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  1. Detective Comics #67-Low Grade/Inc/Res Lucky Comics #2 (1945)-any More Fun Comics #56-Low Grade/Inc/Res
  2. Seller: Here's a gumball described as should be. See I'm honest (Silently Sells Restored Book on Ebay-as unrestored)
  3. Phil is great to deal with-he paid quickly & had great communication.
  4. Here's my wantlist: I will pay 100% of FMV IMO (Using Ebay Sold Listings & GPA to determine FMV-50% of Apparent Blue Label Value) Prefer at least 4.0, Must be Incomplete: ASM #14, FF#2 , #4, #5, Hulk #2, JIM #83, 85, TOS #39, X-Men #1, Prefer at least 6.0 Must be Incomplete: Avengers #1, DD#1 & Sgt Fury #1 Hulk 181 No Marvel Value Stamp-8.0 minimum Coverless Marvel Big SA Keys: 95% of FMV Paid: (Using Ebay Sold Listings & GPA to determine FMV) Amazing Spider-Man #14 (Prefer Complete) Avengers #1, 4 (Prefer Complete) Daredevil #1 (Prefer Complete) Fantastic Four #2, 4, 5 (Prefer Complete) Hulk #2 (Prefer Complete) Sgt Fury #1 (Prefer Complete) Journey into Mystery #83, 85 (Prefer Complete) Tales of Suspense #39 (Prefer Complete) Tales to Astonish #27 (Prefer Complete) X-Men #1, & 4 (Prefer Complete) Hulk 181s. I want with the Stamp, if it's missing the stamp it's gotta be beat to cra... (Prefer Complete) Remainders Logo Cuts welcome as well. GA: 100% of FMV Paid: (Using Ebay Sold Listings & GPA to determine FMV) Batman Comics #23 Coverless-Complete-(nice) Captain America Comics #16 Coverless, would much prefer complete. Detective Comics #33 Centerfold (not brittle) Detective Comics #58, 66, & 67 Coverless or Poor Ghost Comics #6 Coverless, would much prefer complete. ------------------------------------------ I also like Marvel Mega SA Keys-incomplete, restored, combo can look like elephant had kids on it. Also Paying Aggressively for FF#2 , #4, #5, Hulk #2, JIM #83, 85, TOS #39, X-Men #1 Restored (Raw) Especially FF#5 & Hulk #2 Hope you got some stuff-so I pay you some $ for it, -Dylan
  5. This stuff is super cheap & it can be yours for not as cheap (because it's an auction) but still at a really great price. https://www.ebay.com/sch/dylanuniversecomics/m.html?_nkw=&_armrs=1&_ipg=&_from=&rt=nc&LH_Auction=1
  6. Don't Forget to Bid! Dylan's Golden Age Raw Session Begins Closing at 6:00pm PST/9:00pm EST TOMORROW (Saturday). eBay: DylanUniverseComics A few awesome ones including Ghost 6, Dynamic 13, Lucy 4 & More! Tons of Great Pre-Code Horror, & Romance. Some of this stuff will go TOO CHEAP, & you'll say "I would've bought that!" So Bid!
  7. Ebay Seller: DylanUniverseComics Don't Forget to Bid! Golden Age CGCs Session Begins Closing at 9:30pm EST TONIGHT. A few awesome ones include: 1st & 2nd Krypto, 1st Mary Marvel, Archie 50, LB Coles, World's Finest 14, 19 & Great Pre-Code Horror, & Romance.