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  1. I first saw this piece at Wondercon earlier this year. I was hanging out with Drew Johnson and he pulled it out of his portfolio to show some of his work on the Godzilla Aftershock GN. I loved the way Drew was able to produced the primitive art for the splssh page where they found an ancient drawing of Godzilla. At the time he wasn't going to sell it as there were very few traditional art pages from the GN as he switched to totally digital after about 8 pages. Last week Drew posted those pages on his webstore. I immediately bought this splash. Drew lives about 5 minutes away and we agreed to meet for lunch so I could pick up the art. Our schedules didn't work out, but I was able to drop by for a short bit and pick up the piece from him at his house. He also included the Limited Edition poster only available at last years L.A. Comic Con. Godzilla Aftershock page 02 by Drew Johnson
  2. Home from work and a package arrived with 3 illustrations I commissioned Jason Johnson to finish. He also threw in a few surprises. A signed Impulse Saves the Universe, Wetworks Print, Nightcrawler bust sketch. Check out the whole Ken and Elyse series at
  3. My friend got this painting as gift about 10 years ago. He doesn't recognize the artist the signature doesn't help in my opiion.
  4. I've bought from them both in person at a show and through their website. Never had a problem with anything.
  5. Home from SDCC. Ended up just buying one piece. Warrior in Repose by Aaron Lopresti
  6. There I am in with my backpack of art looking at the Matthew Clark Outsiders cover I bought that day.
  7. I went to the Torpedo Comic Art show at the Hollywood Palladium today. I ended up picking up three new pieces. Avengers X-Sanction #2 page 4 by Ed McGuinness and Dexter Vines Deadpool vol. 3 #26 page 14 by Scott Koblish Outsiders vol. 3 #44 Cover by Matthew Clark and Art Thibert
  8. Captain America, Black Widow and Winter Soldier commission by Brett Booth> I am getting it inked by Norm Rapmund, over a blueline.
  9. I am divesting myself of my Barry Allen Flash art to make way for new Wally West art from the upcoming Flash Froward series. I have listed some of these before and some are listed for the first time. Everything ends Saturday night. Good bidding and good luck.
  10. I bought a large camping backpack from REI a few years ago. It holds all my 11x17 and 13x19 portfolios. I have a small shoulder bag designed for a small laptop to carry my comics in as well. When both are full It's close to 70 pounds of additional weight.
  11. Got this Wally West Rebirth commission by Jason Johnson via
  12. Got this commission of Rebirth Wally West by Jason Johnson in the mail yesterday. Another great commissioning experience.
  13. Thanks to Brian Hartless for helping me get this piece from Brett Booth at the Dallas Fan Expo. It's a pinup of his creator-owned Patreon comic character, Basilisk.
  14. Yeah. He was one of the nicest people I have met in all my years in the comic and art collecting hobby. He would give you his honest opinion about anything. His only regret in collecting was not getting a Frazetta painting. The first time he invited me to see his art at his house, I was amazed at what I saw. Almost every wall in hiouse was covered with framed art.
  15. I first got started collecting OA in 1997. I had a comic book store in Houston, TX and one of my customers was a big art collector. his name was Henry Huie and he had so much art that there were atleast 2 rooms in his house that were nothing but shelving and flat files to store the art he couldn't hang on his walls. He mostly collected the Studio artists (BWS, Kaluta, Jeff Jones and Bernie Wrightson). He also had a lot of comic and Mad magazine art as well. We became friends as I would deliver his comics to him at his diner and he would look through the previews and order art books and sometimes toys for his nephews. He only took one dat off a month and a few Holidays as well. One day off coincided with a comic show coming to town with Paul Ryan as one of the guests. I was a fan os his run on the Flash at the time, so I decided to get him to signed some of the books he drew. He also had some OA page from the Flash there at the show with him. Henry suggested I buy one and made the following argument for the purchase. I could own 1 copy of thousands of the Flash comic book, but I would be the only one to own the OA for the page I was thinking of buying. That made sense and I made my first OA purchase, Flash #132 page 11, wit Wally in his new Speed Force costume for $75. I no longer have the page. I sold it to another collector about 3 years ago. Henry died unexpectedly in 2014 as well. The hobby he got me into has been a fun and wonderful journey these past 22 years. I may no longer have the first piece of OA that I ever bought, but I am an avid collector to this day. Thanks, Henry.