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  1. Maybe it's part of the story but I'm more distracted by how flat (except for his head) Spidey looks.
  2. Instead of crapping on specific inkers or penciller / inker combinations, I'll just mention a few favorite and / or off-beat combinations that I DO like. D ick Dillin inked by Sid Greene (JLA) - Dillin's dark pencils lightened up by Greene Don Newton inked by Kurt Schaffenberger (Shazam !) - Schaffenberger because... reasons. John Byrne inked by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (New Teen Titans Annual 2) - 2 masters at work Don Newton inking himself - just a rarity once he left Charlton Comics. Don Newton inked by Alfredo Alcala (Batman) - moody pencils and stylized inks Curt Swan inked by Bob Oksner (70's Superman) - I'm not really into 70's Curt Swan but Oksner made him look really good without totally dominating the pencils. In general the inker was an accomplished artist on their own but usually did not play the role of the inker.
  3. No matter how much of the available art doesn't appeal to me, there's enough art that keeps my interest. In recent years, a lot of art I never thought of acquiring (or wasn't on the market) has popped up. I'll be honest. If there's one thing that will make you focus your interests, it's the cost.
  4. A young teen, the first time I saw (and became aware of) original art was at a NY convention. Someone had the Action Comics 419 cover (Neal Adams / Murphy Anderson, Superman up flying at you, see: https://www.comicartfans.com/gallerypiece.asp?piece=464156 ) and Flash 223 (Nick Cardy, Flash racing on land, water and air) on the wall. Just couldn't miss it. You had to go past that display to get to another room. Obviously I noticed it but I don't recall being awed. It would be a few more years before I got my first piece (convention sketch) This thread is kind of related to this one:
  5. tldr... I filed complaints with USPS. And it seems independently of that, my item did show up. Whoever received the item seems to have returned it to USPS. An update... and the conclusion... I filed a "find my missing mail" request on usps.com. I could not find a link on usps.com to file a formal mail theft report with the US Postal Inspector. But if you google "united states postal inspector", you'll find their website. From there you can click through and you find yourself back on usps.com. Anyway, I filled in the pertinent information to report mail theft. Within a week, I received an e-mail asking to rate their response. Since I hadn't received any responses or acknowledgements, I assumed it was spam. A week later, I received another e-mail to rate their response. Even though still I hadn't received a response. I discovered the e-mails were related to my "find my missing mail" request, not the mail theft report. So I figure, if they wanted a review I might as well give them one. It was a negative one. On a scale of 1 to 5, it was 1. To explain the ranking, I indicated that they wanted me to rate their response but they had not even responded. As mentioned above, my item was a blank sketch cover. I didn't mention that it was an ebay purchase. So far, the ebay seller was great (e.g responding to my e-mails and doing legwork on her side, going to her local Post Office). Even though I hadn't received my item, I posted positive feedback. A couple days after giving USPS my negative review, I got an "insufficient search request data" email from USPS. They wanted to know the size of the package, if the item was packed loosely, if the label was printed or handwritten. Since I didn't have that information, I had to ask the ebay seller. So I followed up with the seller again. Basically, she decided it wasn't worth the hassle to keep responding to me and even though she was not required to, she refunded my payment. I responded that I appreciated the refund but I'd still continue to followup with USPS. So I didn't get any more info from the seller but I did provide additional data, the rough dimensions of a package for a comic book. And I mentioned my case number from the report to the US Postal Inspector. About a week and half later, I'm picking up packages from the Post Office. I'm counting the items and there seems to be an extra one. It turns out, I got the sketch cover. The package was opened but then taped shut. I guess, somehow, someone was given my item (by accident ?). And finally got around to giving it back (or whatever) to the Post Office. Still, no response from the US Postal Inspector. I updated the "missing mail" report to indicate the item was finally delivered. If my item was given away at the Post Office, maybe the Postal Inspector haven't gotten around to looking at the video. If my item was delivered by a mail carrier, that was definitely a big mistake. I figure the Postal Inspector is spending their energies on fentanyl smuggling. For some weird reason, PayPal no longer reports my payment or the refund. Maybe because both transactions occurred within a 1 month period. Keeping with ebay's policies, I don't have the seller's e-mail address. I'm not going to contact her through ebay but since I have her physical address, I'll just send her a check for the comic. The Post Office by my mother has a sign that says they check IDs, I haven't noticed a similar sign at my Post Office. Anyway, I'll keep blocking the window in my PO Box so noone can tell if I have a yellow card. My Post Office still does not ask for my ID when picking up packages.
  6. Where's a "jump the shark" emoji when you really need one. Even the title of the topic has changed.
  7. Everyone is biased based on their own taste/appreciation and nostalgia vs the market. Putting aside the addictive nature of the hobby, in the end this is a hobby. In general, owning art is also a luxury. If you want to take a moral stance against pricing that doesn't agree with you, you have no choice but to not buy the art. Actually, that's a good idea... maybe I should stop buying art..
  8. I've never worked with it. But I have a piece that was worked on. The results were pretty good. I suggest you look at Dura-Lar. I think the main advantage for your purposes is that it has a workable surface. I recommend the clear Dura-Lar. The matte Dura-Lar has a slight frosted look to it. https://www.grafixarts.com/products/dura-lar-film/
  9. I think you get the classic stamp on the back of your hand.
  10. The Gold Ballroom is out of the way. The elevator is kind of out of the way. When you get up there, you can't possibly get lost. But you could get killed and it's possible noone would find your body until the next NYC Comic Art Expo.
  11. If you haven't already done so, ask some of the "usual suspects" on ComicArtFans.com Glynn Crain and George Hagenauer and Doug Ellis (runs the Windy City Pulp and Paper Convention which also has art for sale) There's also this on CAF: http://cafurl.com?i=23770
  12. I'm thinking Dave Gutierrez. He also inked a few of Gene Colan's modern commissions. https://www.comicartfans.com/GalleryPiece.asp?Piece=1520802
  13. I'm really baffled by the blank, really blank sketch comics. For example, Superman Blank, Batman Blank and Wonder Woman Blank. The covers are blank except for the logo and price. The insides (10 pages) of WW Blank are totally blank. The interior pages seem to be have a smooth finish. The covers are more on the vellum side. And... no ads. They might as well make @AnkurJ 's idea official and publish Bristol boards with logos. I have to admit, I've got 1 each of Supes and Batman. And 2 of WW.
  14. Frank Cho did at least one that his agent (Steve Morger @Steve Morger ) put on ebay. That one was with the Black Panther, Storm and another... panther. It went well over $1000, if I recall. Wasn't even slabbed.