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  1. Do they scan all the books or do they just use the naked eye? I have an ungraded ASM #129 up for auction on eBay right now. I put in the scanner at the highest rating of 2400. OMG!! it saw everything. I would have graded a 3 with what I saw compared to a 6.5 that I graded with the naked eye. I couldn't upload a 2400 DPI scan onto eBay even if I wanted to. Had to settle with 200. I would think with modern technology it would all be computerized at this point and we wouldn't have to be worried about who's desk and who's eye's were grading my book. If that's the case, I guess perhaps the computer did see something I can't and that's why the grades may be drastically different. Furthermore. Bomber-Bob, I may be a dope, but where would the notes be? All I got back in the mail with the books was the original submission form I gave them when I turned them in at the convention.
  2. This is my exact opinion too. Back in the day, it was customary to have the talent sign on the inside first page at the bottom just above all the publishing information. basically because back then it was frowned upon to "Ruin" the cover with a signature. Oh, how times have changed. It was even worse for sportcards back then too. For most people a signature pretty much made the card worthless to collectors. What I did was I just bought two copies of Fantastic Four Annual #5. Stan Lee Wrote it. One was a CGC 9.2, and the other was a 7.0 signed by Stan Lee. The signed copy I bought on eBay for $200. So here's another caveat. for how much it's going to cost to buy the book you want, and then pay the exorbitant fee from Comicon to stand in line to have him sign it, and then pay a third time to have CGC grade it. Your best bet is probably do what I did and buy one already certified by CGC on eBay. I can almost guarantee, even if the person who sold this to me already owned the comic book, the price to pay to have Stan sign it, and the Price to pay to have CGC certify it probably costed more that what I paid for it.
  3. This is a complaint of sorts that I have been seeing with the books I have sent in for grading and the lack of grading notes to show how CGC has arrived at a grade. I have several silver age books that I have submitted myself or purchased of eBay. It seems like I will have two 8.5's that look entirely different in regards to condition. both are black along the spine so creases will be more visible and one will have several stress lines around the staples and the other won't and they will grade the same. As far as I can tell the one with no stress lines has no other significant blemish to offset nice spine compared to the other comic. I even have comics with stress lines along the spine that have graded higher than another book with no stress lines. Now don't get me started on Spectacular Spider-Man #1. I have over 50 copies ranging from 6.5 to 9.8 and the grading is so off the chart. there are 8.5 that are in better condition than 9.2's it seems it just whomever happens to get thew comic across their desk that does the grading. Is the grading been standardized at all? Do they use computer scans to get a better grade or is it all human and subjective?