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  1. This is a phenomenal copy of a great EC book. Right now it's at $11.00. And felt it was worth sharing for anybody who'd wanna get a great Johnny Craig book in great shape.
  2. Hipcomic is doing it's 116th no-reserve auction, featuring great CGC slabbed copies of Daredevil #1, Amazing Spider-Man #129 and Werewolf by Night #32, just to name a few of the 650 auctions up, starting at just .01!
  3. has just started it's 113th no-reserve auction, with 520 comic listings, including CGC graded copies of Journey into Mystery #83, Eternals #1, Fantastic Four #52 and Shazam #1.
  4. Hey everyone. is doing another amazing no-reserve auction this week, with 550 books, and featured amongst them are some great CGC slabbed copies of Amazing Spider-Man #1, #33, #50, and #129 (in a 9.6) and much much more. Come check it out. You'll be glad you did.
  5. This week, is featuring four amazing books (Avengers #4, #8, #57 and #10 - encapsulated by CGC and in great condition), along with 400 other comic collectibles all starting at a penny! This auction ends Monday @7:00 PM EST!
  6. Hey there. I'm actually the manager of the site that runs these. The majority of these items for sale are books being submitted by users, so we don't have any on-site grading services (but we do use CGC for anything we might need for our own use) - anyone submitting raw books are grades and determinations that they're making. If it were up to me, (and i do recommend it) people would use CGC for everything and get a professional assessment of what books are, because it definitely makes it easier for people to buy and know exactly what they're getting.
  7. Hello, everybody. I've only posted a couple of times before, but plan on changing that. I'm the category manager for an online comic auction site called Hipcomic, and we feature some regular no-reserve and prestige sales on a weekly basis. I wanted to try and reach out to an active comics forum community that i know has a ton of traction and just post some of the weekly events we offer at our site. This week's highlight items are an ASM 129 9.0, a Batman Adventures #12 9.6, and a Werewolf by Night #32 6.5 - all CGC, as well as other items. Check it out if you want. Please let me know if i'm doing anything that's breaking any rules anywhere.
  8. A bit of everything, really. Worked in Receiving, Verifying, Quality Control, worked with Mike in Signature Series when he was head of doing that. Pregraded some stuff sometimes. Counted pages. Went to shows. Worked onsite in shows with a bit of everything. Even some marketing and design stuff for the website and other things. Jack of all trades. Master of none.
  9. Hello, Everyone. I, uh, actually worked with CGC in Sarasota for almost five years and never really once used the forum. But now i am. Some of you might know me. Some of you might not. That's okay either way. But i thought i'd say hello and meet other people since i'm looking to actually get back into the hobby again. So hello.