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  1. The description said "Spirit Book #3" and HA said it's from the 1970's. Were you able to determine if there ever was a Spirit Book 3 in the 70's ??
  2. top middle - Ed McGuinness lower right - Dave Ross Craig Young ??
  3. Didn't you mean... Peanuts... followed by strips in no particular order??
  4. I'm a big, big Mike Nasser fan. I didn't even bid on it. But $25K blows me away. It's not THAT great a cover. I think even Mike would agree. And... y'know... Colletta inks. But the market is the market. In general, I think 70's Wonder Woman covers are really scarce. Also, there are those Golden Age characters on that cover. BTW... If anyone's got Mike Nasser's full figure drawing that appeared on the cover of The Amazing World of DC Comics #15, I'm your guy.
  5. It doesn't look like anyone has posted this so here you go (from HA): Due to technical difficulties we are extending our April 4-5 Sunday & Monday Comics, Animation & Art Weekly Online Auction #122114 by a day for each session. With Comics taking place 6:00 PM CT tomorrow, Monday, April 5, and Comic Art, Animation Art and Memorabilia taking place 6:00 PM CT, Tuesday, April 6. Also, it looks like the auction scheduled for Monday, April 5 has been bumped to April 6.
  6. Or... under priced ?? If you're buying for the purpose of re-selling, maybe it's a lot easier to pull the trigger ?? Also, maybe a lot of people just had CLAIM4-DINO (or whoever) typed into the chat before the piece appeared. Then you only had one more click to send. I don't have a youtube account so I'm not in the chat. It's interesting to watch but almost none of the art interests me. A lot of the "appeal" is the immediacy. But I won't jump at a piece that I can't clearly see and there's no zoom with only a few seconds or minutes to think it over. Also I'd also be worried about
  7. As mentioned above, become a "Premium Member" if you can. The keyword e-mail notifications are nice. I don't take advantage of it but you can post larger images than non-premium members. I think Comic Art Live (the virtual comic art convention) opens up an hour early for Premium Members. I fiddle with a few things in my CAF... Re: the 12 featured pieces that randomly appear in the top, left corner of the CAF main page... I keep the last 3 pieces I've posted at the bottom row. It's just another way of getting them some exposure. When I select them, the oldest of the 3 is on the
  8. On the other hand, how many times have you seen "Neil Adams" ?? For me, enough times that it's a pet peeve. Personally, if I found the "right" Matt Baker piece, I would go for it.
  9. Jan Duursema (Tom's wife) has PO Box listed on her website.
  10. No mylars ?? Time to start buying NFTs !!!
  11. The wider range of reactions has returned !!!
  12. Yeah. "Captain America" is a little too jingoist anyway. Cap must be the aggressor here. GAWD !!
  13. So it looks like N_zi's are no longer allowed to have sw_sticas. Comics were really on the forefront of highlighting what was happening in Europe before the US even got into WWII. This is really insulting to the contributions by all the creators of that period.
  14. For a minute, I thought I was in the "I am 50 years old...." topic.
  15. That's a nice note about your perspective on NFTs, technology, monetization, and ultimate disallusionment! As you step back and smell the roses for a while, you may rediscover the "artistic" touches in all the fine man-made work being done around us, from landscape excavating to car restoration; artists exist in all fields of endeavor and can be appreciated. Be sure to check back here once in a while. I always enjoy your messages, David @ESeffinga thanks for writing this. I appreciate this comment and all the other ones where you provide your experience, knowledge and f