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  1. I first met Henry when I was working at Phoenix Comic's Gessner store in the 90s. He only came in once a month, His diner only closed on the last Sunday of the month, but picked up everything we pulled for him. I didn't know he was an art collector until we both went to a local comic convention that coincided with his diner closing for that Sunday. He was getting a commission from Paul Ryan while I was flipping through Paul's art on The Flash. Henry said I should buy a page as it was a better investment than comics. I am paraphrasing him, but he said something like this: "Why buy one copy of a Million copies out there as expect it to have any value. You buy this page of art and you are the only one who owns it. There are no other copies out there." I bought my first page of art that day. Eventually we became friends and he invited me over to check out his collection one day. I walked in and there was art covering all the walls from top to bottom. He had entire rooms of flat files for art that he couldn't hang on the walls. I saw Artemis and Apollo hanging over his living room couch. He has the prelim for Jeffrey Jone's Blind Narcissus hanging behind his front door. He really like the Studio guys, but also had a large collection of Mad Magazine art as well. the last time I saw Henry he was putting the final touches on his house he had build in Katy. On April 1st 2014 I woke up to an email that said Henry had died. I will forever miss him and his wisdom.
  2. Just in time for my Birthday, Two new pieces of art from Essential Sequentials, arrived today. U.S. Avengers #1 IN Variant Cover by Rod Reis Winter Soldier #18 Variant Cover by Dave Johnson
  3. Two new pieces arrived today from Essential Sequentials are some covers by Dan Panosian. Flash vol. 5 #46 Cover by Dan Panosian Thunderbolts vol. 3 #7 Variant Cover by Dan Panosian
  4. Picked this up from Dave Karlen on eBay Sunday. It arrived today. Invaders vol. 3 #3 Cover by Butch Guice
  5. I picked this up on eBay from Anthony Snyder. Mike Deodato, Jr.'s art for the packaging for Hasbros Marvel Universe Series 02 Havok figure. This is the only costume aside from his origiinal that I think looks good for Havok.
  6. I picked this up at the end of the Comic Art Live online con last weekend. It arrived today. Falcon & The Winter Soldier #1 1:50 Variant Cover by Butch Guice.
  7. Majestic #2 cover by Ed McGuinness
  8. Brett Booth had never drawn the Winter Soldier before I got this commission last year. Still waiting on inks over blueline by Norm Rapmund
  9. These 3 pages arrived via FedEx today from Splash Page Art. Three consecutive pages from Cable #155 (pages 13,14,15) by German Peralta.
  10. Bought this original art for the pull out poster from the Energy & Safety Adventures with JLA ConEdison 2008 give away comic. I picked it up from Craig Rousseau's web store. It arrived today and has been uploaded to my Comic Art Fans gallery.
  11. I came across these pages on Art Thibert's website and the price made it impossible to not pick up. Outsiders vol. 3 #36 pages 4-5 and Outsiders vol. 3 #7 pages 22-23, all penciled by Matthew Clark.
  12. This Impulse #49 title splash page by Craig Rousseau arrived today from Anthony Snyder. Max Mercury splash!
  13. Both the pencils and inks over blueline are on 11x17 boards. I originally bought the pencils from Butch's Dealer along with another pencils page. A few months later and I came axross the inks for one of the 2 pages and bought it. I'm still looking for the inks to the other page. I would prefer to have both inks and pencils. There are other aert teams that sell them together as a set. Most of my art is inks over pencils on the same board. I have some that are inks over digital pencils as well, usually the digital pencils are by the same artist. I kind of like that some teams are preserving the pencil art this way, as you can see how much the inker can bring to the page. I once had the idea to take a pencils only piece and get 3 or 4 inkers with different styles to ink the same bluelines and see what they do with it along the lines of the inkers challenge that the Inkwell Awards has sponsored.
  14. I actually paid $65 for the pencils and $175 for the inks. If you were to go by the formulas people have posted Butches pencils should have been $144 and Brian's inks $96.
  15. Picked these up from Drew Johnson today on my way home from the grocery. Batwoman Ball Point Pen Sketch \Oz: Heart of Magic #5 Cover