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  1. I remember your thread and I promise I’m not referring to you.
  2. Someone was selling a couple Omnibus’ on the boards recently and IMO they were overpriced because I know reprints are coming and I didn’t want someone to pay double cover price because they are seemingly Out of Print to the less knowledgeable collector. I really had to hold back to not “threadkrap” but I figured it’s up to the buyer to do their own research if they are interested. Heads up though, Marvel is reprinting a lot of omnibus lately and into next year. Do your research before paying more than cover price.
  3. Dave, you’re killin it mang!!! Here’s my stack of June picks
  4. Seller stated it in his rules so it’s not his fault, but paying $14 shipping for a $10 trade is a buzzkill. Both parties seemed to act reasonably IMO. What a crisp vernacular you both have
  5. Nabbed some “whalettes” this week as well...wish this series would get a complete hardcover.
  6. Hey guys. I have a kind of beat up Gotham Central omnibus for sale. As you can see from the photo it’s definitely not a near mint book. I glued the spine so it’s holding together. But there’s some tears and general scuffing. Complete book. Since this one is coming up on Out of Print status and, while it was a good read, I don’t see myself reading it again, looking to find it a new home. Looking to get $40 shipped. I have leftover packing material from Instocktrades so it will be packed securely. Will ship media mail to keep cost low. If you prefer priority please add $8.00. US only. PayPal goods and services. Returns accepted within 3 days of delivery, buyer pays return postage. First to post Any form of I’ll take it wins and takes dibs over PMs.
  7. A+ picks bud. I bought Shattershot too but gave it to a friend. AXM should be here Monday, very excited to read it.
  8. Nabbed some sweet picks via instocktrades.com Damages. Gotta be vigilant! A few great deals at 52% off cover price. Hardly any notable damage. That’s gonna tie me over while I wait for Diamond to resume distribution. Doing my best to avoid Amazon prices.