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  1. I used to own this piece, A1 (Atomika Press) issue 5 page 1, so it's out there...
  2. I don't know for sure. I assume Guice drew her face. He's certainly capable.
  3. The angle is too weird to be sure, for marketing hype, it might be considered (at best) a "1/3 splash", the term doesn't impress me. You proposed the page it could be a $400 page to the right buyer. Maybe. I'm not really a Morbius or Dr Strange fan. To me, it's drawn well and Guice is a good (even great) artist. But among a pile of other $400 pages, I'm not sure if this page would stand out. Anyone know what happened to the cover ?? Given the premise of the lawsuit (associating Amy Grant with the occult), I would assume the art would have to be turned over for destruction.
  4. If you keep your art in Itoyas, if you insert it with your other art, it'll flatten over time. If it's a pencil piece, maybe put some tracing paper or vellum over it to alleviate any smudging.
  5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAluorS5a1A On last night's ComicArtLive with Bill Cox, @Unstoppablejayd talked about his collecting and his collection. Although some newer collectors have been on previously, I think this is the first time a new collector has also talked about the collecting experience (i.e. bidding, dealers, trades, "stretching") As much as his enthusiasm is on display in this forum, YouTube is now awash with it.
  6. I just found out: Investment Rarities Incorporated (Diane and Jim Cook)
  7. For people with the means to assemble the pages from old stories or maintain complete stories, that's great. But the vast majority of decades of stories will never be whole again. However, to whatever degree is possible, going forward, it would be nice if pencilers (traditional or digital) and/or inkers (traditional or digital) saved good scans of their work. The publishers would save those images for reprint purposes. But for shear art appreciation (i.e. non-commercial) purposes, can creators please archive images of their art ??
  8. Back in the day, besides a few art purchases, I got a few color guides for covers and cover approvals (printer proofs) from Phillip and Greg Buls *, part of what I call "the original" Jack Adler collection. They must have sold it off to the guys that have been listing them on ebay for the past decade or so. Phillip used a COA that is different from the one those other guys use. * Greg Buls is famously remembered for his part in fueling the comics speculator market in the early 90's.
  9. Out of curiosity, is there a dealer / exhibitor list ??
  10. Wait until you see the Phantom Stranger blank sketch covers !!! @Rick2you2 I just saw that the 2nd Phantom Stranger series (starting in 1969) ran from 1 to 41 but DC printed an issue 42 as part of the Blackest Night story line. Weird.
  11. I think they could have had the discussion without using examples that they were selling. Instead they could have used examples from CAF or HA or wherever. For example, Don Newton was mentioned and there were a couple viewer comments about him. They could have said he's mostly known for drawing Batman, Captain Marvel (Shazam!) and the Phantom. If you were going to find "affordable" Newton art from Batman or Detective Comics, it would probably be a page with no major characters and probably not inked by Alfredo Alcala. But it would still be a great page. ... and then discuss