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  1. Swamp Thing 50 and Marvel Super Heroes Winter Special per PM. Thanks, AJ
  2. Regular rules $500 plus $13.95 priority shipped Bought and sold from many of you. ?Multiple times. Book will go out tomorrow. Thanks, AJ
  3. So hard to narrow this down. AF15 has always been my absolute favorites but these other 4 probably have a great shot at being in my top 10 if not top 5. Still need to get the last 3 pressed, cleaned and locked up. ?
  4. Ouch that hurt. Been waiting and waiting...
  5. Yeah Archie may be dead but Betty's headlights are alive and well.
  6. Stop distracting the man he is taking a scan of his Archie 50 to put up next.
  7. It's sad that I really wish I could see some of the people I interact with here. I wonder if Lizard ever figured that all I would see when I think of his face is Wyatt in full on creature mode? I'm sure you are much better looking in real life. Do we have a thread on this forum that people put up photos their real mugs?
  8. I can't believe I just watched that whole video.