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  1. 23 minutes ago, Ricksneatstuff said:

    Oh my goodness are you a man after my own heart!! Your list are all favorites of mine. Seven Seas 4 really should be on my list too as I think it is a Top 3 Baker cover. 

    I am with you big time on the Juniors, which forever has been my favorite of all GGA titles. I made the decision some months back to let them go and I regret it. It was such a painful decision that I have chosen to sort of erase that title from my mind, for the time being. We even have the same 4 favorites. Brenda Starr 14 for whatever reason, never really did it for me. I know that is heresy. 

    The best GGA covers definitely speak for themselves. I'm just glad some deals fell through several years ago when I was selling a majority of my collection to raise funds. Otherwise, this list would be a lot smaller now.

  2. On 10/1/2018 at 5:21 PM, Ricksneatstuff said:

    The last week I have been going through my collection to identify the books I really love. The books that I don't want to sell and even if I do I probably will be looking to get them right back. I have a habit of selling books and then buying them back 3-6 months later. :foryou:

    My desire has always been to have a small collection but filled with books I really like a lot. 50 books that I keep feels good to me. I made it 35 (originally 51) just to feel like I was giving myself that one extra. If I add one in the future I will take one off. There have to be at least 20 books that are right there behind these and if one of them has to come in one of these will need to go. There are two of the books on this list that I am currently without a copy of but looking to remedy. I would rather not say which two, but one of them would be pretty obvious. It is in bold.

    Here they are in alphabetical order:

    Airboy Vol 4 # 8

    All Top 16

    Amazing Spider-Man 50

    Archie 35

    Baffling Mysteries 7

    Betty and Veronica 40

    Blue Beetle 52

    Blue Beetle 54

    Captain Easy 12

    Captain Science 6

    Famous Funnies 209

    Fight 40

    Fight 41

    Four Color 178

    Freckles & Friends 8

    House of Secrets 92

    Jo-Jo 25

    Jumbo 159

    Jungle 54

    Katy Keene 62

    Mystic Vol 2 # 2

    Phantom Lady 18

    Planet 18

    Planet 33

    Planet 35

    Planet 65

    Rangers 26

    Speed 35

    Startling 49

    Strange Worlds 4

    Tales of Suspense 8

    Teen-age Romances 45

    Tip Topper 1

    Weird Science 20

    Wonder Comics 13


    Excellent post. I went through the same process about 5 years ago. I sold more than 400 GGA books and am now down to the last 22 that I consider keepers. I wish I could've kept the top 35 as well, since I do really miss some of those books. I still have a few long boxes filled with modern stuff and another 100 slabs of modern books I buy and sell for fun, depending on which movies are coming out. 

    Here's my list:

    Amazing Spider-Man #1

    Blue Beetle #54

    Brenda Starr #14

    Fight #33 (Church), #38 (Church), #78

    Jo-Jo #11, #25

    Jungle Comics #74 (Church), #152 (Church)

    Junior #13, #14, #15, #16

    Oscar #3 (Church)

    Patsy Walker #13 (Church)

    Phantom Lady #17

    Rusty #14 (Church), #15

    Seven Seas #4

    Startling Comics #49

    Super Mystery Comics Vol. 7 #5 (Church)

    Wings Comics #89



  3. On 8/16/2018 at 1:55 PM, skybolt said:

    20 moderns submitted (non-fast track)

    Received - 7/23

    Verified - 7/24

    Scheduled for Grading - 8/16

    Graded - 8/20

    Grading / Quality Control - 8/22

    Shipped - 8/24

    A quick note, the recent grades were about 90% in-line with what I was expecting. I was pleased with the results, or at least the consistency.