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  1. For sale as a set only This One of a kind custom bust and an ASM 678 variant cover CGC 9.4 book. Sculpt was customized by Gabe Perna and the paints by Saul A. Please no Hoser or Probies Cashiers check or Paypal , fees added to total. Items will be fully insured sent UPS ground Returns? No returns Price is 3200.00firm
  2. looks like I should have had mine singed. Sheesh...
  3. This book was pressed by CCS and here are the grader notes from beforehand
  4. Certification #: 0332716001 Title: Amazing Fantasy Issue: 15 Issue Date: 8/62 Issue Year: 1962 Publisher: Marvel Comics Grade: 3.5 Total Graded At: 189 Page Quality: OFF-WHITE Grade Date: 11/10/2017 Category: Universal Art Comments: Stan Lee story Steve Ditko art Jack Kirby cover Key Comments: Origin & 1st appearance of Spider-Man (Peter Parker). 1st appearance of Uncle Ben & Aunt May. Grader Notes: light wear spine medium chip out top of spine moderate creasing front cover breaks color small split bottom of spine small, multiple tear cover staple weak top of spine
  5. I had listed my af 15 here awhile ago and was shocked to really not get much interest in it. I don't think I was trying to break the bank with the sale either. Wasn't looking to give it away that's for sure , but really only got 3 offers and was pretty surprised. So I just decided to keep it.
  6. First of all I would like to request No HOSER or Probies No return on cgc slabs Payment cashiers check or bank transfer at this time no time paymets. Shipping will be ups Price for Book 21,000.00 shipped I will post the grader notes as soon as I find them
  7. Thanks! I look forward to getting it in my display case!