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  1. Missed by a minute! Congrats to buyer and seller. Still searching.
  2. That was a blast last Brian. Thanks so much. Feeling lucky I logged on when I did. And I really had to control myself. I’m suppose to be saving for a grail. Ugh!
  3. Hello my friend! These are insane and beautiful swift rollout!
  4. Yup going towards either a Hulk 1 of FF1. You even helped me with guidance.
  5. Gonna put these up now because because not sure they will be with me for long. Unfortunately may need to sell towards a grail shortly. I love them both so much though.
  6. Bumpity, bump, bump. Bumpity, bump, bump
  7. 3.0 to 5.0 OW or better. pleeeeease and thanks! AJ
  8. Ok seriously Jim for President! Thank you so much for taking the time and effort that put together such a solid argument. I would agree with all of your points. I am going to lean heavy hulk unless a great FF1 deal rolls around. Here Hulky, Hulk, Hulk.....
  9. Ok one response for Hulk 1 and one for FF 1. I want them both so let me ask which would you start with so hopefully the 2nd one has not outgained the first and become less attainable for me? Thanks
  10. This board has been so great to me helping me build my key collection and also giving me direction on what to buy. Working on one of my next keys and would love some direction. If you were making a key purchase today and this would probably be the biggest purchase for the year which direction would you go? Also if anyone has any leads it would be great. Looking to go at least OW and no chipping. As always thanks for everything!!! AJ