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  1. Excellent point. Even if I start collecting GA again, it has to be in a completely different genre. I can't bring myself to pay more for some of the run of the mill books than what I paid for key GGA books 10-15 years ago.
  2. Thanks for the update. Still waiting for my invoice to show up for books delivered on March 30th...........hopefully today.
  3. 20 books delivered on 3/30, but no invoice page here as well.
  4. Ugh...........thanks for the info. Looks like I'm not out of the woods yet. Edit: They're actually now in Grading/Quality Control.
  5. The books are now scheduled for grading. Seems like things are moving quickly now.
  6. In all honesty, at this point I just hope things are proceeding accordingly and the books are actually pressed and in line for grading. My home page still hasn't been updated to fix the "glitch". I'm afraid to ask again and be given a completely different answer.
  7. CGC did get back to me today and indicated that the books were pressed and received by CGC for grading sometime in February. The only issue was that there was a glitch in the system that didn't provide this information on my home page. Hopefully, the books are only a few weeks away from being graded.
  8. I contacted CGC again today regarding the status of my books and they'll contact CCS directly to give me an update. As I mentioned above, either the 80 business day turnaround time is slightly off (since my books are sitting at 103 business days now), or there was a specific issue with my submission. Hopefully I'll find out early next week.
  9. Very true. When I submitted back in October the turnaround time was 63 days. I assumed I can beat the early spring quick press crowd by getting my books pressed during the winter. This worked out well for me the previous tear where it only took 7 weeks for pressing. In hindsight I should've just picked the quick press option.
  10. My invoice was dated December 27th, so it's definitely been a while. I just find it interesting that the CCS turnaround times are updated weekly, but they're still 4 weeks off on some submissions.
  11. This is more of a CCS related question than CGC. I Submitted my moderns via slow press on October 16th. The current turnaround time is around 80 business days, but my books are already at 100. Every time I call CGC they tell me the books will likely be pressed within the next few days, but now it's about 4 weeks past the current turnaround time. Is anyone else experiencing delays with pressings books via the slow track?
  12. With a wife and 2 kids I'd be lucky to repurchase 4.0 copies of these 2 books.