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  1. I think those prices applied to the books at the top of the rack above the comics ('Baby Is One', 'How to Sleep', etc.). I doubt comic books were generically referred to as "Books" in 1946. Looks like the store just used most of this rack for comics instead of the books it was intended for. And with good reason! I like to imagine that Marvel Family, or National Comics or Marvel Mystery Comics were better sellers than "Now We Are Seven"!
  2. Hey! I always attend that show! I hope it happens (fingers crossed) and hope I run into you! I'll be the one wearing a mask...
  3. Incredible Hulk 141 (first Doc Samson). My uncle gave me a stack of comics and Mad magazines when I was 3 (?!?) that totally changed my life. I think this was the only 1st appearance among them.... And what an impression this made on a 3 year old kid! Just crazy. Of course, it was a couple of years before I could read it - but I paged through it in awe often before I could!
  4. Fifteen years or so ago I stumbled across a listing titled "Old Wonder Woman comic book" with a starting bid of $9.99. There was only one, small, bad photo of the front cover - and the "Wonder Woman comic book" was Sensation Comics 53. I figured I'd take a chance to get GA reader for a low price, so I bid $20 or something. The description didn't have much more information than the title, but added "I have a couple of other old comics I will throw in too. Thank you." I was the winning (and only) bidder and figured, well, even if it's trashed or incomplete, I'm only out $10, plus whatever shipping was. It arrived in just a manila envelope - no cardboard or anything. I was happy to see it survived OK, and it turned out to be a complete copy of the comic, probably in 2.0 or so, but definitely a nice reader. And the other comics? A coverless 60s issue of Wonder Woman missing the first two wraps.... and a 2.0-3.0 copy of All-Star Comics # 28! So, not the most earth-shattering score in history, but a very nice surprise. And a great deal for $10!
  5. I'll take it! EDIT: Sorry - this was supposed to be for the Forbidden Worlds #36. So, to clarify, I will take Forbidden Worlds 32, 36 and 42!
  6. Me too! I took a chance on a couple of issues on eBay several years ago from a seller in Mexico City. He had 5 or 6 as I recall, so I bought two to give them a try. They were $40 or $50 each, or I would have scooped them all up. It took several weeks for them to arrive, and once I had a chance to read them I immediately tried to buy the remaining copies, but of course they were long gone by that point... I'll see if I can dig mine out sometime this week and post pictures of them.
  7. Received my comics today - well packed, accurately graded and shipped fast, as always. It's always a pleasure purchasing comics from Robot Man! Thanks Bob!
  8. Great research and information, Scrooge - and great examples from each publisher/category (well, except Charlton, of course....)! ....and kaculler - now I know who beat me out on the Dale Evans lot recently!
  9. Just received the two comics I bought recently. It was an all-around pleasant experience- the comics were in great shape, the packaging was very nice and they were shipped super-fast. Thanks a lot!
  10. Received a package from Robot Man - packed well and shipped quickly. Bob always provides great service, excellent comics and very reasonable prices. Highest recommendation!
  11. There was a 17 issue Monkees series from Dell in the late 60s - they are on all of those. I believe they also appeared on the cover of Teen Beat from DC (not entirely a comic, but comic-sized at least).
  12. Looks like the Thor above Rom is this one, dated February 83: ...but above that is Blade Runner 1 (October 82), and in the next column over it looks like Thor 372 (October 86). According to IMDB filming was done 6 August 1986 - 8 November 1986, so that would make sense. Looks like just random early-mid 80s issues were used.
  13. I felt the same way - my high bid was around the same place as yours. These early Charlton romances seem to be a little tough to find, especially in such nice shape, but that final amount blew my mind. Hopefully I'll stumble across a nice, lowly 2.0 copy for a fraction of the price somewhere along the way....
  14. I believe that last comic is Boy Loves Girl 39 - it is cover dated October, 1953, so it would fit the timeline!