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  1. I wonder if any sellers have ever gone directly to ComCav and just offered up their books directly to him to avoid the humiliation and pain to everybody else in an open free-for-all that ends up the same way.
  2. My top three of 2020. Really excited to grab the Showcase 4 at a good price and to have it to offset my AF15. Excited to get the ASM 1 re-slabbed and possibly pressed and cleaned. Got really lucky to find a WHITE BB28 in a decent grade. It has been a rough year but this forum and great sellers and buyers were definitely a high point. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
  3. Thanks so much! Not as nice as your 9.2 but I’ll definitely take it. 😉
  4. Finally got a hold of my my long sought after book. It is one of those rare books that just seems more like art than anything else. Would love your thoughts on grade and if a press and clean would help. Thanks! AJ
  5. Thanks Ted but found another thanks to https://www.cgccomics.com/boards/profile/29160-callaway29/ Found at SoCal Comics and got to work with Jamie. Thanks!
  6. I built a display for some of my best but made sure to change all lighting to LED, make sure all windows are closed and display faces away from windows, most importantly had Gallery quality OP-3 UV filtering acrylic cut in sheets to fit over each row. Anyone else ever use similar material? https://www.acrylite.co/acrylite-uv-filtering-op3-product-info.html
  7. Still looking. Missed out on the Heritage auction. Thanks!
  8. Yeah those two are nuts I gorgeous and expensive. A 9.6 and 9.8 are out of my range, especially at those prices.
  9. Always loved the cover but looking for one in decent condition. Thanks! AJ