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  1. As long as it's a mag for sig series, then as long as it fits, it grades. This one barely fit.
  2. All these are headed to a florida vacation. Some pretty rare ones,especially the ringo kid. Hoping for some high grades, the night nurse is not that great unfortunately.
  3. I'm negotiating to have a facilitator available for cgc ss on Sunday if anyone is interested please pm me. If there is enough interest, I can justify having a facilitator available. This is a great lineup imho .
  4. got these back recently. Only 4 copies total of western kid 5 on the census. This is tied for highest.
  5. More random stuff that I've been getting back. All white pages.
  6. haven't posted stuff in a while. These are just random books I've gotten back lately
  7. Some nice mags I found a few months back and just got back.
  8. Amazingly, I found these in the wild world of conventions a few months back and just got them back.
  9. Great books. I distinctly remember bidding on those books and not winning a single one. At the time I couldn't believe how much they went for, but looking at how nice they are, it was worth it.
  10. Find Lawrence at Pdot's comics. Definitely one of the best facilitators I've ever worked with. He will have a booth at palm springs.
  11. Wish i had known about Ferrigno. He advertises his sig at 40 dollars. I got to his booth with no one in line at all, he looks at my 2 marvel magazines that I had already placed in front of him and I gave the handler 80 bucks. He then says its 80 dollars per signature. I should have walked away but felt like I was obligated as he already had his pen out and was about to sign. Well, lesson learned to never again get his sig as he will randomly charge whatever he wants. Anyway, I am not sure I should say which celebrities did this, but I had twenty one books at 50 bucks each for one celebrity which was 1050 dollars. I asked the handler if they could do it for 900 and they accepted. I also had 1 other celebrity sign 14 books at 50 each which came out to 700 bucks. I asked the handler if they could do it for 600 and they also accepted. Never hurts to ask is the bottom line.
  12. Any SS Facilitators for Wizard World Sacramento?