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  1. How does imaging currently work with CGC graded books. If I included that service, are the images e-mailed back to me?
  2. Walkthru for 2 books - Screening/Pressing/Grading Received by CCS on 8/20 Finalized/Shipped 9/24 Was really sweating the results all day. Luckily, the 1 GA book went from a 9.0 to 9.2, which puts it at top of census (by itself). The other key SA book went from 8.0 to 8.5. It was last graded in 2000, which makes sense that the page quality improved from Off White to OW-W. CGC was really hard on page quality the first couple of years.
  3. Mine were just finalized and shipped as well. Best case scenario was 14 - 9.8's and 1 - 9.2 Results were 13 - 9.8's, 1 - 9.6 & 1 - 8.5 (Definitely my best results up-to-date)
  4. Good to know. Mine were also received on 8/18. Hopefully they'll be shipped today.
  5. Just moved to Grading / Quality Control today.
  6. Yup, it just came back with no submission status changes.
  7. Yup, same thing just happened to me. I've had this happen to me before without any submission status changes.
  8. Greggy, I checked your previous posts and these books were scheduled for grading back on 9/9. Seems like a longer wait than usual to get to this stage.
  9. I have 2 Walkthru books that were received by CCS on 8/20 for screening/pressing services. The current turnaround time for screening is 15 business days (with 10 additional days required for pressing). The books were screened within 5 days, so I was hoping pressing would be completed 10 business days later (it's been 20 business days since books were received). I'll wait until end of next week (full 25 business days) before inquiring.
  10. From my experience, credit card payments are usually applied halfway or 2/3 of the way through the pressing process. There are times when the turnaround time is 60 business days, but then I get my hopes up because my credit card was charged 35-40 days into the process. Unfortunately, it doesn't mean your books are about to be pressed.
  11. Finalized / Shipped - 8/29 ( I guess CGC IS working Saturdays now). Results - 7 - 9.8's, 3 - 9.6's, 2 - 9.2's. Best case scenario was 10 9.8's, 1 9.6 & 1 9.4.
  12. First in thread wins the book. $12 USPS Priority Mail shipping to United States (please PM first if located in another country) Paypal payment and personal check is acceptable. I can also do time payments as well (up to 3 months). Book ships after payment is complete.
  13. 12 Moderns - Slow track Delivered - 7/18 Picked-Up - 7/20 Received - 7/28 SFG - 8/26 Grading / QC - 8/27