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  1. Finally got this back. Worth the wait.
  2. Random stuff from 6 boxes I got recently. have a few cracked cases I have to send back.
  3. As long as it's a mag for sig series, then as long as it fits, it grades. This one barely fit.
  4. All these are headed to a florida vacation. Some pretty rare ones,especially the ringo kid. Hoping for some high grades, the night nurse is not that great unfortunately.
  5. I'm negotiating to have a facilitator available for cgc ss on Sunday if anyone is interested please pm me. If there is enough interest, I can justify having a facilitator available. This is a great lineup imho .
  6. got these back recently. Only 4 copies total of western kid 5 on the census. This is tied for highest.
  7. More random stuff that I've been getting back. All white pages.
  8. haven't posted stuff in a while. These are just random books I've gotten back lately
  9. Some nice mags I found a few months back and just got back.
  10. Amazingly, I found these in the wild world of conventions a few months back and just got them back.
  11. Great books. I distinctly remember bidding on those books and not winning a single one. At the time I couldn't believe how much they went for, but looking at how nice they are, it was worth it.