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  1. From past experience, CCS typically presses the books about 3-4 weeks after they bill you.
  2. Better sell that toilet paper fast for a big profit before the weather changes and tree leaves are ample.
  3. From a financial perspective that certainly makes sense. However, if I sell my 8.0 copy of ASM #1 now, there's no way I'll be able to convince my wife to buy it back a year later at that cost, even if I can show the profit gains.
  4. I started collecting SA/GA back in 2003. When the financial crisis hit in 2008, it was definitely panic mode for me. I had basically invested 2/3 of my savings in comic books and didn't own a property at the time. I also noticed several prominent CGC board members selling off their collections, which made me even more worried. I still remember sitting up one night deciding whether to just sell everything and take a considerable loss, keep collecting, or take a break. I ultimately decided to take a 6 month break and keep my collection, while concentrating on other things. My thought process was that if at the end of the day I wind up losing around $30K (factoring in the gains I had made between 2003-2008), it was still worth owning all these great books. I figured that if the market just stabilized, I would be willing to take this 30K hit if I could stretch it over 15 years. That way I could justify spending $2K a year collecting the books I love, just like I did when I was spending $600 a year back in the 90's collecting modern junk on a much smaller budget. Of course, the market rebounded and the rest is history. With all that being said, I still had to sell 80% of my collection 5 years later when the unmentioned financial crisis came along..........................marriage.