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  1. Those are the 1967 models, which had the flicker rings. The 1966 versions didn't have the ring and Spidey wasn't available in that series.
  2. We appreciate everyone who came out and bid last night.
  3. Just wanted to let everyone know that the closing procedures for Hake's auctions has changed and this is the first event to feature the new format. As importantly, the closing time is now 9pm Eastern as well. If you are going after the Quitely cover, NM98 page, Sandman page, Clowes merch art, etc, be aware of these changes. This has been at the top of my wish list for several years now, so I am excited and curious to see how everything plays out in this auction. Bottom line is that now EACH item has a separate and distinct 20-minute countdown clock. If a new bid comes in within that 20
  4. Nice!! Great to hear. Congrats, man!
  5. Hi there, I need to sell off a few complete stories of color guides. Asking $295/shipped for individual stories or will put together in lots up to 5 stories for $1000. https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=1513572
  6. Most has already been said, but the one thing I try to remain cognizant of is the market right now versus the market 25 years ago. If you're concerned with passing on a max piece to your grandkids in 50 years, then I'd say your "best" choice would be a museum piece that offers value to future aficionados outside of nostalgia. It's a calculated gamble to know what those pieces will be, but there were many things 25 years ago that have decreased in value because the buyers have all aged out and the nostalgia is gone. Only a select handful of historically significant pieces will dodge this fat
  7. A well-known collector picked up a super cool and rare GA Wonder Woman splash page by H.G. Peter. Add him to the list of winners for sure.
  8. Thank you much! Truly appreciate it. I almost pulled the trigger on the Cap Aurora model earlier this year but hesitated because I always get distracted by the OA. I'm probably going to regret it one day. As for Schulz art, we have a line on a few pieces and I expect we'll have some in the near future. Our plan is to limit our art selection to keep it inline with the other sections/genres in the catalog, but Schulz Peanuts art is almost always eligible for inclusion at any time.
  9. Great to see all this fantastic art! Thanks for posting the pics!
  10. Everything was pretty much right in line with what we expected, with the lone shocking exception (from my POV) being the Alex Ross page from Marvels. I thought for sure that would go for 7-8k but that was my best guess and I feel bad for the seller's sake because I was off with my initial estimate to him. I do my best and it pisses me off when I miss. I try really hard not to steer anybody the wrong way. I also expected the Kirby Cap page to hit 4k and I was prepared to go $4500 on it personally, but another comparable 70s Kirby Cap page sold in May for $3600. The Romita Jr/Sr ASM page