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  1. I get a lot via USPS. Nothing mangled. But as always, the sender still has a lot of responsibility to make sure things get from Point A to Point B in good shape.
  2. Great Phantom Stranger piece!! Dan Spiegle was a good artist. But I think in his later art, the faces seemed too round, bordering on Charlie Brown territory.
  3. Re: Byrne vs Perez... it's Byrne. I caught the tail end of Byrne's run on X-Men. Then I went back and bought almost everything before and his Captain America. And started at almost the beginning of Byrne writing / drawing Fantastic Four. I'm mainly a DC guy and that was really, really good stuff. It looked so good and he made it look so easy. Superman was great. Not a fan of the black business suit Luthor. But I understand why and I think it showed a lot of foresight in terms of villains that never seem to stay in jail. I only have a handful of Perez's Avengers issues (around 200). I religiously read New Teen Titans and various DC jobs. To me, those NTT covers above, NTT 10 and NTT 13 are among the Top 5 of that title. However, I think Perez seemed to work TOO hard and was very self-aware when it came to putting in too much detail. These days, I guess it would be called "fan service". Crisis on Infinite Earths?? It's a good thing the inkers, particularly Jerry Ordway, didn't go crazy inking that series. Also, I'm not a fan of his really complicated looking costumes (e.g. Nightwing, Cyborg, Starfire, even the "gypsy" Scarlet Witch), maybe even more excess than Kirby (in a bad way).
  4. Maybe Daniel was inspired by Brian Bolland, the first artist I remember doing that.
  5. If we're doing brackets, doesn't Kirby or Frazetta always end up winning ??
  6. Gene will buy it back... so says the Phantom Stranger...
  7. Too much tom foolery and too much self-interest. Have you ever been to their office? So much amazing art hanging on the wall.... that they own. When someone walks in and brings a major piece, Vinnie has been known to offer two deals. 1) I'll auction it in the next auction and take 10% or 2) you can walk out of here with $xxx,xxx.00 cash in hand and then CC owns it... I can understand the self interest. I've been to CC but never used them to sell anything. Hake's uses a similar methodology that extends bidding after the "official" closing of a lot.
  8. Interesting. Can you explain why/how that could happen ? ComicConnect recently improved their web site (still quirky, though). So I think they recognized that problem. Do you see Hake's doing something to catch up and pull away ??
  9. I think "vintage" George Perez's look (e.g. Avengers) had a lot to do with inkers with brushes. Later in the New Teen Titans run, Perez wanted Romeo Tanghal to use pens. For example, compare NTT covers (penciled and inked by Perez) with the interiors. I think Perez's later looks really depended on him trying to depict more detail. But I think sometimes things kind of looked off (e.g. faces).
  10. I know some people will take cash and/or trade. But some people seem to insist only on trades. Why ? Is it to get people to offer art from those black hole collections ? Avoiding declared income ? What else ?
  11. Yeah. I really remember he had Bolland's Sgt Rock pinup hanging a show. Still one of the best things Bolland ever did for DC. Amazing piece. Unfortunately it had already sold to the guy helping him at the show, that's why it was still up there. Scott also handled art for Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. Scott was also selling Bruce Timm's art before Albert. I remember he had a ton of Timm's girl drawings for sale at one SDCC. There was this one guy snatching up a bunch of the best ones. I was lucky enough to get just one back then. The first Watchmen page I ever saw for sale was listed by Scott in the CBG. It was the silent page in Watchmen 1 where Rorschach finds the Comedian's secret closet and lays out his costume.