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  1. I live in the West End of London, United Kingdom. I would like to sell my SSC Issues for 50 UK Pounds. Thanks for looking. If you have any Q's please feel free to PM! Savage Sword of Conan: 66: NEAR MINT/VERY FINE Savage Sword of Conan: 68: VERY FINE/NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 104: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 108: VERY FINE Savage Sword of Conan: 109: VERY FINE Savage Sword of Conan: 132: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 134: VERY FINE Savage Sword of Conan: 135: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 137: VERY FINESavage Sword of Conan: 138: NEAR MINT/ VERY FINE Savage Sword of Conan: 139: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 140: NEAR MINTSavage Sword of Conan: 141: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 142: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 144 NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 146: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 147: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 148: NEAR MINT/ VERY FINE Savage Sword of Conan: 151: NEAR MINT Savage Sword of Conan: 152: NEAR MINT
  2. Hi Guys and happy New Year to all! Sorry but I have a really boring question. But I need your help! I am switching over to mylar for my Savage Sword of Conan collection.Anybody out there use mylar for theirs and know the correct size to buy? If you use mylar do you need a backing board? Thank you so much for your help!
  3. Hi Guys, Happy belated Christmas! Really need some help here, I have been going through a large number of my brothers comics for him, mainly Spiderman's of all titles from the early to mid Nineties. I came across a copy of Spiderman Adventures #8 but can't seem to find a value for it anywhere. I would say it is NM or perhaps an 9 if it were CGC'd maybe Thank you so much for any feedback to all the experts out there!
  4. Tarzan 247 DC

    Thanks again Point Five! Yeah for some reason I really struggle with miswraps to the point that I would even take a 9.6 or possibly a 9.4 over a 9.8 mis-wrap! Take care and thanks for verifying the grade for me
  5. Tarzan 247 DC

    Thank you so much for the input, I was thinking of pulling the trigger, but ideally I am going to wait as you are right it could be lower and really was looking at 9.6ish...crazy I know I need a crummy 9.6 at least On second thoughts the misaligned spine has always been a no no and was temporarily blinded by it being cheaper but I don't think it would get 9.6 anyway now that you say 9.2-9.4. Thanks again!
  6. Tarzan 247 DC

    Hi Point Five sorry I don't have a scan of the back as I am looking to buy this. The place who sells these have sold me in the past and usually the reverse is just as good as the front! If the reverse were the same what do you think? Thanks for your help
  7. I am thinking of having this CGC'd. What grade would you guys estimate this as? It has white pages and the back is like the front. Thank you so much for any help in advance I know it's not worth much at all but this issue would have sentimental aspects to it should you think it has a high grade!
  8. I am selling both copies together INCLUDING mailing for $60. I can only sell these as a this price as need to save some money for upcoming auctions I am looking at buying from. Thank you!
  9. I found at the hard way that I had to search all options, but I forget to and overlook somewhere and end of kicking myself for it! I overpaid for 2 9.8 Tarzan.s which I am now trying to part with and realized I paid waaay too much!
  10. You are most welcome! That's a bummer I know that Ebay sellers are always asking higher prices. Maybe you could ask the seller to give you a discount for multiple buys.... I gather you have tried the prices are cheaper there generally and they have some 9.6'snot sure if those are the ones you are looking for or not....Maybe shoot an email to the guys at Metropolis Comics they are sometimes willing to slightly work with you on prices, I recently bought a Tarzan 9.6 CGC from there!
  11. Hi gernblanston, There is a whole bunch of 9.6's on Ebay! Am not sure if it's from one shop, owner etc but if it was you should be in business as you are looking for a lot of them!
  12. Oh my gosh thank you so much telerites, Chaykin Stevens and JT Larsen its greatly appreciated! I especially dd not know you could search that way with GCD. Thanks again guys!
  13. Am looking at getting SGT Rock issues that were drawn by JK. I know most of them have JK covers but not sure about the interiors. I know a lot of he interiors of the issues were not done by him. Thanks for any help folks!
  14. Superboy - Complete!

    Thanks for posting Thats a beaut! Probably a 9.6 or even higher! Good job holding and taking care of these! Thanks again Silver.