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  1. I actually got this back a couple months ago, just too busy to post. This is my Wolverine #1 homage...sketch by Frank Miller, ink by Rubinstein, and quote by Claremont. As the facilitator tells me, he gave my book to Claremont to sign and quote. 10 minutes later he still had my book so they checked on it. He had taken the quote and googled the Japanese translation, then spent 20 minutes putting it on my book. The facilitator said he's never seen him do it before, but not sure how rare it is. CGC actually lists it as a sketch from Claremont on the label. He also sketched blood on the back and h
  2. Yeah. The Maxx's "teeth" threw me off. They look like separate teeth instead of a set. Choi did a great job on it.
  3. Love it! I think this has been the best Maxx depiction I've seen from someone other than Keith.
  4. They're probably using this series to test the market. If it's a success, then we may see the Maxx series return.
  5. The Maxx is back and Sam Keith is back on Batman. I've seen a lot of variants on the first issue. Anyone else as excited about this as I am?
  6. Yeah, the 9.8 SS was mine. I sold 2 of them to one person 3 years ago for $1000 each. Decided to put my last one up on Ebay to see what it would fetch now. Was happy and shocked to see it hit that high. Deal went through and the buyer purchased it for his son who's a huge fan of the character.
  7. Alan Davis Sketch of Phoenix (At Phoenix, lol) with Mark Farmer ink. LOVE the way it turned out...
  8. When I first posted up these (pictured) I had a few people PM me to buy them. I was recently talking with Marat Mychaels about it and he said he still had a few and that he'd sell them for $5 a book and $25 additional if you wanted a remark on it. I can possibly see if Livio can do a remark on it too, but I'm unsure of his cost. Let me know if anyone is interested. I apologize if announcing this isn't allowed, I just thought as collectors it could be a cool opportunity.
  9. My point to the post isn't bagging on CGC...its trying to get a list of facilitators that'll be at the Phoenix Fan Fest in their absence.
  10. They'll receive numerous selections without being there through the 20-30 facilitators set up and taking submissions for there...everyone on the board has been advertising for it. They'd make more money total covering another large con that currently has no one taking subs and let the bulk of facilitators handle the Megacon.
  11. Not seeing how it makes business sense, CGC is not coming to Phoenix for Comic Fest Memorial weekend but instead has decided to go where most of their facilitators are already going. With Capullo, Snyder, Janson, Azzarello, Granov, Sale, Michelinie, Art Adams, Zeck, Farmer, and many others including actors Jeremy Bulloch, Famke Janssen, Val Kilmer, Tim Curry, etc, etc.... I'm positive there will be a need for facilitators. Anyone want to announce their availability below?
  12. I have a value question... I have an excellent, raw copy of Bubble Gun #1 customer appreciation variant by Campbell. I've tried looking online and on eBay but have only found a couple pics of it...nothing listed for sale or sold. Any ideas on value? Likely to increase? Was going to get him to sign and grade it, but not sure if it's worth it. Thoughts? I appreciate the help.
  13. Mail Call today. Had these pressed from the other far, 8 for 8 on 9.8s. Just waiting for the last 2 now...
  14. Just back from CGC after a press and reslab. #181 presents much better than the grade due to a small whole on the back cover. Still love my set regardless!