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  1. Huh. I just found one of these in a 50 cent box. I had no idea it was rare. I just bought it to read. Cool!
  2. I traded some junk art a few years ago to a comic shop for some key issues. I didn't want the art, couldn't get rid of it, so I traded for comics of higher value that I ended up selling for way more than I had in the art. I would NOT trade art I wanted to keep for comics, though. You can always buy comics if you have the right amount of cash, but let a piece of art that you really like go and you may never get it back again.
  3. It’s not Kyle’s first major work. He drew Carnage Mind Bomb, Carnage It’s A Wonderful Life, Incredible Hulk, Venom and others for Marvel way back in the 1990s. He drew Rune for the Ultraverse as published by Malibu/Marvel. He also drew Web of Venom: Carnage Born and Venom before the Detective issues. Here are two of those covers, which I bought when he first posted them:
  4. I own the 226 cover and, as far as I know, it was the last cover he sold. I've been trying to buy more from him for years now, but he isn't ready to sell at the moment.
  5. What you don't seem to understand is that Mike Burkey is a dealer. He flips to make money. He's not buying from people and telling them he's going to keep that piece until the day he dies; he buys with the expressed intent to sell. Mike isn't going to trade dollar for dollar, meaning he isn't going to buy a piece of art just to sell it for the same amount he paid.
  6. I read a lot of modern comics and enjoy modern art. I even own some; heck, I bought two modern art covers last year. As I get older, resale is one of the most important considerations. I actually do like Skottie's art. It's very cute and quirky. I've been reading and collecting comics since 1976 and I have recognized a few major stars when they came along like Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Miller, Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld and a few others and I just don't see anyone who is blowing people away with their art and making people say "I need to get that issue because 'Artist X' is drawing it."
  7. I hope, hope, hope that people didn't buy thinking 1. They were getting a great deal, and 2. that these are great investments. I may be out of the loop on current artists' pricing, but for the price of the cheapest cover on his site, I could have bought a really good piece of art by an '80s and '90s Marvel artist whose art I KNOW will increase in value (I could name a few). I've said for years that artists these days want Jack Kirby and Frank Miller prices for their art the minute it's drawn and it's just not worth it. I do hope that, in five years, Skottie Young variant covers are worth Frazetta prices so that I'm proven wrong, but I don't think that will be the case.
  8. Seriously? I mean, it took me all of 15 minutes of looking at some really great art. Seriously, that's your complaint?
  9. I would LOVE to know what Skottie Young covers bring at resale after a collector has paid these really high prices.
  10. In my 21 years of comic art collecting, I’ve seen a lot of Joe Shuster drawings come up for sale, but I’ve never seen an Action #1 cover recreation, nor have I seen anything Shuster drew later that looked like a really bad tracing - like this one does. This can’t really be by Shuster.
  11. So, does he work with a digital component with inks on blue line pencils?
  12. Investing in his other work should be very cheap and an even worse ROI loss than his Marvel variant covers. The question isn't what you should invest your money in, the original poster is asking if he should invest his money in Skottie Young artwork. My answer to that is no. Creator-owned series like "I Hate Fairies" isn't something that people will be paying huge amounts for in the future. We're not talking about The Walking Dead artwork, we're talking about "I Hate Fairies" artwork.
  13. Another problem I have with investing in Skottie's art is that his covers are cute, but I'd think that the audience for these "cute" covers is very limited. They're always variant covers and never the main covers and variant covers hardly ever perform on the secondary market as well as the regular cover (not as many people ever get them because they are "limited"). In my opinion, I don't think that there would be much ROI - at least for a few years.