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  1. I have my share of Black Canary drawings and haven't gotten an "Ugh" upon making my request. I recognize that drawing the fishnets is hard (I've tried). I've gotten a fair amount of BC drawings where the fishnets ended up on the disappointing side, those don't go on CAF. I don't blame necessarily blame the artist. But I think they go into it with a plan and it just doesn't work out. Sometimes, just drawing a simple grid works best. Just make sure it's not oriented in line with legs. Turn it 45 degrees.
  2. Looks like Leialoha added a shadow of the missing leg. But Vic only has one arm ?? I'm just sayin'
  3. I like the inked version better. In general, it's a commission that's pencilled and inked by the same artist. If I see the blacks done with pencil lines going every which way when they're meant to be blacks, it's never as good as when it's just blacks. If there was serious rendering in pencil and then it was inked, you kind of always lose something. If it's meant for publication with a different penciller and inker, it's different. The penciller might just mark the blacks with an 'X'. Regarding this specific piece, it looks like Barry sharpened up some things (e.g. the ears, the hair, the left coat collar). Having it inked in flat blacks, you lose the exact place where Barry placed the eyes. Also,losing the delineation between the right coat collar and it's shadow. But I think all of that makes it more mysterious. After all, he's the Phantom Stranger.
  4. Dr Donald Blake + Al Hartley = Thor cosplay
  5. I was never fond of the post-"Death of" Superman version with the ponytail or mullet.
  6. There used to be a "donate" icon in the top left area. Bill even mentioned that he added it because of a suggestion. I guess it's no longer there because that icon wasn't self-supporting.
  7. If only you can get paid for each comment.
  8. I know a lot of you by your CAF galleries, even if it's not part of your "signature". On the flip-side, some of the commenters, I don't know their CAF galleries at all. So does that mean CAF lurkers are commenting on dormant CAF galleries ??
  9. Sometimes I'll check out the About the Owner box at the bottom a CAF gallery, there's the Gallery Comments by [ X ] If member hasn't posted, that's one thing, If a member hasn't commented in a while, that's another thing.
  10. Stan Lee presents: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein
  11. ComicLink ships to PO Boxes. HA also. Haven't had a problem with any art dealer send to a PO Box. On a side note, not sure if it's still true but Bill Cole (mylars, etc) had a note on their web site that they won't ship to PO Boxes. I called and asked for confirmation. The support person told me that they will ship to PO Boxes if the billing address is also the same PO Box. So, it's always good to confirm.
  12. Also, ask for the dimensions, they are not indicated in the auction.
  13. In my opinion, if, if, IF it's a fake, it's a REALLY good one. Some fine "morse code" (dotted line, dash) parts in the "art" appear much thicker in the printed example. I think this was just because of the printing process. But what really has my attention is the 6th panel. Not that much of an Iron Man, I'm calling it the "circle" on his chest. In the "art", the rendering inside the circle has those 4 thin strokes. In the printed example, they're thick at the top and thinner on the down stroke. This seems to be inconsistent with how other thin lines in the "art" appear generally thicker in the "art", they don't start thick and go thin. And to the left of that, it seems to exhibit the same behavior, thick to thin in the printed example but not the "art". And this seems problematic (much too uniform vs the printed example) In contrast, in the 5th panel, these thin lines appear thicker in a uniform way.