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  1. It is always worth selling the comics, just not always writing a super detailed description. If I want to switch to the BLISSARD model I will. I don't at the moment but thank you
  2. I do not, because I want to make money. Even for my collection, I'd rather buy something not described as well if the price is even slightly cheaper.
  3. Whether I pay ebay, you, or a leprechaun it is all the same at the end of the day
  4. No, I just need to prove you knew something was not true, & you said it anyway with the intent of causing me harm.
  5. Maybe I'm not capable of having a better description on ALL of my comics, than of your likely 5 or 10 or much smaller quantity than me. But overall, I sell so many more. Frankly you are the first person to ever complain about me not noting pressing so why would I change my entire detail structure on one person?
  6. The more detailed a description the more time it takes, the more money it costs nuff said
  7. Ok first of all, I was referring to a civil case against slanderous people on this forum not a criminal case against me. (I think this was pretty explicit) Second of all let's say we are talking criminal any lawyer for either side would ask why I did not send them straight back to Florida & I would explain about the non additive resto.
  8. It does cost money to note it. Are you volunteering to come over to my warehouse & note all my books free of charge & also employ free of charge someone to oversee you & make sure you are not smoking a joint instead of working etc?
  9. Yes, I mentioned to someone I had asked if they had any questions, & they provided a link not a question. So I wrote, "A 5 year old could post a link, that is not a question." I deleted it because I decided it wasn't helpful to the overall conversation. I should not have stooped to his level. Based on what you said, It's like the boardies WANT to find some sort of wrong. I guess if you have a pre concieved notion without really knowing the truth you start to see it everywhere. Hey that's why so many white people hated black people 100 years ago!
  10. Light sun shadow top back, about 6 spine ticks, tiny tear on bottom spine, slight to moderate foxing on spine. that back really needs a clean!
  11. If you can convince Comicconnect, Heritage, & Comiclink I'll entertain the idea. I don't think holding me to a higher standard than the 3 biggest comic auction houses is really fair. Not noting it is acceptable, it doesn't really change the price of the item at auction either way, & it costs me money to note it. Plus there is an additional problem of things that could have been pressed really poorly but I have no proof. It makes absolutely no financial sense. This is different than resto in that it is unethical not to note resto-Based on the misinformation here I feel like I HAVE to say this last part.
  12. Yes. It's an ugly 8.0, but it is an 8.0 I look forward to the next Grader Competition. I was very upset that I missed MarchMadness. @Toro is King
  13. I'm not gonna say I did wrong when I didn't. What would you have done comparatively to how I responded?