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  1. Thank you all for all your replies I really appreciate it:)
  2. Wow thanks RockMyAmadeus you are right!
  3. Thanks herc2000. I remember going to FP when it was at 23 Denmark Street, when it was real comic shop!
  4. Anybody have any Joe Kubert SS for sale? Interested in issues between 218-229. Thanks!
  5. Thanks Brian48. Yes I would totally take the unblemished one too! Thanks for letting me know about the defect not being worth anything!
  6. Thanks Red_Hood. Wow that was a quick answer. You guys know it all! Really appreciate it
  7. Hi All you geniuses out there! So I came across a copy of Jonah Hex #3 with colour misprint in the lettering of the O and N in Jonah. See pic attached. Does anyone know if this makes it more valuable, less valuable or just keep the status quo? Thank you so much in advance with anyone with experience on this!
  8. Hi Darkwing7869, I have just been looking at 8.5's and they are rapidly passing 3k!
  9. Hi SECollector you are super luck to own those, I think at this point I might have to set my sights lower grade wise due to unforeseen circumstances and se If I can afford a decent looking 9 maybe in a lower grade (Good luck I hear you all say and you are right! I would need lots of it!) Thanks for sharing what you have
  10. LOL JohnH19! Too true I have seen some copies graded higher technically, and yet the lower grade presented much better, I do need to remember to take that into account too.
  11. I don't want to cause a brawl here, but how low could I go to consider a high grade. Would that be an 8.0 and higher? Thanks in advance for any input.