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  1. Not somebody, all of us. Most didn't look at these and say I'll give you 4k for this; The market was established because so many people want it and people have to decide do I wanna pay 4k or have a xerox. Not trying to bust your chops Jack
  2. Take 5% off all remaining! Lot of goodies here priced super fair. Send those DMs
  3. With that profile pic, Casablanca knows best! yet, Ankur is a pro.
  4. More Fun Comics #63 CGC 5.5 OW-W-Conserved-DC-1941-Spectre $1599
  5. Incredible Hulk #181 CGC 6.5 (Q) OW-W-No MVS-1st Wolverine-Marvel-1975 $1500
  6. All Star Comics #17 CGC 5.5 OW-W-DC-1943-Early Wonder Woman-2nd Brainwave $449
  7. X-Men #1 CGC .5 (Missing Ad Page) OW, Marvel 1963-Story is COMPLETE $1600
  8. World’s Finest Comics #3 1st Scarecrow-DC-1941-Batman Villain-Coverless Missing the 1st Page & Covers. Contains full Scarecrow Story. Super Tough & Important 1st appearance. Nice Crisp White Pages. $400
  9. Wonder Woman #28 1st Villainy Inc. DC 1948, (PR) Missing Back Cover. Centerfold is detached. 2 pieces of old tape holding on 2 tiny pieces of the front cover at the staples. Front Cover is Split & Detached. Comic is complete & unrestored. $100
  10. Wonder Woman #1 Coverless-DC-1942-Grail-Scarce-1st Ares-Origin Retold-3rd app. Comic is missing cover. Comic is missing Centerfold- this slightly affects the end of the 1st Wonder Woman story and the very beginning of the 2nd 1st Wrap (1st and last page is split on the spine) Area toward left of front page and top spine is a little bit fragile-yet readable. Paper quality is a Light Tan to Cream. Paper is not chippy. A Classic, Important, and Rare Comic. $2500