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  1. ive had that same thing to in a few of my slabs, as its normal to have on some. reason for it though, i have no idea. i'm interested as well as to what that can be as well.
  2. cause slabs with white pages hold their value better. and i'm sure its also nice to know that whatever you own is as nice as possible even if youre not gonna see inside it.
  3. Essentially what the title says? Do ya'll think pressing the same book twice will do anything to improve grade or not? I have an older CGC book I had for awhile. Not sure if it was ever pressed before when I bought it ages ago, but assuming it was, do you think If I were to have it pressed again, would it make a difference on improving the grade? Thanks for any input.
  4. you just started collecting sketches and the first one you get is from artgerm?! wow! you started off with a bang! congrats!
  5. thanks for your recommendations, as i've decided to go with mycomicshop as that seems to be the prevailing choice among the board members so far. thanks again.
  6. thanks guys for all the responses and info. much much appreciated for your thoughts.
  7. yikes! not good! we sure mycomicshop is still a good bet for me?
  8. i've not heard of highgrade, will check them out. thank you for your input as well.
  9. thank you so much for your input and response
  10. Does anyone have suggestions or opinions on best online websites that sell comics but pack and ship them the best? Like which online retailer packs books the safest? Thanks.
  11. not heard of g-mart, will look them over as well. thank you for the input