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  1. Yessir I heard the news. I wonder what booking the show as late as December means for a 2022 show?
  2. Closing the thread. I am slightly surprised to see no interest. Perhaps my price is too high. Perhaps that means I’ll get to keep it. I’ll see what bites on eBay.
  3. Hey everybody, looking to sell a piece of art as I am trying to collect funds for a new house. This is a tough one for me to let go but if I can find it a new home for the right price then bon voyage. I hope not much of an introduction is needed as collectors probably know of the rarity of early Deadpool by Ed pages. This page features a huge image of ‘Pool and three other characters including a popular comic villain T-Ray. The deep blacks of this page make it really pop. I had this framed at Michael’s. Having never shipped art before I’m not exactly sure what the different
  4. Dang that was a while ago bud! I have myself a 9.0 now
  5. Picked this up for half cover price courtesy of some eBay bucks. Very curious about it as I hear it’s excellent stuff.
  6. 2 book economy sub received 8/12 shipped today 10/9
  7. My 2 book Economy sub received 8/12 moved to G/QC today 10/7
  8. Yea I saw that interview on Instagram. Her name is Gretchen. I’m a bit more partial to Larry the Fly though. He’s the chain smoking comedic relief of the series 😆
  9. My 2 book Economy sub received 8/12 was also moved to SFG today 9/22
  10. Legion does come out today. IST new releases go live at 3pm eastern time. Expect slow loading times
  11. Wowza, my modern sub(8/12) hit SFG yesterday and went into G/QC today 9/11