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  1. Arent ACG, and certain EC, maybe some Harveys still attainable? Do you think some non keys will become keys? We've seen it in the past happen
  2. It's the 52nd appearance of Dylan. One day this book will be more recognizable than Hulk 181! This is awesome!
  3. AHAHAHAHAHHA. No CGC was right. YOU stole it, ya thief obviously. Hey give it back, we know you're hiding it over there
  4. Bob. That's a very astute observation of you. Obviously SkyPinkBlu was trying trick everyone and hope the buyer did not notice and quietly hide CGC's mistake in a public forum because NOBODY would notice with only thousands of people watching even though she has done tons of transactions and been fine all of those other times, oh wait, no it's just clearly human error. #Bobhatesmebecauseofthecharacterlabels for the record CGC is usually correct a very high percentage of the time. we all make mistakes
  5. I'm thinking of buying a planet 33 for the pc at some point
  6. What are you talking about? nobody wants to see skeletons attacking a girl LOL
  7. That's a full circle of events though: Prices go up, you buy BECAUSE prices are gonna go up. Why does this market keep going up? there's most of the the non-comic investment factors but these seem to accelerate faster
  8. That's true. For the rich, there's only so many places to put money. But there's tons of new entrance in which is good. I wonder if some of the mega keys have multiplied because of oligopoly ownership which is not innately bad but it takes away power of the people. ECs arent those cheap within pre-code especially sci fi? Look at planets in high grade now and before I start riot, sci fi is not the same as horror but there is carry over
  9. Warning. the following content may be extremely scary and graphic. viewer discretion is advised
  10. I meant grading what I thought the book would come back from CGC as
  11. Yeah. Buying an almost pedigree level collection, then finding out everything has colored pencil on the spines but for NO reason books were 9.0-9.4, removing it, but clearly not enough, then getting blue labels by accident (should have been purple labels) and then thinking the resto wasnt additive, getting blue labels, meaning well, naively putting them up and then having an entire mongul of internet trolls who would never say stuff to your face talk smack and create conspiracy theories about how you tick. X-men 12 is 7.5 AFTER all ct removed. I'd want Tec 27 in 9.4 all day
  12. 8.5? if those edge creases are pressable and non color breaking, more 9.2 9.4
  13. Wow. You're gonna spend more energy talking about ME? Gee Beige, you shouldn't have. I'm flattered thx. you guys are great