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  1. Here's another for Peter Tork. For Pete's Sake. Closing theme from The Monkees show. Cowritten by Tork.
  2. There was a time a few years back when a restored book could generally expect to be valued at about 1/3 of unrestored. Factoring in whether or not it is 'key' - and that is a term being used VERY loosely in our current media-driven market - also makes assessing the value a little less predictive. There is one factor that, even if Hoot's movie was great, will almost always lead to a trickier valuation or sale. The dreaded....
  3. Price Drop to $865 including shipping in US!
  4. A few years back, Susan did some stellar work on 3 FFs for me. 4, 5, 12. #12 was especially good. She does great work.
  5. There's a 9.0 unrestored on EBay being offered for slightly under 60k. Break out your calculators everybody!
  6. Hi all, First of all, Marvel Christmas to all, and to all, a big Nuff Said! I was pointed here to post this piece/topic and here is the link to the other forum and details: Didn't want to 'overpost' a topic, so hope this works for now. Had few moments away from Cringle Input appreciated. I'll check back later. Thx
  7. My thoughts exactly. Seems to me to be an 'of the moment' type sig and who, in their right mind, would ask Jack to use a 'smaller point' pen iff'en you were there, getting the great man's autograph.
  8. Interesting point. I had considered the same. The felt tip pen was invented mid 60s tho, and my thought was it could have been available at this convention where artists might have used them for drawing, etc. Things other than signing specifically. Could have been used as it was what the fan had on them at the time, or perhaps it was just readily available at a table. Good tip on the sig forum. I'll try that one too.
  9. Hello all, Have been meaning to get around to posting this on the boards. So, here goes... This is the SD CC 1972 program that is in seemingly unread [relatively] condition - except, of course, to obtain the sigs of Jack Kirby and Mike Royer. I have carefully opened it, only for the 3rd time since I've had it, to take pics of the pages and the sigs. I have only the seller's word that these sigs are the real thing, so putting that out there. Kirby was part of a panel during the event, but I'm not certain about Royer's involvement. If anyone has some back history of this Con, would like to hear about it. Thx!
  10. Thank you, Sir!! Was indeed a smooth transaction and am glad to pass that beaut along to you! Everything was perfect in the exchange and will certainly have you at #1 to contact should I have something on your want list! Rock on! and [IPA Natch!] Brian
  11. Hi, Thought I'd put the pic of this book in this forum hoping a boardie who may be: 1] Still on the boards 2] Still has it - will respond. Ran across the pic and wanted to put it out there. Tried in the wanted section several months back fyi. Now, just doing CBR [Comic Book Recon] PM or post if you have it and/or still want to sell. Thx!