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  1. On the fence. 4.0-4.5 Keep it!
  2. Looking at pics from laptop, which is showing the flaws (especially BC spine) much better than phone. I think ebigs was right on with 7.0., though a 7.5 may be possible.
  3. Nick Fury, Agent Of S.H.I.E.L.D. #6 Famous Steranko cover. One of the best ever! Some spine ticks on FC spine. There's a larger diagonal shaped one towards the bottom - it's a production crease. Scan really highlights these ticks, book is much nicer in person. The FC scan doesn't show how well this cover pops. In person the colors are much deeper, especially the yellow on his suit. Sorry about the the white BC on white background. Thanks for your time
  4. Incredible Hulk #340 Several light spine ticks towards bottom of FC spine. A tight group of them 5/8" above the Spidey box. Scan really exaggerates them due to the light hitting the black areas. Thanks, guys!
  5. Hi mschmidt, Man, that's a lot of books. How did they go about getting so many graded and encapsulated in such a short amount of time? Is there a crew there grading around the clock, working different shifts? About the TOS, was it a book that a fellow collector showed you right before it was handed off at the Con and made it's ill-fated journey through the hot press and onsite grading?
  6. Prize #17: $50 AMAZON GIFT CARD -donated by trmoore54 Thanks 3rd!
  7. I do see a very faint line that looks more like a light wear mark instead of a crease. Is that indeed the creasing? I'm not seeing that either. Now I know I need my vision re-checked. 3rd and Fine, it must be a monitor issue. That or having my first bout of figure-ground discrimination. Had to look that one up! :D
  8. Most definitely. I keep looking and looking, and still can't see any. All I see are newtons, but that's it.