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  1. Yeah but CGC notes #1 as "1st appearance of Red Hulk", I believe because the logic is Red Hulk is different enough than the regular Hulk.
  2. It's brief, like a page. A couple of panels retelling something he did.
  3. Rulk does appear, but his identity was unknown just like Jane's Thor, but I guess it gets a "1st appearance of Red Hulk" because Red Hulk was deemed different enough than the regular Hulk.
  4. That's a great comparison thanks! I guess since both characters Thor & Black Panther just changed who's at the mantle, a note is only given once the identity is revealed. In Hulk Vol. 1, #1, we didn't know the identity of Rulk but it still got the "1st appearance of Red Hulk". I guess Rulk as a character is different enough that they felt in that instance it's worthy of a note.
  5. I've noticed a note is put for when Jane Foster is revealed to be Thor on slabs of Thor #8, but why isn't there a note for the first appearance of Jane Foster as Thor in Thor #1 2014? Was it because her powers were identical to that of Thor? Because Rulk and Red She Hulk got their first appearance notes, but I guess it's because they were different enough?
  6. From a business perspective, I don't think it would behoove anyone from CGC to ever say, a comic while in a slab could be damaged further in a vertical position - regardless of age, etc..
  7. No doubt it's pricey but yes, definitely for the books you love and want to display in your home I think you will find they're worth it. It's really fantastic in person.
  8. No problem and thanks. Just ensure if you are buying a case for anything other then a new CGC slabs for modern comics, that you ask customer support to provide a link for the right case. You don't want to spend money and wait a couple weeks for a custom case that doesn't fit your slab.
  9. Here is the link for the acrylic cases: These cases are made to fit perfectly the newer CGC Cases.
  10. So finally the acrylic case came in with UV protection and this thing is simply amazing. It comes in two parts, the base, and then the case that actually holds the slab. The case that holds the slab has a sliding door on the bottom. Everything connects together via tension only. Now the case that holds the slab is made perfectly to hold the slab in a way the slab doesn't move at all, so you can't for example fit a slab that's bagged into the case, there would be no room at all. The picture I provided really doesn't do it justice, the whole ensemble looks amazing in person. Yes it's a bit pricey, but IMO definitely worth the investment for those who display their most loved books.
  11. As promised I received my order from ClearBags, and well they look exactly the same as the ones on eBay lol. The only real difference is the height of the flap and the height of where the main body ends. Everything else including the width, the material, and the adhesive are exactly the same to my eyes. From the picts the one in the back is from eBay, and the one on top is the one from ClearBags. It is possible that the eBay members at the time they made their purchase just happened to have bought a slightly different cut, but they are pretty identical and I must say it's pretty convincing they probably bought from ClearBags as well. I still owe you guys a review on the acrylic stand, it's on the way.
  12. Isn't issue 12 speculated as the one below all 1st appearance?
  13. I've bought mycomicshop before and their packaging for CGC slabs is the best I've ever come across. They double box, use filling paper, and the Lshape foam corners. Now as for their raws I've never purchased b/c they give pretty ambiguous grading, for example it goes from NM to VF, however others have posted some of their NMs are 9.8 candidates so perhaps there is a good possibility that the NM described raws are good to buy.
  14. If you invest in one of those high grade Silver Age Marvel comics - it will really end up being stored away and taken out occasionally for appreciation. I personally like to have my comics out in display which is why I really only go for key moderns or cover\stories I really enjoy.