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  1. Sweet. I’ll keep my eyes out. Still enjoy a good DC every now and then though.
  2. Cliff gave me his estimated grade based upon what he saw between 7.0 to 7.5.
  3. Thanks guys. I definitely will. Maybe this should be titled restored or not?
  4. Thanks! There should not be. It was purchased through a reputable company and advertised without restoration.
  5. Hey everyone! So with your help this will take place in a couple parts. I just purchased this today and still waiting for delivery but I will submit the two pictures I have of the book. After everyone guesses the current grade I will share what I was told by the seller what they graded it as, and then the next step will be to see if the group thinks a press will help it before I get it graded. And after all that I will do an unveiling once it comes back from CGC. As always thanks so much for the support! AJ
  6. My top silver age books that I have always cherished are in order AF 15, FF 1, HULK 1, X-MEN 1, TOS 39, AVENGERS 1, AVENGERS 4, TTA 27. Still missing my JIM 83 but hoping to get one this year and place it right after my TOS 39. The coolest part is that I joined this unbelievable forum February 1st 2016 and have purchased each of those books except for my Avengers 4 (already owned it) here on the forum. It started with meeting Bunky Brian at a local comic show after being out of collecting for maybe 15 years. He told me about the forum and less than a year after that I met him at his business and purchased my AF15 and have not looked back. I have been really lucky to find myself surrounded by some great people here that I have purchased some incredible books from, sold a few good books too as well and all while soaking up valuable advice along the way. (Oops just remembered got my FF 1 through a comiclink auction but only after some great forum advice).
  7. Incredible books! I need to find my way into this club!
  8. Finally got my first Metal Men. Such a unique cover but I love the blue. Looks like a good candidate for a press and clean.
  9. Here is my copy. I love the cover of this book. It always reminds me of one of my favorite movies. The Incredible Shrinking Man. Such a great childhood memory.
  10. Thanks so much! This one was a long time coming but I made sure to take your advice on what to look for. Thanks again! AJ
  11. Mr. FedEx finally dropped this off yesterday. Third attempt! I almost missed him again. Sorry about the reflection.