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  1. I find ze back and ze know..... Interesting points on whether Black Knight will be developed after, apparently, a rather brief appearance in the Eternals film. I never thought GOTG would be much more than a mild diversion. Now look. Shows what I know about The Machine. But, it does make me wonder what a Black Knight / Thor meeting might be if Feige & Co. get it right the first time around.
  2. Not sure if this has been discussed already, but looking at the outcomes on Ebay, looks like Av47 is hanging in there with Av48. I know the movie hype still has both going crazy of late. [There's a #47 9.8 up on Ebay now for only...$10k] But, once the dust settles a little and some new movie announcement has everyone scurrying for their copy of THE NEW MEGA 'KEY' , which book do you think will emerge as the one to look for and/or pick up prior to the Eternals release? Curiously clutching my cash...
  3. That's Duck code for: Ok, You're a bottom. Something Liz 'might be' exquisitely familiar with. Not that there's anything wrong with Duck code.
  4. Any other ideas? Trying what I have with 'ok' results.
  5. I've done some searches, and most seem to show up for cases 2015 or older. Apologies for not finding an answer to current gen case questions, but will Maquire's PlastX do the trick on minor scratches and scuffs? I've never used any kind of product on the newer cases - had some success using diluted toothpaste on older cases. Wanted to put this out there before trying anything. Not looking to reholder the book, just looking for what's worked for current clearer cases. Thanks!
  6. Yes. Just didn't want to since I had funds in the regular Paypal account. I'll be calling Ebay/Paypal to ask about it. Sure to hear a -script read to me until I ask for an experienced manager - then we'll see. If I learn anything worth sharing, will do here.
  7. I'm experiencing the same issue - when I want to pay for something, I'm only given the option of Paypal bank transfer or Paypal credit. No more simple 'from the Paypal balance' option. What gives? I also had to 'claim funds' to use them. Lame-O.
  8. Here's another for Peter Tork. For Pete's Sake. Closing theme from The Monkees show. Cowritten by Tork.
  9. There was a time a few years back when a restored book could generally expect to be valued at about 1/3 of unrestored. Factoring in whether or not it is 'key' - and that is a term being used VERY loosely in our current media-driven market - also makes assessing the value a little less predictive. There is one factor that, even if Hoot's movie was great, will almost always lead to a trickier valuation or sale. The dreaded....