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  1. Hey guys looking to buy basically any art with the mighty destroyer (he was in a few invaders issues). Other than Destroyer I also collect art by golden age artists such as L.B. Cole and Schomburg, if you have any art by them please message me
  2. streyouttacomics

    [CLOSED] Batman 232 8.5 and Flash 123 5.0

    That bats 232 is a beauty, saw it in person! The buyer will be very happy with it.
  3. streyouttacomics

    [CLOSED] More Fun Comics 73

    Awesome affordable DC grail, goodluck with the sale!
  4. streyouttacomics

    Top Ten Hitler Covers

    This thread has just become another one to show Hitler covers so any and all are acceptable! This one is really tough and amazing congrats!
  5. Trying to get this long term goal completed, if you have any of those or any hitler covers message me! Thanks
  6. streyouttacomics

    Top Ten Hitler Covers

    it's been awhile since I posted but I should probably contribute to my thread haha. I love seeing all the hitler covers, I am slowly and slowly getting really close to my goal of collecting all the Hitler covers. Here is one really tough one and a favorite of mine. It also goes really well with an actual 1940s Hitler pin cushion! Special thanks to my good friend TP for this one, pin cushion sold separately
  7. streyouttacomics

    [CLOSED] Fighting Yank #23 1.0 SOLD

    Take per PM
  8. streyouttacomics

    Fantastic Four 8 3.5 CGC

    Nice book, GLWTS!
  9. streyouttacomics

    [CLOSED] Canada, eh? sales thread

    Thanks Andy! Always loved the cover! Cdn edition or not
  10. streyouttacomics

    [CLOSED] Canada, eh? sales thread

    marvel tales 96 I'll take it
  11. streyouttacomics

    Top Ten Hitler Covers

    Hey this one works just great for new additions aswell. Sharp copy! congrats!
  12. streyouttacomics

    Green Labels Only

    I love my Green Label especially for the Green Lantern If anyone has a coverless or knows of one message me!
  13. streyouttacomics

    Real Life #3 Club

    Has anyone read the origin story? Incredible stuff
  14. streyouttacomics

    Real Life #3 Club

    My copy thanks to a boardie