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  1. Has the grading been tighter over the past few months for moderns? I have 20 books currently sitting at CGC, which will likely be graded within the next 2 weeks (Received 4/9). My last submission was about 7 months ago, and I was pleased with the results (14 out of the 25 books came back as 9.8's). I had hoped that 16 of the 25 books would come back as 9.8's, but the results were close enough. 5 were graded as 9.6 or less , even though I was hoping for 9.8's, while another 3 came back as 9.8's, even though I was expecting 9.6's. It seemed that books with even one small non-color breaking stress line along the spine received 9.6 grades or less, while others with one slightly rounded corner were still graded as 9.8's. I inspected the recently submitted books the exact same way as last time and am expecting similar results, if not better. I've learned over the years to inspect each book under different types of lighting to catch all defects. Some defects appear better in direct sunlight, while others show up better in different interior light settings (dim to extremely bright). Let's see how it goes. I'll note the comparisons once I get the grades.
  2. Agreed. For CGC collectors who were strongly against pressing back in the early 2000's, it became clearly obvious that they were fighting a losing battle. What I mean is that for instance, Person A purchases the highest graded 9.0 copy of a certain issue for "X" amount of dollars in 2003. Fast-forward to 2013 and that book has only increased 50% in value because everyone and their grandmother is pressing their 8.0's to 9.0's to receive higher grades (some grading at top of census). So now after having held onto the 9.0 copy for 10 years, Person A decides to sell it to Person B for a 50% profit, only to see the new buyer flip the book after a press job at triple the profit. At some point Person A gets tired of seeing this happen over and over again to the books they sell and decide to enter the pressing game as well. This is equivalent to the government putting out bags of cash in the street and telling people to come and grab it without repercussions, even though some people will consider it morally wrong. Guess what, 95% of people will grab the cash and feel just fine about their morality. I wish this was not the case with pressing, but the cat is out of the bag now.
  3. Some of the best collections out there are not certified.
  4. Finally, after 13 years of waiting and praying for this question to be answered I can finally rest easy! Seriously though, thanks for the update. I really loved 2005 from a comic book collecting standpoint. Doesn't feel that long ago.
  5. For such a classic book, my gut tells me the bidders are well aware of sales from another auction. CC's auctions will usually get off to a good start and then nothing happens for 3 weeks, until the last few days where sought after books usually triple in value. I wouldn't worry at this point.
  6. Not much left. At last count I only have 22 GGA books left in my collection out of over 500.
  7. I was telling my wife the same thing. I sold a majority of my good girl art books a year or 2 too early. Luckily kept the Mile Highs.
  8. If you don't mind me asking, which books were you selling?
  9. No doubt. This copy presented really well.
  10. Wow, $21,500 for the Pl #17 CGC 7.5. That's almost 50% more than than the previous high for that grade just a year ago.