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  1. Maybe because it has very little linework?? Probably the closest thing to a full blown painting so far. I've never heard of Saint Batman, kind of a corny name. I have to think that even Jim Lee is feeling a little Batman-fatigue. I'm never going to win one of those auctions and choose the next subject. However, I'd like to see him take on... Enemy Ace, Sgt Rock and Robotman (Doom Patrol).
  2. Not sure if it's the same book but there's an IDW book of Marvel covers on ebay with a BIN of $199.99 and free shipping. The OP's ebay lot in question currently stands at $56 with $18 shipping. I'm not that big of a Marvel fan but I know which one I would buy.
  3. BC (Before Corona) I usually did not use a credit card for in-person purchases. Not just comics related purchases, almost any purchase. Since, I've been getting cash from the ATM and then wiping it down with disinfectant wipes. Then letting them cool down (i.e. waiting for stuff to die). Anyone that is doing a large cash deal can surely afford to get Lysol on the black market and give their suitcase of cash the "Lysol dip" (a term I've used BC).
  4. I agree with @NelsonAI . The seller should provide more information. Maybe he doesn't have that knowledge. The listing uses the word "original" but I would say it's not the original art. I'm assuming the original art is twice-up. The 2nd image shows that image is definitely not twice-up (compared to the laptop) and that it's printed on a much larger sheet that has a roll at the bottom (maybe because it's in a poly sleeve). The original art would definitely not have that kind of roll. There's another image with a toploader sitting squarely over the image (flattening the roll ?) that might make you thing that it's actually in the toploader. Images at 50%
  5. Picking up on Ernie Colon and "Alarians" in the lettering... http://bronzeageofblogs.blogspot.com/2019/07/ernie-colons-to-sleep-perchance-to-die.html You have to scroll quite a ways.
  6. I guess this is new ?? Didn't you just finish a man cave / comics reading room ?
  7. Hmmm... it looks like the image is still reduced compared to my copy. Here's just the UNN. Maybe the marker will show better. Click on it for a little larger image.
  8. Logo lettering at 100% Click on it to see it better.
  9. Score !! I was able to recover a copy from my cache. This is at 33%
  10. The HA listing is totally gone now. Hunting wabbits !!!
  11. A lot of things in the drawing do not match up with the comic. A really good example is Bugs' teeth. Or you can just look at the line weights on Bugs' whiskers. As already mentioned, the logo and its placement is off. The U's in Bugs and Bunny is a much tighter curve than in the drawing. The art seems to be in ink (which you'd expect). The logo lettering seems to be in marker (kind of odd). The blacks in the background also seem to be in marker (i.e. not ink). That is very odd. I can't imagine that any artist in 1943 would use a marker to fill in blacks.
  12. And still at 9 x 12 ?? I hope that piece comes with a checklist / guide / who's who.
  13. ... "guides"... Well, that definitely makes them different from blueline colors !!!
  14. I'm not into the comic or the artist. But I think your interpretation/understanding is very close to what the artist was trying to portray. Drawing a slug-fest, lots of explosions or flying heroes aren't necessarily easier to draw. But non-action, "talking heads" or quiet scenes in super-hero comics MUST be visually interesting by default.