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  1. Books were shipped today. These were previously quick pressed. Was anticipating 8 - 9.8's and 7 - 9.6's. Was pleasantly surprised with 14 - 9.8's and 1 - 9.4.
  2. Were you already charged? Just make sure they didn't charge you for fast track (hopefully not). I have a 12/21 submission that is still labeled as received.
  3. Looks like things are moving quick now for modern slow track.
  4. I recently had one modern slow track submission received on 11/16 and shipped 12/16, while my 11/12 received was shipped on 12/23.
  5. At that point the CGC cases will be worth more than the books inside, since they can at least serve as dinner trays.
  6. Because yawning doesn't go well with grading.
  7. I tend to do better if doing a press submission when the turnaround times are long. It seems that once books hit the 80 day turnaround time, less people start submitting, which results in books getting pressed in 45-50 days in a couple of months. Waiting until turnaround times go down to 40-45 days is when everyone and their grandmother starts sending in their books to be pressed.
  8. The same thing happened to me with the quick press option. When I submitted the books, the turnaround time was 42 business days. Every time I caught up it would go up by another 5 business days. This happened for 6 straight weeks.
  9. Is it quick or regular press. I noticed that CCS increased the turnaround time for regular moderns to 80 business days. My last batch of quick press books took 79 business days to complete.
  10. These books were previously pressed by CCS. Was hoping for 6 - 9.8's and 4 - 9.6's, but was pleasantly surprised with 8 - 9.8's and 2 - 9.6's. Based on my recent experiences with grading (good and bad), it appears I do a better job when sending CGC 2 batches at the same time (one normal and one press submission). Whenever I take this approach, if I see the slightest dent in a book, I'll throw it in with the books to be pressed. In contrast, if I'm just sending one regular submission (without pressing), I subconsciously give certain books the benefit of the doubt, and get burned later
  11. greggy, that's because you send CGC glow in the dark shipping boxes.
  12. It's interesting how some submissions go from SFG to shipped in a matter of hours, while others sit in encapsulation hell for much longer. Edit: Just went into grading.
  13. Received by CGC 12/21. 5 business days is not bad.
  14. My 11/16 received submission was shipped on 12/16. I was hoping for 13 - 9.8's, 2 - 9.6's and 1 - 9.4. Instead I got 7 - 9.8's, 6 - 9.6's, 2 - 9.4's and 1 - 9.2. Either I'm getting worse at grading or CGC is tightening their grading a bit. Unfortunately, it's likely the former. On a side note, my 11/12 submission is still in SFG. I contacted CGC on Friday and they said the books were being encapsulated.
  15. It's typically 2-10 business days, with the latter being the norm these days. However, 3 weeks does seem a bit long. Did you check when CGC actually picked up the books vs. them arriving at the USPS office?
  16. Interesting that my 11/16 received / SFG modern slow track has moved to grading, but the 11/12 hasn't.
  17. As usual, my modern slow track that were SFG on 11/12 have not moved to grading yet. It just seems like my last few submittals have all been about a week behind schedule.
  18. Not to mention mail delivery issues. These days it takes over 3 weeks from the time you ship your books to when they are received by CGC.
  19. 25 Moderns Quick Press 18 Moderns Slow Track Grading Mailed on 12/3 Delivered 12/14
  20. Were the books being pre-screened as well? My last Walkthru press job took 4.5 weeks because of the prescreening.
  21. Hopefully they can expedite the quick press for you a bit after this snafu.
  22. Definitely, especially if grading notes show non color breaking creases.
  23. I would call and ask again. For instance, my modern slow track pressed books took 74 business days to press (received 7/28) and have been sitting at SFG since 11/12. I also have another quick press submittal that was received 11/16 (they haven't charged me yet, which is typical). I hate to say it, but it does seem like your books went to grading right away.
  24. My last 2 press jobs went from CCS to SFG as well. Unfortunately, it took 74 and 78 business days, respectively. Are they moderns, and did they charge you $8 per book? 20 business seems super quick.
  25. Final went into Scheduled for Grading today.