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  1. Hi Ray, I can pay GPA or more based upon condition, color, page quality. would be happy to see what you might have. Thanks
  2. Thanks but looking for a blue case. All the best
  3. Here is my baby to add to the mix. Joining clubs here is soooo cool!
  4. Thanks for the support and answers as always! Here are the pictures of the Rawhide Kid 17 and Two Gun Kid 60 I picked up.
  5. Wow thanks David! This is referenced in the same piece as the two I am discussing and he is quoted as saying “four pages of full color.” Does anyone have copies of the published pieces or were they never published? It is crazy to look at the two pieces you linked coming up and to think they may have gone with these two pieces.
  6. Good evening everyone, My brother and I are looking for some direction on where to go and value to these two pieces. Long story short my brother and I started collecting back in the late 70s. In the mid 80s we made a deal with a local kid for some of our X-men comics for a couple of Wally Wood pieces of original art. We were told they were from his family and if I remember correctly specifically he was directly related to the Wood family. Hard to say because my brother and I were about 16 and 12 at the time. We were told they were very rare because they were done in color. We felt it was a fair trade and tucked the pieces away. Fast forward 30 years later and my brother and I get a wild hair and start collecting all over again. If I remember correctly about 10-15 years ago my brother sought out someone who was suppose to have knowledge about Wood art. After sending pictures over my brother was told they were not worth much because they were in color and none of Wood’s original strips were done in color. My brother was told someone probably colored them in and the were not worth much more than a couple hundred each. My brother said thanks for the info and offer and back into the closet they went. Recently I told my brother about the forum, the great people and the vast knowledge at hand and we thought to toss the pieces up here looking for advice. As I was prepping to put this up I decided to once again search the net and I think I may have found something. I did a search for Wally Wood 1968 and Wild Bill Yonder and found a reference to both of the pieces I think we have and it mentions in Wally Wood’s own words....”It all started in 1968, when I was asked to do a complete comic section for a proposed tabloid newspaper for servicemen, four pages of full-color, service oriented humor strips...There was a high flying low-life named ‘Wild Bill Yonder,’ a couple of others that for some reason escape my memory... It looks like these were being used for a June 1968 tabloid coming out of Oakland California. We lived in Alameda California when we got the pieces 15 minutes from that location on Broadway in Oakland years earlier. That is where my story ends and I will let you all be the judges. I did as well as I could with some photos including fronts and backs and it looks like they were finished in watercolor and both are dated 1968. Lastly of the 4 pieces he made we have these two and one of the other two was the first appearance of Sally Forth. Any help would be greatly appreciated! All the best, AJ
  7. Thanks! So excited for this one. Nothing lowly about a Stan SS book though. 😉
  8. Sorry I missed this. I’ll send a picture of the back tomorrow morning.
  9. First gets book either in thread or via PM. Feel free to PM with questions or offers. Payment by Paypal No probation/HOS members. No returns on CGC books. shipping included I have bought from many and sold to many over the past couple of years with no problems and ship out books like I want to receive books. This is my own private copy. Last sale $1599 My price $1499 SHIPPED Thanks!
  10. I have always loved this cover as a kid and have wanted a cleaner copy than a beater from when I was about 12 so I thought why not grab it. Every time I look at it now it triggers a great time in my youth when my brother and I first started collecting together.
  11. So I just picked up my first Two Gun Kid 60 and waiting for it to arrive. I am a big silver age Marvel collector with a mix of DC and a touch of pre hero monster and some golden and silver horror here and there. I understand that TGK 60 is important as a Marvel key since it is first appearance and origin of new TGK Matt Hawk asa Marvel book but does it make it more collectible that TGK 1? Also why is Raw Hide Kid 17 more important that RHK 1 if they are both Atlas? I keep hearing everyone say TGK 60 and RHK 17 are the keys? I understand RHK 17 tells the origin but RHK 1 is the first appearance? Pardon my ignorance. Please impart your wisdom if you have time. Thanks again!
  12. Just paid! So excited to get the books. Thanks so much for everything! AJ