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  1. Personally I really like the Stan Yak covers, and ya seems like cover A for the first issue is the one.
  2. Funny thing is I think Cable is much cooler than Deadpool. I also think the cover to 87 is much more iconic than 98. Just my 2 cents.
  3. Mine are still showing “received”! How annoying! I sent my book the very first day the signing got posted! Now looks I’m receiving my book who knows when!
  4. Stan put this up for auction. I won. My favorite The Last Ronin artist.
  5. Got this one in yesterday straight from Stan. Pics just don’t do it justice! His version of The Last Ronin is by far my favorite!
  6. Exactly. Comics, CGC is the top dog. I wont argue that, but I dont see them dethroning PSA or even Beckett. Not saying they wont get some business from comic industry fans, but as a whole, no chance they take down PSA as the face in card grading.
  7. Always trips me out how many Walking Dead "fans" collect for value of the comics lol
  8. I agree that the show is crashing hard. I no longer look forward to Sunday nights to watch this show. Have not in a while. I hope it turns around. But not holding my breath.
  9. No it’s all the same book. I think the top pic you got there is just a generic stock photo the ebayer got from the initial pre order. If you scroll through his pics you see it’s actually the one with the Cape and Cowel logo.
  10. I got there around 6PM. At this point only people that pre ordered were allowed to pick up the book. The line was in store for me. Took almost an hour to ring me up. Lots of people walking up hoping to get a copy. They all left disappointed.