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  1. 2 hours ago, Motor City Rob said:

    Value tier submission (non fast track)

    Received: 8/28

    When I first shipped to CGC, TAT was 35 days for Value. It has slowly increased since then, and they still have not been graded. As of this morning, TAT is 75 days. So, should I have been part of the 35 day TAT or am I now lumped into the 75 day TAT? By the way, it's been 88 days since "Received". I called them to make sure everything was OK and they said yes and they appreciate my patience. 

    Anyone have a wait this long for Value? 88 days...and counting?!?!?!?!?!

    Unfortunately, since your books were received on 8/28, that computes to 59 business days. Based on the current turnaround times, you may still be a couple of weeks away. :(

  2. 7 minutes ago, greggy said:

    My turnaround time is inversely proportional to the my level of complaining I do in the thread.


    That's like saying I don't complain about winning the lottery because I hit the jackpot 5 times last year. :) I'm joking of course. :foryou:

  3. 39 minutes ago, jsilverjanet said:

    14 business day WTF

    I honestly do think they factor in the mailroom wait time into the equation with their projected turnaround times. They know if the average wait for books sitting in the mail room is 2 weeks, then they'll adjust the current turnaround times accordingly.

  4. 2 hours ago, onlyweaknesskryptonite said:

    Mine was received on 10/28 MST and is also still at SFG. Did you do a Prescreen ? Mine is and from what several others have said that it can add 10 days , which might help explain why some books received after are being graded before.  That and you did just post after Greggy. He submit TONS of books so I would not really use or compare to his TAT... 

    Nope, it wasn't a prescreen, just a regular modern sub. Like I noted above, I'm still at 20 day business days, but it is odd.

  5. 35 minutes ago, skybolt said:

    Anyone else with modern slow track submissions prior to this date still in SFG? My 10/21 submission is still waiting to be graded.

    Just received following message from CGC on my submission above. 

    "Your order is currently in the grading room.  Right now, our Modern grading tier is running about 31 business days so it will probably be another two weeks or so until that is completed".

  6. 7 minutes ago, ChasingKingKirby said:

    Value submission Received on 9/14 still sitting at SFG.   Geez...  Sending books off for grading these days is like sending em off to prison for armed robbery.  They prolly get more time.   These were sent in August.

    Well at least with prison you get to start your sentence as soon as you set foot onto the grounds (instead of waiting in limbo in solitary confinement for 2 weeks before starting the sentence). :)

  7. 9 minutes ago, Deuceboi said:

    Officially business day #70 - excluding major holidays...2 books modern pressing...since 8/4....hopefully this is the week

    Mine got transferred exactly at 74 days, which is the current turnaround time. I would recommend contacting them online though. It was interesting that as soon as I sent the inquiry, the books got transferred within the hour.

  8. 9 hours ago, Jaywalker0 said:

    Woohoo! Last I looked couple days ago it was 44 days. Guess they put pedal to metal to make room for their big signing event.

    I wouldn't get my hopes up yet. The MST turnaround times have gone up and down like a yo-yo lately. :)

  9. 4 hours ago, skybolt said:

    My slow track modern submission for pressing/grading hit 74 business days today, which is the current turnaround time for pressing. I contacted CGC and received the standard reply that the order is being finalized at CCS and will be transferred to CGC soon. From past experience this could take anywhere from 1 to 20 business days. :(

    This submission just went into SFG.

  10. I really wish CGC would speed up the "Received" portion of their service (I'm sitting at 8 business days). I do realize that tracking shows the package delivered, but would love to find out sooner if books weren't damaged during shipping. It would suck to find out 2 weeks after the fact.