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  1. Is this now the norm for Paul Smith Uncanny X-Men pages: https://comics.ha.com/itm/original-comic-art/panel-pages/paul-smith-and-bob-wiacek-x-men-168-page-11-original-art-marvel-1983-/a/121929-15207.s?ic16=ViewItem-BrowseTabs-Auction-Open-ThisAuction-120115 $5040 for a Kitty Pryde page... I was watching and actually wanted to buy it - until it started climbing past $2500. I figured it’d go for half what it did. Are PMS pages selling that high now? Congrats to the seller!
  2. My very first trade was with an Australian collector and I trusted him and it paid off. That was 20 years ago and I wouldn't do that again (not meaning him, just with anyone overseas). It's not that I don't trust the other collector, it's that I don't trust the agents who handle the art while it's in transit. But, I trade with dealers and well-known collectors quite frequently and have always had great results. I enjoy a good trade. The back and forth is fun and it's even more fun when a good deal comes together on both ends.
  3. And, growing up, Neal Adams could draw anything and it would be my favorite. I bought many back issues with Neal Adams covers that had truly awful interiors, but, I didn’t care. The Neal Adams cover made it all good.
  4. Texeira Jonah Hex/Hex Budiansky Ghost Rider Trimpe GI Joe Springer Dazzler Paul Smith Uncanny X-Men Gene Day Master of Kung Fu Starlin Warlock/Captain Marvel/Dreadstar DeCarlo Betty and Veronica/Cheryl Blossom 1980’s Infantino Flash Infantino Star Wars Bissette/Totleben Swamp Thing Byrne Fantastic Four Simonson Thor Miller DD Golden Micronauts Sal Buscema ROM Lapham Harbinger McDonnell Iron Man Banks Green Lantern Buscema Conan Andru Spider-Man Nolan Batman Totleben Miracleman Truog Animal Man Lightle Doom Patrol
  5. It’s Pollard. Here’s what Bob said: “No. I got sick and couldn’t do more than the first 5 or 6 pages, as I recall.”
  6. I’ve reached out to Bob to see if he penciled this. I’ll update when I hear back from him.
  7. Those holes are usually there to hold the art in place either on a light table or for a camera when they are shooting the positives during the pre-press production.
  8. I hate to say it, but, after all the great auction art that has sold in the Heritage and C-link auction over the last few weeks, this is very underwhelming to me. Sure, there's the Wrightson art, but not much else for an original art collector. Lots of prints and memorabilia. I like auctions with lots of comic art.
  9. I hate to hear this news. Tom is one of the best guys in the hobby and I made some of my first trades with Tom, who never took advantage of me and always gave me great deals. I got my Doom Patrol 1 cover from him, along with several other pieces. I guess as we all get older, I figure we will see this happen more and more with longtime dealers and collectors.
  10. Two books out of an era? Yeah, that makes the entire speculator boom and bust okay and because of those TWO comics, then I shouldn't refer to it as the Fool's Gold Age? Yeah, that doesn't make up for the huge crash. How many golds and platinums, hologram covers, die-cut covers and retailer variants from that era -- that people went nuts over and speculated on that ended up being dumped into 50 cent bins -- are even worth much at all these days? How many comic shops opened and then closed during that time? Marvel's bankruptcy, Tekno Comics stores popping up in malls and then being closed down not long afterward, Valiant's sale to Acclaim and demise and so many more things that happened during that time really overshadow those two books.
  11. Was the Frank Miller Detective 1000 cover selling at $29K a low price or right at what it was supposed to sell for? After seeing the results of the Heritage Miller art, I figured it would go a lot higher. The Milgrom Iron Man Annual cover going for $20,000 was higher than what I expected. I used to own the Rom 32 cover art, so I was curious to see what the story would sell for. It's not a bad price at $13K. I do think the Buscema Rom pages are still selling fairly strong. Everyone I've seen come up for sale usually sells fairly quickly in the $1500-$2000 range. I won the Ghost Rider 76 cover and it was the only piece I bid on. I wanted the Leonardi Vision and Scarlet Witch splash, but concentrated all my cash on the GR and forgot about the splash until after it ended.
  12. Laminate everything. (Just kidding. DON'T LAMINATE ANYTHING.) Also, do not put dryer sheets in contact with the art. Dryer sheets have chemicals on them that may react badly with paper and ink. Large plastic totes are fairly cheap, usually around $6-$7 each at Walmart, and those have lock-down lids. Unless you have a ton of art, one big one should hold it all. If you want more protection, but a roll of Duck Tape and seal up all the edges of the tote.
  13. I have said for years that the 1992-1997 era should be referred to as the "Fool's Gold Age".
  14. I found one of those last year and was told on here that it wasn't a newsstand variant and that it was likely added on by whatever bookstore was selling it. I do not believe that to be the case.
  15. I hate to say it, Gal, but if you're not willing to at least ask the family to help you with this and make things right, then you might as well just give up and chalk it up to an unfortunate loss. I hate to say this and sound harsh, but you being so passive about it in the first place caused this problem and you being passive now is not going to solve the problem.