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  1. For whatever reason I never really went scanned down past the Sales Forum, but I have an Ebay store. Mostly modern items, graded and not. My seller name is vampyrerodent. I'd rather sell here than on Ebay. Thanks
  2. I have one of each unsigned and graded 9.8 for $200 each.. Shipping top Germany would take some time if you have the patience.
  3. Thanks for the Batman Adventures #12! Easy to work with and solid packing!
  4. I would like a spot. I will contact you with a cover request in the morning. Thank you!
  5. Ghost Rider Dell'Otto pg 5, Veronica #153 pg 9, Scooby Doo Team-up #21 pg 9, Detective Comics #23.2 pg 9, After-Life w/ Archie #7 pg 13, Silk #3 pg 13 Thank you
  6. Rich, may I please have the two Artgerm/Houser Harley and Ivy books?
  7. Thank you! I did a quick look but didn't see anything Mods, feel free to close this thread
  8. Has anybody seen the new CGC video? Is CGC implementing a new grading scale with current 9.8s now becoming 8.5s? Here is the link to the video At the 22 sec mark you can see some of the new grade/grading scale examples.... So many questions
  9. I'm trying to find the covers of Harley Quinn the first series, #26 and later, when they changed over from the famous Dodsons and Barberi. Are there any leads out there? Contact me if you are interested in selling them or have a lead to a seller. I already have #30 Thank you