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  1. I just did this exact thing and sent to an address a customer requested over eBay messaging. It gave me pause but I saved the eBay message of him requesting to ship to another address and mailed the comics to him as requested. I got positive feedback and he made another bulk purchase from me a week after receiving the original purchase. I noticed that he updated his shipping address this time. No more confusion. He did have decent feedback as far as recent activity and purchases from comic-related vendors. There was also timely communication.
  2. I prefer a lateral filing cabinet that I purchased advertised on Craigslist from a local office furniture liquidator. We also have one like yours that we purchased from Habitat Restore for about $30 and spent another $30 to fix it up with spray paint and cleaner. I went to the Dollar Store and purchased foam board to line the bottom and sides of the file cabinet. With the foam board you will be able to stand the comics up on a flat surface. Many file cabinets do not have flat drawers so the foam board gives you a flat surface. Also they provide a bit of insulation against moisture. The metal could generate slight condensation if it is close to a vent, door, or bathroom.
  3. This is almost exactly my policy. If you never talk to them directly and file an unpaid item claim, it makes it look like eBay is the bad guy hassling them. After all eBay already sent automatically generated e-mails and invoices. If the buyer contacts me up front and asks to wait, I will do that for him even though it affects my rating by not shipping immediately. Some of them are nice enough to pay and then ask to hold off on shipping to combine with the current auction. I'd rather have repeat business than a perfect seller rating. Some guys want to pay for this auction after your next auction so they can bundle lots of books together. That gets confusing and tedious but those cheap-Os are few and far between. I know there are board members who like to bundle multiple auctions, but I'm talking about not paying for a week and a half and then asking for an extension because they are bidding on your $0.99 books now. Now that I mainly have BIN sales, I get less of these types.
  4. Thanks guys. It worked. Between my eBay bucks (expiring in one week) and this code, I basically got the book for half off. I'll spare you all the photo because it is a modern variant In related news, the lousy eBay app isn't giving me notifications anymore even though notifications are enabled. I have to check e-mail for sold listings, messages, promotions, etc.
  5. If you're going to tamper with a case, it won't be a 9.6, it will be a 9.8.
  6. I had to pay with my bank account even though I keep a PayPal balance large enough to cover the $11/month. I think it has something to do with this being a recurring charge until cancelled and PayPal balances fluctuate whereas credit cards or bank accounts are verified.
  7. In the '90s I was at an LCS signing with Image creators. Had to buy tickets and everything. Well Rob Liefeld shows up 1 1/2 hours late to a 4 hour signing and leaves an hour early. Otherwise, he was pleasant. Some other artists stuck around but few people were interested in sketches from that J. S. Campbell guy.
  8. Ditto all above. I've never had an issue. Sometimes I've paid in e-check because I've clicked the wrong button. Never had a problem other than the delayed payment. Just hold the book until eBay/PayPal tells you the payment cleared and it's time to ship.
  9. Media Mail When will the market crash? When will the Walking Dead bubble burst? Print runs
  10. Social Media is not a bad way to start a relationship with a dealer, even a small time dealer. My best customer is overseas and sends me want lists that I fulfill for him at a pace and price that works for both of us. I have the access here in the U.S. that he does not. We started discussing comics over Instagram and, after a few purchases, I was able to earn his trust and he began sending me want lists. You may be able to find some good dealers on social media just by checking out posts that interest you.
  11. I guess it's good to live in the U.S. where we don't even tax (or check) Chinese precursors to manufactured narcotics shipped through the mail to dead people at abandoned buildings.
  12. Yeah, I just gave another refund to a buyer this morning over a difference in opinion on how to grade a comic with a printer's crease. At least he contacted me first. What can you do when that flaw is common to that issue? I couldn't send him a replacement because my other copies also had the printer's crease.