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  1. I have a ton of Copper Newsstands in CGC 9.6/9.8 that I’d be willing to trade. I’ll also pay a lot of money. Please contact me if you have one. Thanks!
  2. Hi! There are 10 404's in 9.8. Please contact me if you have one. There are seven issues in the 'Man and Wolf' arc and I currently have six of them in 9.8. $100? I'm open to negotiate. I'm not interested in submitting high grade raws. Thanks!
  3. I’ve had this in my ebay saved searches for roughly 18-24 months. I’ve only seen a few 9.4’s come and go. Wasn’t this a popular/hyped book at the time of it’s release? I know newsstand distribution was on a major decline in 2011 but it wasn’t dead and it’s surprising is all. Tough book to find apparently. It seems like if owners were holding out to cash in on the popularity of Miles Morales this would be the time to do it. There’s no shortage of Direct Editions, Variants, and 2nd Printings being listed
  4. Hi again! I'm also looking for these in CGC 9.8: Captain America 403, 404, 405 Spirits of Vengeance 5 Incredible Hulk 383, 384 Let's say $100 each and I'm open to negotiate. Thanks
  5. I'm looking for one of these to add to my collection. Two have sold on ebay somewhat recently. One for $400 and another for $500. Please contact me if you have one for sell. Offering $750. Thanks!
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    Amazing Spider Man 301

    This is a recent addtion to my collection. Not a 9.8 obviously but still tough to come by. Nice wrap too
  9. From across the street...
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  11. Mycomicshop, Midtown, and Overstreet refer to the Wal-Mart Gold UPC version as a 2nd Printing. I guess I’ll go with that
  12. And that should apply to both the direct gold edition with the spidey face and the wal-mart gold edition with the upc? Thanks
  13. As far as I can tell, Spider-Man #1 and X-Factor #71 are the only two Gold/Silver/Copper additional printings released by Marvel in the early 90’s that have a UPC/barcode. X-Factor #71 states Second Printing in the indicia. Does Spider-Man #1 with the UPC also state this? Is it a 2nd printing? Thanks
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