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  1. Both Batman #1s and the Harley Little Black Book. #3 Before Watchmen Dr Manhattan #8 and #9 Catwoman, please
  2. Rich, can I get a copy of this with Crain signing with his ‘Rainbow’ signature? I know it’s a little bit more though.
  3. Rich, may I please have a Mark Brooks Marvel #1000 and a Midtown Harley and Ivy #1.
  4. I would like a cover please! PM Incoming!
  5. I like the UltraPro One Touch for my ungraded copies. They're like a poor mans CGC case
  6. One of these days, I will get a piece from you! Great stuff!
  7. The $30 is the grading for for CGC. This does not include any fees the artist may request for their signature. Many artists are now asking for $10-$20. Some even ask for $50 for each signed comic to be graded. Best bet is $45 an issue give/take their requested fees. Fees from this past Megacon: Artgerm $10 Kirkham $20 Tom King (and other DC artists under the ComicSketchArt umbrella) $15 Brian Azzarello, asking $50 for any of the Batman Damned covers Nakayama $20 Dawn McTeigue - FREE John Tyler Christopher - FREE Clayton Crain $20 ( I think, don't remember)