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  1. Neal Adams is a Batman genius especially, I am out of cash but here it is framed
  2. Thank you so mucb I appreciate your detailed answer and for the examples you gave me. This is the only piece I have which I waited a long time to get and wanted a professional to do it right. I guess I have to go back and have them remove the MDF and replace with a foam board. I will also ask how long the timeline is for the acid free materials they used as well. Thank you for pointing that out. I did a lot of reading before I picked a conservation framer but didn't think they would use MDF on the back so never menthioned it!
  3. Thank you so much. I was afraid of that it is a $1400 OA! It's crazy they went to all that bother for acid free then dump that MDF in! What gives!
  4. Hi Guys, I need your help on this. I framed a piece of original art and asked them to use acid free all around. Which they aassured me they did but also included an MDF board. They sent me this reply: " My question is should I go back in and ask them to reframe? I have inclided a picture of the back of the OA so you guys can see how it is sealed. Thank you so much for any help on this. Not sure if I am understanding the process correctly but after a number of years of the OA being stuck in the frame with MDF board it might become acid pea soup?
  5. Thank you jick this really hits the nail on the head and everyone else who has answered have really helped me me so much to understand how it all works. So different from buying a slabbed comic ...duh!
  6. Oh my gosh I just want to say I am so so thankful to you all. I am blown away with your kindness to reply to my message in such detail and your expert advice. I was initially worried when i bought the art piece- which I have beeen saving to buy for a long time -from the Neal Adams Store and just got really worried when there was no COA. Thank you again :)!!!
  7. Hi All, Not sure if you guys could help me out....Has anyone bought any oriignal art from the Neal Adams Store within the last year or so? I bought a piece of art but never received a paper COA. If you did reoieve one with your art could you let me know what it looks like? Should I be insisting on one for future reference? Thank you so much. Its just I am quite new to Original Art. Stay safe and healthy wherever you are.
  8. Hi Shin-Kaiser! Thank you ever so much! I imagine there can't be too many of us on these boards.... we might all try to get together at the pub once this crazy pandemic is over! Take care, Best, Ghazi
  9. Gosh thank you so much it is so appreciated
  10. Hi All, I am sellimg my Batman Adventures #12 and shipping from London, UK and tracked/signed for mail is included in the price. $450 shipped. Please let me know if you would like any additional photos or information. Payment made by PayPal G&S No Returns Thank you
  11. Hi punksdropdirtysrh there is one on Ebay here!:
  12. Thank you!! The Jury looks like it is out or about to get out! 9.4 or 9.2 looks to be the consensus. You guys are amazing!
  13. Thank you Hollywood1892. ASM is an awesome book!
  14. Thank you comicdonna. I really appreciate it. It sounds like this is book is on the lower end of 9.4 good thing I asked you all as I had thought it might get a 9.6!