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  1. My latest addition to the 361 collection! Definitely would benefit from a press looking at the back cover. Let me know what you think.
  2. 1. J Scott Campbell 2. Todd McFarlane 3. Lucia Parrillo
  3. Definitely due a press, probably a bump or two as a result. Fortunately not much colour breaking damage. wish the corners were sharper that’s all
  4. Let me know what you think! Keen to know whether the UK price stamp affects the grade much.
  5. Just picked up a book I’ve wanted for a while! Let me know what you think, probably needs a press before submission.
  6. Bit beaten but I’ve been after a good deal on this for a while. let me know!
  7. You’re probably all bored of seeing this book but I managed to pick up a sweet one recently. The only issue I can spot is on the bottom right corner, tiny white mark and small crease (which can be pressed out).
  8. Any thoughts on the grade of this one? Not sure how much difference the stain on the back cover makes. Staples are tight and pages are white to offwhite
  9. Some minor keys for me this week and another 5 for the maximum carnage run. 1st cameo of taskmaster 1st and 2nd appearance of Nebula Origin of the Beyonder
  10. Worth the trip? Heard from a friend that is more a Pop Vinyl con.
  11. I’ve seen 9.8s with that snip. I guess you’re right and it depends whether there’s a fold to it.