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  1. Wowza, my modern sub(8/12) hit SFG yesterday and went into G/QC today 9/11
  2. I was just notified today that my IST order shipped so it should arrive Monday.
  3. After seeing the video I recognize this kid, he started up a YouTube channel a couple years ago and a well known YouTube called him out for promising to pay him just to shout him out to give him some subscribers. Then he just sent him a handful of dollar books. He’s a real tool. He has no social awareness.
  4. My 4 book modern sub received 8/12 moves to SFG today 9/10
  5. Man so many people are siding with him on IG...they are expressing the idea of starting a crowdfund to sue CGC.
  6. IST was indeed quite exciting yesterday! Thankfully I was able to nab what I needed by about 5 minutes after release time: Bat Morrison 3 and Wolverine Omni. I assume I am getting the Frank Miller cover but either one would be okay. This month is a wallet killer! Besides 2 more omnibus and a few hardcovers I also collect blu rays and it’s a heavy month for new releases there as well. I’m working some overtime and also probably going to sell a few books to stay in budget. Lots of money but lots of fun of course!
  7. I have not read this, but Silver Surfer by Dan Slott is one of my all time favorite runs. That’s all I’ve read of the character. That omnibus is out of print now, unfortunately. The way this classic omnibus is selling it seems to be a good price if you want to take a chance on it.