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  1. I am selling both copies together INCLUDING mailing for $60. I can only sell these as a this price as need to save some money for upcoming auctions I am looking at buying from. Thank you!
  2. I found at the hard way that I had to search all options, but I forget to and overlook somewhere and end of kicking myself for it! I overpaid for 2 9.8 Tarzan.s which I am now trying to part with and realized I paid waaay too much!
  3. You are most welcome! That's a bummer I know that Ebay sellers are always asking higher prices. Maybe you could ask the seller to give you a discount for multiple buys.... I gather you have tried the prices are cheaper there generally and they have some 9.6'snot sure if those are the ones you are looking for or not....Maybe shoot an email to the guys at Metropolis Comics they are sometimes willing to slightly work with you on prices, I recently bought a Tarzan 9.6 CGC from there!
  4. Hi gernblanston, There is a whole bunch of 9.6's on Ebay! Am not sure if it's from one shop, owner etc but if it was you should be in business as you are looking for a lot of them!
  5. Oh my gosh thank you so much telerites, Chaykin Stevens and JT Larsen its greatly appreciated! I especially dd not know you could search that way with GCD. Thanks again guys!
  6. Am looking at getting SGT Rock issues that were drawn by JK. I know most of them have JK covers but not sure about the interiors. I know a lot of he interiors of the issues were not done by him. Thanks for any help folks!
  7. Superboy - Complete!

    Thanks for posting Thats a beaut! Probably a 9.6 or even higher! Good job holding and taking care of these! Thanks again Silver.
  8. 1. Conan 2. Batman 3. Sergeant Rock 4. Jonah Hex 5. Tarzan
  9. This is a great deal for someone Martin! There is another 8.5 for sale I have seen on another auction site for $320 and my personal opinion is that your copy is much nicer looking! Good luck!
  10. Superboy - Complete!

    Hi Silver, If you don't mind me asking what grade is your Tarzan 225 in? You said you had a number of high grades copies. Whats weird is that there are huge chunks missing from the DC Tarzan line in high grade. Recently a couple came on the market...they max out at 9.6's at best. Its super rare to find any 9.8's.
  11. Any appreciation for Aparo?

    Am originally from the UK and we had comics like Janus Stark in an inverse way kind of like PS ish.... I grew up reading reprints or left overs from my elder brothers in the late seventies early eighties...good times and good stuff!
  12. Any appreciation for Aparo?

    My Favorite Aparo cover!
  13. Batman Bronze Age Appreciation Thread

    Hey bcphilips119: a 234 9.8 coming up!
  14. Batman Bronze Age Appreciation Thread

    Hi Martin, Thank you so much for letting me know. Ouch I had no idea it would be that expensive. I thought they would go for 500-700 max. I guess I am delusional or a wishful thinker... that is out of my league with the price. Big congrats for securing the buy:) If one other one does come up. I will bid and try to stay in but my threshold isn't like you guys! Its amazing how the colors make all the difference especially when the book is so old. I was always amazed with how Mylar made books look! Congrats again! Thanks for the pic and sharing.