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  1. I've bought a few books from Dale, he is very easy and pleasant to deal with. I highly recommend
  2. DD 1 Graded, raw, and incomplete are allowed. Also shopping for a couple clients FF5 Coverless, and complete. Client needs incomplete copy preferably missing ad pages High Grade X-Men 63 64 65 should be really nice 8.0+ Feel Free to Check my Kudos Forum
  3. test 1 2 3. I like online sellers who are to the point and make sure everything works properly!
  4. dude. There's a ton of unethical things I could do that would makes millions and millions of dollars. I said no, I wanna do it the RIGHT way. If I was unethical, why would I not sell restored RAW books as unrestored? If I was unethical, why would I offer free returns? Including when it was not my fault even after the fact and much later? If I was unethical why did I IMMEDIATELY cancel the character label sales? If I was unethical why did I send back the Hulk 1 back to CGC that had the exact same problem a week later If I was unethical why would I take the fall for some
  5. I didn't actually write blah, blah, blah. It's unethical for you to misquote something and put it off as fact. Right here right now. Please put the link where I said these disrespectful words. I rest my case
  6. Well everyone IS wearing masks, we might have a bank robber epidemic on our hands here. hmmmmmm
  7. Maybe if you were an awesome client I'd do that if you requested it
  8. People are innately lazy. It's easy to go along with the crowd. The crowd could be totally wrong maybe it isnt. But if you dont actually try you actually dont know.
  9. Hey you guys forgot bout me! If you've actually BOUGHT a book from me you'd know how fair our pricing is and how honest we are. Peanut gallery is not allowed to make comments. Go buy a book from me then we can talk about it. Making comments, inferences and stereotypes about people is what created slavery. But I'm sure you guys don't care
  10. and that's exactly my point. It's my right to sell to who I want to and your right as the buyer to buy from who you want to. Why do you get to decide who I sell to? Can I decide who you buy from (rhetorical question)
  11. Why is ending it early unethical? You can't make an equal access argument, if that was really your motivating belief system you wouldn't be on this forum right now because of the end of net neutrality with the internet. A bidder now and someone who offers have the exact same access to the book regardless of race, religion, etc etc and any group of people I left out to keep this post non political. I also think this happens so little of the time, it distracts from bigger issues/discussions whether you are for or against what I do. I probably ended 2 auctions early this year? I probably tu