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  1. My 11/16 received quick press was billed on 3/22 and went to SFG on 4/8. You're likely 2 weeks away.
  2. My 12/21 quick press is still marked as received. My 11/16 quick press moved to grading on 4/8. My gut tells me we still have a couple of weeks before our December submissions reach that point.
  3. From past experience, if CGC thinks that the pressing part took a much longer time than what they regard as feasible, they will expedite the grading part. My guy tells me that CGC is not too happy with the 110 business day turnaround time for pressing.
  4. They were received for Quick Press back on 11/16/20, then switched to SFG on 4/8, Grading on 4/13 and Shipped yesterday. This was not fast tracked, so I'm not sure why it moved so quickly once it got to CGC. One thing I wanted to add is that CCS did reach out to me in late March regarding one of my books not being eligible for pressing. My gut tells me the books were pressed around march 24th, but took 2 weeks to get input into the system by CGC.
  5. These books were shipped today. 13 9.8's, 6 9.6's and 4 9.4's. Was expecting a little better.
  6. These days SFG and Received pretty much mean the same thing. SFG just means the books were entered into the system.
  7. Interesting development. This submission just went into Grading/QC.
  8. Definitely. I checked Saturday and there was nothing. Sure enough, Sunday afternoon I received the notice.
  9. You still need 3 graders though. That's where uncle Mike and his bowling buddy come in.
  10. Or they can introduce a new Super Duper Walkthru Variant Edition tier for a mere $3k minimum price tag, where the CGC employee flies out to your house to pick up the book, and then hand delivers it back to you fully graded/encapsulated before midnight that same day. Either that or the CGC graders show up at your house with the encapsulation equipment to grade the books in your garage, while you drink your coffee in the kitchen. "Hey guys are you done yet, I need to go out and pick-up some groceries?" "Just about, but the lighting in your garage sucks. Do you have some more lamps so we can spot
  11. This submission was officially received on Sunday 4/11.
  12. Hopefully my 3/17 delivered is next. It's been 17 business days.
  13. My 11/16/20 received quick press was charged on 3/22/21 and then scheduled for grading on 4/8/21. My 12/21/20 quick press submission has not been charged yet.
  14. My 11/16 MSL quick press has officially moved to SFG. I would say that with the wait time between delivered and received, the turnaround time was around 105 business days, which is pretty close to the "108 day current turnaround time"
  15. I'm in the same boat. 136 books were delivered on 3/17/21, but haven't been received yet.