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    Take Racket Squad #5 per PM! Glad to have gotten something, wish I got here early so many great gems. That startling 49 is so tempting
  2. So 2018 was an AMAZING year for me in both comics and art! I met so many great people, built lot's of great friendships and traveled around to many cons. It's very hard to choose just 3 pickups, so here's 1 big book and 2 extremely unique pieces of art. #1 Captain America Comics 1 CGC 1.0 blue complete (My dream book ) #2 First EVER sketch/incarnation of Carnage by Mark Bagley (Check out what he wrote about it on the back, the first name they came up with was Chaos). This piece is very special, and I'm just humbled to own such an important piece of comic book history. This is the first time Carnage was put down on paper. The owner really did not want to give it up but he did buy the biggest book in the hobby (Action 1) so he needed the funds, crazy what it took for him to let it go. He said it was easier for him to sell his Cap 1, Bats 1 and Supes 1 than it was selling this piece. #3 Original Publsihed Schomburg Preliminary Cover with great action! I love this cover Alex was comissioned to do, it has a cool Cap-like figure, same thing with the shadow and angel, and of course a bombshell Wouldn't be reminiscent of the golden age without those elements!
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    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    Thanks so much guys
  4. streyouttacomics

    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    Thanks Leroy! Hope all is well
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    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    Likewise! It was a great day!
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    Captain America Comics #1 Club

    This weekend was crazy...bumping one of my favorite threads because I finally completed a long time collecting goal of mine. Captain America Comics #1 blue label complete Through perseverance, a boardie, lot's of messages back and forth, selling some pc books, and of course lot's of dream has come true Thank you Riddler
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    [CLOSED] CGC Timely, Ace, Fawcett, Fox Golden Age

    Thank you guys, always loved this one. So underrated imo
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    spy smashers f.s.---10% off last 2 books

    Take Spy Smasher #10 thank you
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    Tales of Terror Annual 1

    Hey guys, looking to buy a Tales of Terror Annual 1, preferably in low grade but message me with any copy really. Thanks
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    A Blue Bolt #105 Discussion deserving of it's own Thread

    Those are some amazing copies! Congrats on owning both
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    A Blue Bolt #105 Discussion deserving of it's own Thread

    @Jayman The one on the far left. The real question is which cover is better? Schomburg or Cole?