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  1. https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/leaving-feedback-buyers/automatic-feedback-settings?id=4101
  2. Better proof if it has said Most Active Comics showing daily price movements
  3. depends how far you wish to take it. If clear from the picture and listed in the text - ebay may be siding with you....but is it worth it?
  4. If you have a shop on ebay - the FVF has a cap - also before Managed payment
  5. this is the latest from friday - and yes - this was for a buyer in LA
  6. you may be right - but UPS these days pretty much only do drivers release. and someone opening a case without reaching out first is not necessary a red flag - although anmoying. opening a case next day after shipped is a red flag though @kav pretty simple - anyone opening a did not receive case against me when status shows delivered will be blocked by me - as assume they are honest people but with higher risks of being in porch thieves territories . if someone subsequently reaches out to me - i normally say - pls contact me again once you have moved!
  7. Not necessary a scammer - porch thieves are on the rise - especially with Signature required being delivered with Driver's release and left outside a door. I am now starting to block buyers subject to porch thieves cause I don't wish to ship to addresses where a higher risk of such is present
  8. Looks like Tonfulle-84 does not care to show how bad the signatures are. He has a Jack Kirby sig on the front cover instead of page 1.
  9. The way I read it is that seller protection will be reduced. Seems to me that invoices manually prepared on paypal will no longer be offered paypal seller protection. Guess PP is tired of all the FB frauds
  10. update: ebay removed the neg fb as buyer received what he paid for according to the listing
  11. Thanks. I try to work with my buyers - even those who are unreasonable but some people are just impossible to please
  12. https://www.ebay.com/usr/brlum_30 Left neg feedback without reaching out. Feedback was "package was not properly packed". He confirmed that comic was received as described but gave negative feedback as packaging did not include a top loader and because there was damage to the box it was shipped in. The whole purpose of packaging well is that no matter what happens to the packaging - the comic will still arrive as sold. Guess some buyers just really hard to please. on the positive side - he did say Tks for the biz! i did send him a request to revise fb which he rejected. Now with eBay.
  13. Seems I am in a minority but as a seller using MCS for consignments I will for the time being stop consigning more items to MCS (and I have informed Este and Conan of the same). While I price my items to sell and do auctions quite a few I do not wish to end up in a situation where I need to do a firesale. would be great if @Mycomicshop could consider to exempt sellers who generates a minimum turnover at a level to be decided by MCS from the storage fees. I also see the new policy to reduce MCS's range of slabs for consignment but will probably sell more
  14. Do you believe in coincidences? 2 days after I declined an offer for a GFT z-rated book I got a notification from ebay that the listing has been removed as it contains adult material outside the allowed category. So obviously the listing was reported. My bad and I will rectify this and other listings. However, timing and that it is this particular listing which was reported is suspicious. When I check the counterparty I find out that it is an active boardie. so what is next - suggestions?