regular" editions (like the Superman/Doomsday: Hunter/Prey issues that, if I recall, were sold as a three-pack collection, and so it's likely that those DCU versions were at least released if not printed after their regular counterparts). The "bricks" very well may have been released at the same time as the regular editions, but it was easier to simply enter all of the DCUs into CB as reprints as opposed to debate over whether each individual issue would be a reprint or variant. Regardless how they are getting indexed, though, I think we would all agree that it's great seeing another commercial comic database working towards indexing all these. Also, I found another that is missing from the list on page 1. There are two Robin #14's. There is the regular edition and the special cover. And, as a clarification for anyone who might know, is there a "non-sticker" DCU version of Superman #104? The copy I have (as well as the only DCU edition on eBay right now) has a sticker over the direct market UPC. I'm curious if that's what is being considered the DCU edition of that book or if there is another version out there. Thanks!