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  1. Selling my copy of this issue to pay some bills. Signed and sketched by Groening. Case is flawless! I'm asking $750 but I'm open to reasonable offers. This includes priority shipping and I'll have it mailed within 2 days of payment. I can only accept paypal. will negate any PM offers. Good luck!
  2. Sold my copy of Preacher #1 to Intrepid with instant payment! Very smooth transaction. Hope to do business again
  3. Looking to sell my copy of this issue for $550. I can only accept payment through Paypal. Shipping is on my end and will be sent within the next day. (Priority) Payment due within 4 days. I do not accept returns for graded books. See pictures below for details.
  4. This thread turned me on to GA horror. Love all the covers on these books.
  5. I got a kick out of his other listings too. Highly recommend watching the video.
  6. antisos.com was mentioned in the description which led me to a very strange youtube video of spider-man traveling Russia and the Ukraine. I'm guessing this a very elaborate joke that a few people will see
  7. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Amazing-Spiderman-300-Cgc-Rare-Double-Cover-Signed-By-Todd-McFarlane-NOOOOOOOOOO-/322283062015?hash=item4b099142ff:g:JrQAAOSw4shX9Aa5 I'm thinking someone had a bit too much free time on their hands. I'm almost tempted to bid and see what comes in the mail.
  8. Just started the series. I'm looking forward to seeing this but the show is a little less than what I was expecting.
  9. Looking for a Vault of Horror #37 (unrestored) in a CGC 6.0 - 8.0. I'm open to any and all offers within GPA range. I can pay directly on paypal. Thanks!
  10. I may be wrong but I believe it's because the book is in such a low grade. I think there's a cutoff for the grade that it isn't designated as qualified anymore.
  11. An entire birthday letter was indented into one of my Fear #19's from what I'm guessing a little kid wrote to his aunt.