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  1. 60-70% is usually the best I can do with respect to 9.8 books. Slight corner bends seem to be allowed for pre 1990 books, but even one one mini spine stress will typically knock the book down to 9.6.
  2. Noticed it was updated to 32 days for modern slow track.
  3. Books now marked as received by CGC.
  4. Per response from CGC, they are currently processing packages received on the week of July 13th. They noted this process usually takes 2-8 business days. I'm on 7 business days now, so hopefully the submission will be marked as received by tomorrow.
  5. Anyone else still waiting for books to be received? Mine were delivered on July 18th.
  6. Looks like I have to wait until next week for CGC to officially receive the books.
  7. 12 Moderns - Grading (slow track) 10 Moderns - Pressing (slow track) Delivered: 7/18 Picked-Up - 7/20 Received: No info yet
  8. Hopefully it was just sitting somewhere for all that time. Mail is super slow these days. I just received a Heritage Comics auction brochure 1 week after the auction ended. I usually get it one week before. Also, for whatever reason, I sent my raw books to be graded by CGC via USPS ground shipping. It was supposed to take 6 days to arrive, but it took ten (I'll take it). Hopefully CGC can enter it into their system by end of week.
  9. I agree 100%. Not to derail this thread too much, but I recently received a message from an Ebay buyer that the $90 CGC book he had purchased was not delivered, even though USPS had marked it as being delivered. He finally got in touch with the USPS office (I tried to no avail) and they had shipped it to a different address than the one on the label. The buyer drove to the other address (about 1 mile away from where he lived) and confronted the home owner. They acknowledged that they received the book and had given it to a friend. He gave them an ultimatum and the book was in his hand a day later.
  10. Luckily no. I think the problem was that my local mail delivery guy didn't like carrying heavy packages and would just leave a notice in my mailbox for pick-up (in some cases he wouldn't even do that). One time I was home and confronted him about leaving the notice without having the package, and he made up a story about packages not being loaded on his vehicle on time. Just checked tracking and my books shipped via USPS wee expected to arrive today, but are running late. Who knows how late. MY one concern is selling books via Ebay. Lately I've noticed that some books are still shown as not being delivered 2 weeks after the fact, even though the buyers have confirmed the delivery.
  11. I just shipped a bunch of books to CGC for pressing/grading and chose FedEX as the return option. Even before COVID-19, USPS was a nightmare to work with for large CGC packages. I had one package sitting at the USPS local office for 3 weeks, and after 4 visits and an argument with the manager, they finally found it buried under a bunch of other packages. That was $8,000 worth of books.
  12. There is a possibility that CGC received my books from CCS earlier than the recorded time, and are factoring in that wait to grade the books. I've had that happen on a couple of previous submittals.
  13. Grading / Quality Control - 4/22/2020
  14. Good question. I'm really note sure. Based on CGC current turnaround times, grading should take about 5 to 6 weeks. Reading the last couple of pages, it appears that people have been getting their books back quicker than that. However, my gut tells me that although they are scheduled for grading, it'll likely take a few more weeks to actually grade them. I'll provide an update.
  15. For slow track the current turnaround time is 95 business days. Mine took about 90 business days to press.
  16. 10 Moderns Slow Track Received by CCS - 12/6/2019 Received and Billed by CGC - 4/15/2020 Scheduled for Grading - 4/21/2020
  17. I'm currently sitting at 87 days with CCS billing on 3/14.
  18. From past experience, CCS typically presses the books about 3-4 weeks after they bill you.
  19. Better sell that toilet paper fast for a big profit before the weather changes and tree leaves are ample.
  20. From a financial perspective that certainly makes sense. However, if I sell my 8.0 copy of ASM #1 now, there's no way I'll be able to convince my wife to buy it back a year later at that cost, even if I can show the profit gains.
  21. I started collecting SA/GA back in 2003. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, it was definitely panic mode for me. I had basically invested 2/3 of my savings in comic books and didn't own a property at the time. I also noticed several prominent CGC board members selling off their collections, which made me even more worried. I still remember sitting up one night deciding whether to just sell everything and take a considerable loss, keep collecting, or take a break. I ultimately decided to take a 6 month break and keep my collection, while concentrating on other things. My thought process was that if at the end of the day I wind up losing around $30K (factoring in the gains I had made between 2003-2008), it was still worth owning all these great books. I figured that if the market just stabilized, I would be willing to take this 30K hit if I could stretch it over 15 years. That way I could justify spending $2K a year collecting the books I love, just like I did when I was spending $600 a year back in the 90's collecting modern junk on a much smaller budget. Of course, the market rebounded and the rest is history. With all that being said, I still had to sell 80% of my collection 5 years later when the unmentioned financial crisis came along..........................marriage.