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  1. 13 hours ago, Glassman10 said:

    The Santa Fe area including the surrounding community heading up towards the Glorietta Pass at that time (1967)  was an ocean of dead vehicles. You just weren't anyone unless you had at least 12 dead vehicles in your yard and not just any vehicles, stuff from the golden ages. I happpened to have a Dodge Power wagon that had dropped the drain bolt on the differential and warped the casing and needed a replacement, so I began to search the hills for a power wagon. I did find one, did get the entire differential and installed it. It cost about one hundred dollars as I recall but that search led me to strange places looking for parts. One place was Apodaca Hill in Santa Fe where I encountered "The bus".  The bus was not in good shape. It had broken windows, dents, flat dead paint, a "Bluebird" as I recall but that could be wrong. It had two wheels (Front) windshield wipers still in place! and the door ajar. Pressing and cleaning would not help. Ajar doors have drawn me in since Pre  Zork so I poked about. It could have contained Ken Kesey. He scooted around Santa Fe and Taos in his bus "Further" all the time he was there intereacting with the communes. But this appeared more desolate than Ken's piece, way too old. It was not far into the seating area that the box sat. There was a lot of stuff on all the seats. The owner knew I loved comics as I poked at the top offerings and said I should just take it. He's moved to Ohio now and I long ago lost touch with him. I took it and after establishing that there were no rear ends there for a dodge I left. The box contents were remarkable  but at the time not massively valuable, more archival. As I took them out of the box, it was odd how well preserved they were. The surprising one in there was ASM16 which graded out as a 9.2!, just sitting in this half open box in a stack. It had numerous early ASM's including 14 which I sold to a man in Illinois who expressed interest here. I had scanned it and there was a flaw that was quite difficult to see in the scan and there was transactional disappointment but he said he should have caught it so it was on him. I didn't feel good about that so I gave him the Avengers 4. Happy camper after that.  He went on to purchase two ASM 129's from me in the 9.0-9.4 range at a very happy price for him. There were a bunch of X-men, Strange Tales , early FF4. It was a true time capsule of stuff flung in a box and there perhaps years. But, there it was about fifteen books down  an AF15 worth about $80 dollars at the time, about one month's rent!. Had some gunk on the cover. I bought a plastic bag for it! We didn't preserve anything those days.  I just felt weirdly fortunate and tucked it in with my other comics. I used to walk across Santa Fe from my studio, about three miles and every third thursday the comics rack at the bus depot engorged with new material. I would take a five dollar bill and do what I could at .12 a shot. It went out to my little house where my friend and I would devour what the two of us bought. At that time, dealers were rare. Howard Rogofsky sold comics in NYC, the mile high collection was in the future and we just loved our stupid comics. Years went by and I kept it up. My mom had already thrown out all of my .10 cent books and baseball cards but I had fooled her and moved 1,000 miles away. 

    So, when I sold the comics at the age of 70, it was because there was no future good to my having them. As I said, it took over a year to get organized and I met a number of charlatans ready to relieve me of the burden. So, sympathizing with new collectors, I simply told my process here on valuation.  As I look back, it's amazing that I allowed Bob Storms to simply walk out of my house with the AF15 consigned without a scrap of paper indicating the arrangement.  The two days I spent with Bob taught me more about comics than I ever could have learned elsewhere. It was stupid of me to ever mention the sales price and I haven't done that in a long time. I would say that 10K alone went to capital gains, double that to the boy and the rest, I bought Mastercard at about $150 a share and these days it's around $320.  So we all did well.  I get stupid lucky with junk like this. As a nine year old, going through rolls of pennies with my brother, I found a 1909-s VDB with actual mint luster traces. Someone had to have intentionally put that coin back in circulation but I sold it to my brother for $75 bucks and that seemed like all the money in the world. I really only liked Buffalo nickels . Sort of like Thor.  I use to win a lot at black out bingo at the beach club with Blue haired old ladies with doilies on their heads for luck  as well. Blackout always coughed  up about $75 bucks too. Those women could really glare.  What a great childhood. 

    I still believe there are boxes of books out there to be found.  Around here, there are all these summer houses byt the lake that still have the contents from 1955.  So, no one went to the dump and now those houses are all being cleaned out. They printed a boatload of AF15's Seek and ye might find. You have to look in odd places. But sharing the story is pretty risky. 

    Did I mention the bus had split rims?

    OK that story is pure magic! Thanks so much for sharing and taking me on that trip with you through the day itself and the full adventure.  It looks and feels like you are having a great journey my friend!

  2. On 11/8/2019 at 5:08 PM, prt said:

    Hawkman #4 CGC 6.5  1st app and origin of Zatanna! Key


    Super clean copy. Looks higher than a 6.5, so a possible re-submission would maybe do it justice. Get it now for a very fair price.

    CGC holder in awesome condition, also - no chips, cracks, etc. Beautiful. Clean back, super bright.

     (thumbsu  $679 shipped.

    Paypal, check/money order are awesome. Ships safe, secure, and insured in a box. No surcharges.  Returns accepted within 7 days of the sale date, and shipping paid for by the buyer. If you decide to return, EXACT item must be returned in the same condition prior to refund please. ( Do not try to switch books or there will be serious consequences/repercussions for you)

    Please ask any questions before committing to buy.

    Honest seller here and have been on E bay  since 2001 with 100% feedback- Ask for my id/name there . Kudos thread here, also!

    If you have any other questions, have an offer, please just ask, or send a PM. Thanks for looking!!!




    Take per PM. Already sent the funds through PayPal. Thanks again! 

  3. As everyone is using this thread to bash my beloved AF15 I thought I would use it for a positive spin.

    I am trying to pick up a 3.0 for my brother and just lost out tonight to the one on Comiclink that closed at $14,750. So bummed. If anyone has a 3.0 lead I would love to help him get one to match the one I got from Bunky here on the forum. Thanks for your help! Here is a pic of the one I just missed.EB4F7BD0-8123-40B0-B45D-9CEF05E9E4D2.thumb.png.6da234a295374515790bf36591f80b7b.png