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  1. It is possible. go to my eBay account: preferences Choose site preference click buyers who... under buyer requirements Remember to also click the next box to apply to existing and future listings. having said this I never had any issues with zero fb buyers. The main issues I have had are with buyers who has 10-50 fb and now think they are experts
  2. Did you ever managed to get the 80% perpetual discount code?
  3. Don’t see an issue. I always reply to such question. Actually had one the other day. Never heard back from the person - not a simple - thanks. That is the other thing bothering me. The disregard for the time taken as a seller to answer questions
  4. Does it have anything to do with your ban from that forum? We miss you over there. It was always fun - even though you always want to have the last say
  5. Now we know @kav is back. A 10 pages thread became 16 pages!
  6. Not sure what section you are referring to but you are wrong. Section 9 of the PayPal legal agreement refers to seller protection. also if does not make any sense, why would a buyer have to provide signature confirmation of delivery? anyway - trying to help you guys. Feel free to continue to sending with signature for items below $750
  7. eBay and PayPal’s policies are in sync. Whoever from eBay told you to do tracking for items over $250 do not know their own policies. https://www.ebay.com/help/selling/managing-returns-refunds/helping-buyers-items-not-received?id=4116
  8. this is the link to paypal’s legal agreement. choose your location and the legal agreement applicable to all users https://www.paypal.com/qa/webapps/mpp/ua/legalhub-full I am pretty sure the $750 applies to all sellers, not just merchants @cigars&comix
  9. i do have a merchant account but you should check the legal terms for personal accounts. btw - doesn’t cost anything to get a merchant account
  10. @skypinkblu @cigars&comix They changed the policy from $250 to $750 back in 2014 https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/security/seller-protection Postage requirement Protection for Item Not Received For items less than $750 USD (or equivalent as set out below)*, Proof of Shipment or Proof of Delivery (for intangible or virtual items or services) For items of $750 USD or more (or equivalent as set out below)*, Proof of Delivery (for tangible items) or Proof of Delivery (for intangible or virtual items or services) Protection for Unauthorized Transaction Proof of Shipment
  11. PayPal covers up to $750 as long as tracking shows delivered and you meet other requirements for the seller protection. I only ship with signature for items above $750
  12. I normally don’t list non-payment buyers here, but exception is when a buyer asks me to put a lot together, goes back and forth with pictures, buys the lot and then doesn’t pay halfuros https://www.ebay.com/usr/halfuros added to my block list
  13. My latest Modern Fast track order is now in its 3rd week - scheduled to be graded. Add 1 week from being delivered to being registered makes it 4th week