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  1. Cash ready to go. At least OW please and no chipping. Thanks!
  2. Popped staple=no increase. Reholder would look beautiful though.
  3. One quick book tonight. Last GPA sale $1547. Book is trending up! $1250 Shipped -Price Drop $1200 Shipped PayPal please and no returns on CGC books. Thanks for looking!
  4. This one has been a dream for a long time. Pretty excited to finally have one.
  5. From Tales to Tales again
  6. From The Living Demon to The Demon
  7. OK just because somehow MARX Toys got pulled into this thread I am going to hijack it for a quick pic of the MARX Superheroes figures that I just finished painting while in SIP. There are very few crowds that appreciate comics and MARX so why not.
  8. Had a collection as a kid that is long gone and looking to recapture the memories. Thanks so much! AJ
  9. Thanks so much outoftimetoys and mattn792. I’ll keep looking for my 8.5 but you guys sound like you just found a match. Congrats!