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  1. I just keep telling myself a year goes by fast and I’ll make the next one... Kinda hoping they push it back out to March next year.
  2. I’m on the verge of tears because I will not be making the show this year Ive gone the past 3 years so skipping this year is tough. Too much going on to make it. I love my trip to Chicago from Des Moines once a year...just not in the cards this year. Sucks to miss On site subs. Don’t want to hassle anyone with facilitating. Hoping to make Planet Comic Con at the end of March.
  3. Yep I’m waiting for a good deal as well...as in less than $100
  4. @Deadpoolica you’ve got a friend in me Oh look I like Deadpool do you know exactly what kind of person I am?
  5. Batman Deadpool Spider-Man (Peter) Morpheus/Dream Spider Jerusalem
  6. Man, such great stuff. Awesome display. Love the horror goodies. Also reminds me of the inner battle I have with myself concerning white vs black shelves.
  7. I’m glad we’re being schooled on proper collecting verbiage
  8. A couple big un's that arrived this week. Both are new printings.
  9. “The things you own end up owning you.” I hope not to get in a battle of opinions but dear God, the philosophical elements of Fight Club (the book too!!) are absolutely brilliant. It’s about freeing yourself, finding your true nature, playing with imagination, the beauty of destruction, the elements of personal relationships.... Terrible story? WTF were you watching? The passion ignited in me by that movie is a force to be reckoned with. If we were in the same room together I would stand with my fists in the air bellowing the beauty of this film with whatever intellectual or seemingly coherent verbiage I could find. I’m just a crazy weirdo who likes “Fight Club” ehhh???
  10. I get that he’s not revered with comic book fans and the rumors that he wanted to sabotage Phoenix’s Joker really added to the bad rep, but it’s hard for me to poo poo on him since he happens to be in 2 of my top 3 favorite movies. He’s better for high concept indie films. Leto seems to be too much for the casual movie goer/popcorn eating comic movie fans.
  11. You like what you like and if you take something positive from his content then OK, but he seems inauthentic and a misinformation pumper. He’s getting a seemingly well deserved bad rep with many collectors on IG. He’s got a big YT account that’s why people find him so easily and some don’t know better. Seems like a D*** to me.