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  1. I went to Wondercon this last weekend and ended up with 3 new pieces in my art collection. First up is a Grifter pencil commission by Ryan Benjamin Next up a Flash vs Speed Buggy splash page by Brett Booth and BATT A lastly, Green Lantern New Guardians #12 cover by Tyler Kirkham and BATT
  2. Got a commission from Brett Booth a few weeks ago. It arrived today via UPS. Captain America, Black Widow and Winter Soldier by Brett Booth
  3. I think the following are going to become greats one day. Brett Booth Chris Mooneyham Garry Brown
  4. Here is my method for shipping art that has worked for me and I have gotten compliments on the level of packaging. The art is first put in a Crystal Clear bag by Clear Bags I tape the artwork to the smooth side a 14x18 sheet of Masonite with clear packing tape leaving pull tabs (folded over tape). School specialty sell the precut board for $2.09 each I then take 2 large Priority Mail Game shipping boxes and cut them down to get 2 sheets that are 15x19 and put the artwork and masonite in between and seal it up with more packing tape.
  5. I'm fine. It's my vehicle that has me worried. It was a low speed collision, but the front of my car was pretty messed up. Since it's my fault I will have pay my insurance deductible if they don't total it.
  6. I recent;y got into a car accident that was deemed my fault. As a result I am needing to liquidate some art to pay for the repairs. Below is a link to my Comic Art fans gallery.almost everything is up for sale. The prices are negotiable to a point. Shipping in the US starts at $15 for Priority Mail. Overseas shipping will be quoted on a case by case basis. You can message me through Comicartfans, here or email me at cmaeditor at Yahoo dot com. Artists included are: Brett Booth Jim Lee Ed McGuiness Mike Wieringo Chris Mooneyham Jason Johnson Drew Johnson Patrick Zircher Craig Rousseau Garry Brown Leonardo Romero Adriana Melo Mat Broome Butch Guice Steve Lieber Aaron Lopresti Nick Runge Marat Mychaels Dan Norton Rich Koslowski Bing Cansino Marcelo Mueller Shelby Roberston Tom Raney
  7. I've dealt with Spencer before and haven't had a problem. About 2 1/2 weeks ago I sent him a request to see purchase some Tom Raney art if it was still available. So far I haven't gotten a reply. I met Tom this last weekend at the LBCC and he confirmed that Soencer is still his rep. Not sure where to go from here.
  8. I went to the Long Beach Comic Con today. Picked up 2 pieces of art. I got home and another was waiting by the front door via UPS. Backlashes Sketch Saturday 9-01-2018 by Brett Booth Titans v2 #14 page 2 by Brett Booth and Norm Rpamund Ready Player One Merchandise Art of Art3mis by Drew Johnson
  9. I purchased this X-Men Unlimited page featuring Cable by Brett Booth from Fanfare SE. It arrived yesterday in the mail.
  10. Yeah. I think he never got the respect he deserves and written off as a Jim Lee clone. His work has improved over the years. I think his current inker, Norm Rapmund brings out the best in Brett's work. He was on Titans up until issue 18 and he's done 2 DC/Hanna Barbera one shots since then. Flash/ Speed Buggy and Joker/ Daffy Duck. He's been given a story arc on a current DC book, but he's looking for a regular monthly again. He's still under contract at DC>
  11. After waiting an extra day due to UPS, I finally got this Grifter sketch by Brett Booth today.
  12. Picked up 2 covers today at the LA Ultimate Comic Art Show at the LAX Hilton. Impulse #1,000,000 Cover by Craig Rousseau And Thunderbolts Vol. 1 #63 Cover by Patrick Zircher
  13. Picked up this piece by Jason Johnson Saturday. It's one of a series he drew in 2006 for a t-shirt company. I got 9 of them through Anthony Snyder several years back. I got a message from Jason on Facebook saying that he ahd found this piece in his files and would I like to purchase it. I said yes and sent him the funds via Paypal. He dropped it with Dan Frage at the Amazing Las Vegas Con this weekend. Now to get it from Fraga. Here are the others in the series.
  14. I downloaded the image from HA and found a scan of Batman 426 via Google Image search. I used the original line art as the bottom layer. I put the scan of the printed cover on a layer above a resized it to match the original art and all the line art lines up. The logo and text don't line up exactly, which makes me think they are part of an overlay to make it look more like the "printed" cover.