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  1. @Bart Allen: Hopefully those denials aren't some Rock & Roll Hall of Fame favoritism sort of wildly_fanciful_statement (which is why I initially inquired about the elements of their decision process for granting recognition). For example, I was surprised that the label for Darkness #15 doesn't list the first appearance of Magdalena, considering she's had four volumes worth of her own comics.
  2. With regards to my previous questions/posts, I received the following reply from a CGC representative via email: First appearance label notations are made at the discretion of the CGC Grading Team. You can find this information by visiting the CGC Census which will include the Key Comments, Art Comments, and First Appearance notations. If you would like to request a first appearance update or inclusion to the current label, please include a note along with the book in your submission (post-it on comic bag).
  3. Also, I just noticed the labels for Darkness volume one/issues 16 & 17 state "Magdalena Appearance", however the label for issue 15 doesn't say anything about it being the first appearance of the Magdalena.
  4. What elements decide whether or not a character's first appearance is noted on a label? For example, Jinny Hex currently appears in Young Justice (2019). She originally appeared in Batman Giant #4 (2018), but this isn't currently indicated on the CGC label for that comic. In contrast, the first appearance of Laura Kinney's fellow clones (Gabby, Bellona & Zelda Kinney) is listed on the label for All-New Wolverine #2 (2016). Thank you!